Barksbar Dog Bed Reviews


First, we have a quick, time-saving summary of our review of the two most popular BarksBar dog beds: Next, we will look at each of these two beds in much closer detail. We will list the Pros and Cons of each item, so you can get the best idea of which one might (or might … Read more

Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed Reviews for 2022

Vehoo Logo Black

Are you thinking of buying a Veehoo elevated dog bed for your four-legged friend? Before you invest time and money into doing so, we have created an in-depth review of the pros and cons of this pet bed from Veehoo to help you decide if it is right for you. Let’s jump right into the … Read more

Sealy Dog Bed Reviews

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In this post, we have carried out in-depth reviews of three of the best selling Sealy dog beds. First, we have shared a time-saving chart with a summary of each bed. Just click on the images or links for more information: Next, we will take a closer look at each of these dog beds and … Read more

Snoozer Dog Bed Reviews

If you are in a rush, this time-saving chart has a quick summary of our review of Snoozer dog beds. Now we can look at one of these Snoozer pet products in much closer detail to see if it is the right dog bed for your needs. Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed Review Check … Read more

Jax And Bones Dog Bed Reviews

Jax and Bones

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Best Dog Bed for Two Dogs

Are you lucky enough to own two pet dogs? Do they love sharing the same dog bed? Or do they fight over who gets to sleep in which of their beds? Would you like to make sure the two of them can sleep happily and peacefully together? Best Double Dog Bed – Our Top Recommendations … Read more

The Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew – 2022

Best Dog Bed for Dogs That Chew

While most puppies grow out of the chewing stage pretty quickly, many dogs do not. For whatever reasons, including being left alone too long, not having toys to chomp on, experiencing painful teething, or looking for comfort or attention. Your pet dog may be prone to chewing, thus damaging things in the house and wrecking … Read more

Best Easy To Clean Dog Beds for Incontinence

Easy To Clean Dog Beds

We have to put together this time-saving chart to let you know our thoughts on some of the best beds for incontinent dogs. Further down this post, we have gone into the details of each option. Sharing more details of our favorite products to help you make the right choice for your dog. What Causes … Read more

What is the Best Dog Bed For a Labrador?

What Is the Best Dog Bed For A Labrador

Labradors come in several colors, such as black, golden, and brown. The last two are usually referred to as yellow and chocolate. They’re fun dogs and generally have a very nice temperament, which makes them good around children. Labs are bigger dogs, and if you share your own bed with this breed, you will probably … Read more

Treat a Dog Bed Reviews

Since the internet exploded, hundreds of new pet product manufacturing companies and brands have appeared and started to build reputations (good and bad) online. We keep a very close eye on the new bed market and started to hear dog owners talking about Treat a Dog Beds, so we decided to do some digging and … Read more

The Best Cooling Dog Bed – 2022 Reviews

cool bed

If you live anywhere that gets hot in Summer, you will know how hard it can be to keep your dog from getting too hot. So in this post, we will review the best cooling dog beds to help you keep your pooch from melting in the Summer heat. We have carried out a ton … Read more

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed – Reviews for 2022

Memory Foam

Maybe your dog has a disability or a joint condition like arthritis or canine hip dysplasia. Or maybe they are a huge, lovable monster of a dog who weighs as much as a small truck! Whatever the reason, finding the best orthopedic dog beds for your pet dogs can make a big difference to their … Read more

Casper Dog Bed Review

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Casper is a well-known mattress, pillow, and bed manufacturer. They also make beds for dogs, which is why in this post, we are going to share our Casper Dog bed review to let you know what we think of it. Dogs spend a lot of time in their beds. So it is essential to invest … Read more

K9 Ballistics Dog Bed Review

Are you on the hunt for a new, high-quality bed for your pooch? Are you thinking that a bed made by K9 Ballistics might be the right option for your dog? Do you want to make sure you get the best bed for the money you invest in? If so, you are in the perfect … Read more

Dog Bed Sizes Guide

Tape Measure

Dogs sleep a lot more than humans do. On average, around 14 – 16 hours per day (some breeds like English Bulldogs can sleep even more). So dog owners need to make sure they get a good quality dog bed, which is the right size and fit for their pet pooch. Some Quick Pet Bed … Read more

How Do I Train My Dog to Stay On His Bed?

stay on his bed

Having a well-trained dog makes life much easier for both the dog, the dog owner and the family. The dog knows the rules, so it doesn’t get in trouble and is much less likely to be hurt. For dog owners, it means they have to spend much less time dealing with a disobedient dog and … Read more

How to Clean a Dog Bed

pet bed

Keeping your dog’s bed clean is really important for a few main reasons… It is important for your dog’s health. You need to stop a build-up of bacteria and bugs that can cause health problems. It is also important for your family’s health. A dog’s bed will never be 100% sterile, but you can make … Read more

Mammoth Dog Bed Reviews

best beds for dogs

Are you lucky enough to own one (or more) really big dogs? Are you think of buying a Mammoth Dog Bed for them to sleep on? Do you want to check out some reviews before spending any of your hard-earned cash? In this post, we have shared our in depth and detailed review of Mammoth … Read more

MyPillow Dog Bed Reviews

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Are you looking for a new dog bed for your pet pooch? Do you want to know if the MyPillow Dog Bed is any good? Is it worth the money? In this post, we will answer your questions with our Review of the MyPillow Dog Bed. Let’s get straight into it by looking at the … Read more

Bully Beds Pros vs Cons – An Unbiased Review for 2022

Bully Beds for Large Breeds

If you are looking at dog beds for your large (or heavy dog), then you will have probably heard owners talking about the Bully Beds brand. They make large and extra-large orthopedic beds for big, heavy dogs. But they are not cheap, and there are lots of much cheaper dog beds you could buy. So … Read more

Orvis Dog Bed Reviews

orvis pet beds

Are you thinking of buying your dog a new bed? Are Orvis Beds worth the money? As a caring dog owner, you want the best for your dog, and you will know that their bed is one of the most important things you can buy for them. So making sure that you get the very … Read more

What is the Best Outdoor Dog Bed?

outdoor pet bed

Are you looking for an outdoor dog bed? A bed that can withstand any weather conditions? An easy-to-clean, well-made bed that won’t rust, rot, or fall to pieces? One that won’t cost you a small fortune but will still be a good quality bed for your dog to sleep in? If yes is the answer, … Read more

Looking for the Best Waterproof Dog Bed?

memory foam dog

Dogs of all ages, from puppies up to the very elderly, can all have issues with leaking urine. The cause can be anything from a lack of potty training or a medical condition to old age. Even healthy dogs can have issues from time to time. One of the best ways to deal with this … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Beds

Tired Puppy

Just like humans, dogs need plenty of excellent quality sleep to be happy and healthy. In fact, dogs need more sleep than humans. On average, dogs need 12-14 hours of sleep every day, whereas humans only need 6-9 hours per day. (As the old saying goes, you should always let sleeping dogs lie). So it … Read more

The Best Washable Dog Beds Reviews

As a loving and caring dog owner, you want your dog to be comfortable when they sleep in their bed. But you also want them to sleep in a nice clean dog bed that doesn’t stink of stale dog odors! So doing some research on the best washable dog beds is a good idea, and … Read more

Should You Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Let sleeping dogs lie

Everything You Need to Know About Your Dog’s Sleeping Patterns As a loving dog owner, you need to give your dog the best care possible. Healthy sleeping patterns are a vital part of your dog’s overall well being. For most of us, our dogs live in the home, so their sleeping patterns need to fit … Read more

What are the Best Beds for Puppies?

puppy bed for crate

Puppies are one of the very best things about this life. Here at Pupster Passion, we love all dogs, but we love puppies just that little bit more. As anyone who has raised a puppy knows, they sleep a LOT! So making sure that you find the best bed for your puppy is vital. Especially … Read more

No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds

You know the drill. You come home from grocery shopping, open the front door, and your nose is assaulted with an array of dog scents, a whiff of pee or poop , and generally awful odors mingled together. So, what can you do, and how do you ensure no more stinky smelling dog beds?

The Best Dog Beds for Older Dogs


It is a sad reality that we all get old, our canine companions included. But as we love our pets so much, we will do whatever we must to make them comfortable. And just like humans, pet dogs get arthritis, messed up knees, weak legs, and other ailments that slow them down and make life … Read more

What is the Best Elevated Dog Bed?

raised dog beds

Are you thinking about buying an elevated dog bed for your pet pooch? Are you looking for the best raised dog beds on the market? In this post, we have examined some of the best options available to buy and then done a deep dive review of each one. We have also shared our thoughts … Read more

What is the Best Bedding for Puppies?

litter of puppies

Did someone say PUPPIES!?!? It doesn’t matter if you a bringing a new puppy into your home or you have a dog that is expecting a litter of puppies… CONGRATULATIONS on the New Puppies!!! All dogs are 100% amazing, but there is something extra special about puppies. So congratulations, please enjoy and appreciate them while … Read more

The Best Heated Dog Bed – In-Depth Review

best rated heated dog beds

Heated dog beds (and heating pads to put in a dog bed) are a great way to give your dog the benefit of some additional warmth when they are sleeping. You might do this just because the dog sleeps in a cold and drafty room. Or it might be that your dog has joint issues … Read more

The Best Bolster Dog Bed

pet bed

In the world of human beds, bolster beds are a bit old-fashioned and not really very popular. But in the world of dog beds, they are widespread, and there are lots of good reasons why. Built-in bolsters are great for dog beds for a few reasons. They give the dog support to rest their heads … Read more

Kong Dog Bed Review


If you are thinking about buying a Kong Dog Bed for your canine companion, we are glad that you have found your way to this blog post. Sadly we would not recommend that you buy this particular bed. You will see in the Kong Dog Bed Reviews section below our reasons for saying this. But … Read more

Furhaven Dog Bed Reviews


If you are thinking of buying a Furhaven dog bed for your pet, then you are in the perfect place. In this post, we have carried out reviews of the most popular Furhaven dog beds. We have listed features, pros, and cons for each bed and laid them all out in a nice easy format. … Read more

Kuranda Dog Bed Reviews

Kuranda Reviews

If you are considering a Kuranda bed for your canine companion, you have come to the perfect place to do your research. In this post, we are going to carry out an in-depth Kuranda dog bed review. We are going to look a the pros and cons of the two main beds that they make. … Read more

Big Barker Dog Bed Reviews

Big Barker

If you own a large or even a very large dog (or dogs if you are fortunate), you will know that they need special beds to support their huge size and weight. If your dog suffers (as many larger breeds do) from canine hip dysplasia or other painful joint problems, you will know that getting … Read more

The Best Calming Dog Bed Reviews

comfy calming

As a loving and responsible dog owner, you want to do the very best that you can for your pet dogs. Some of the things a dog needs are straightforward: regular feeding, nice walks, some toys, playtime, some snacks, love, and cuddles. But sometimes, we are faced with more difficult needs for our dogs. Anxiety … Read more

Coolaroo Dog Bed Reviews

The Coolaroo Dog Bed

If you are thinking about buying a Coolaroo elevated dog bed for your pet pooch, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to examine the Coolaroo dog bog in detail. Our goal is to make sure you spend your hard-earned cash on the very best possible bed for your … Read more