Sealy Dog Bed Reviews

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In this post, we have carried out in-depth reviews of three of the best selling Sealy dog beds. First, we have shared a time-saving chart … Read more

Treat a Dog Bed Reviews

Since the internet exploded, hundreds of new pet product manufacturing companies and brands have appeared and started to build reputations (good and bad) online. We … Read more

Casper Dog Bed Review

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Casper is a well-known mattress, pillow, and bed manufacturer. They also make beds for dogs, which is why in this post, we are going to … Read more

Dog Bed Sizes Guide

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Dogs sleep a lot more than humans do. On average, around 14 – 16 hours per day (some breeds like English Bulldogs can sleep even … Read more

How to Clean a Dog Bed

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Keeping your dog’s bed clean is really important for a few main reasons… It is important for your dog’s health. You need to stop a … Read more

Orvis Dog Bed Reviews

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Are you thinking of buying your dog a new bed? Are Orvis Beds worth the money? As a caring dog owner, you want the best … Read more

No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds

You know the drill. You come home from grocery shopping, open the front door, and your nose is assaulted with an array of dog scents, a whiff of pee or poop , and generally awful odors mingled together. So, what can you do, and how do you ensure no more stinky smelling dog beds?

Kong Dog Bed Review


If you are thinking about buying a Kong Dog Bed for your canine companion, we are glad that you have found your way to this … Read more

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