Best Bagel Dog Bed for Nesters

best bagel dog beds for nesters

Canines of all kinds have specific habits and act on instinct.

It really doesn’t matter whether they are wolves, wild dogs running in packs or your cute family pet dog.

They all kick their feet after pooing to send out their scent, and they mark their territories with urine like fluids.

And, they set up camp so that they are comfy and free from predators.

The truth is most canines, and therefore our beautiful doggies are nesters. They like to burrow and make themselves little lairs or dens in which to sleep. Their own special refuge!

So I am sure you can imagine how popular a bagel dog bed for nesters would be for your beloved fur baby.

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Why A Bagel Bed for Dogs?

Do you wonder why it is called a bagel bed, and why is it the best one for a dog that likes to burrow?

Simply put, if you think of an edible bagel or doughnut, you know that it has a hole in the middle and is fluffy all around.

All of these features make a perfect shape and configuration for domestic dogs to sleep. Even though they don’t run in packs or live in the wild, they have that instinct to act the same as their untamed counterparts.

Your pet dog can snuggle up in the middle, also known as the hole, and sleep in the ring-like position that they prefer. The outside section of the bed is called the bolster.

If you have ever noticed when dogs go to sleep, they start by circling round a spot, and then when they lay down, their whole body is wrapped, so the nose touches the tail.

I have a Basset Hound mix, so he can’t really do that. But he tries nonetheless. It is the same with Dachshunds. Their bodies are elongated and stiff, yet they do what comes naturally and get their bodies curled around as best as they can.

No matter what you call them – bagel beds, donut dog beds, calming pet beds, calming shag donut cuddlers, nest bedding, burrower beds, marshmallow pet beds, or plain cuddle beds – they will all be welcomed immediately by your pet dogs.

Just be careful if you also own a cat because she will want to share this lovely bed with her canine companions!

Best Bagel Dog Bed for Nesters

As usual, the Pupster Passion Team has gone out and looked for a selection of beds that meet the criteria I am writing about for you.

Here are our top picks. Whether you have a small, medium, or a large pet dog, one of these cute and comfy burrower beds will be ideal.

Top Pick
Excellent Choice
Plush and Washable
Furhaven Curly Faux Fur Ultra Calming Donut Dog Bed – Cocoa Dust, Medium
Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products
MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog Bed Ultra Soft Washable Dog and Cat Cushion Bed (20”/23”/30”) (23”, Brown)
Furhaven Curly Faux Fur Ultra Calming Donut Dog Bed - Cocoa Dust, Medium
Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products
MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog Bed Ultra Soft Washable Dog and Cat Cushion Bed (20''/23''/30'') (23'', Brown)
Top Pick
Furhaven Curly Faux Fur Ultra Calming Donut Dog Bed – Cocoa Dust, Medium
Furhaven Curly Faux Fur Ultra Calming Donut Dog Bed - Cocoa Dust, Medium
Excellent Choice
Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products
Bagel Pet Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products
Plush and Washable
MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog Bed Ultra Soft Washable Dog and Cat Cushion Bed (20”/23”/30”) (23”, Brown)
MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog Bed Ultra Soft Washable Dog and Cat Cushion Bed (20''/23''/30'') (23'', Brown)

Dog Beds for Burrowers

A flat mat or blanket just won’t do for the pet dog that likes to dig, make nests or snuggle up in her bed.

She wants something of substance, and she wants to feel secure and maybe even invisible.

After all, her bed is her private sanctuary, the place she goes when she is scared, tired, happy, and where she takes her treats and toys.

For this dog, the bagel style dog bed is perfect. It has a hole in the middle to hide her belongings, and it lets her peek out by resting her head and paws on the sides or bolster.

The exterior is loosely made to give the fabric room for moving. To me, these cushions look like bean bag chairs or even inner tubes.

Whatever we think of them, they provide a sense of security to your dog and actually have a calming effect on many breeds.

But for dogs that have had surgery or some sort of injury, an elevated cot type bed like the ones you see in these bed reviews by Coolaroo can be much more comfortable for recovery.

How To Choose the Best Dog Beds

When choosing a dog bed for your pet, there are few things to keep in mind. It should reflect your eye for design, high-quality, comfort, and easy maintenance. Even more important, it should be a bed that conforms to the way the dog prefers to sleep.


Remember when I said that each dog has their preference when it comes to their beds? Observe your dog while he is sleeping, and you will see. Some like to curl up, sprawl out, burrow, or lean back. As a result, most of our furry friends fall into four sleeping categories. We call them your dog’s sleeping personality.


These are the dogs that like to be securely surrounded by their bed while sleeping. The most appropriate bed will be a round or oval shape that contours around their body. You can see why bagel dog beds fit this category. A bolster type that does the same will also be perfect.


Some pooches love to go under the cover and dig in, especially when they are with us on the couch. To have the same effect in their own bed, you can choose a mattress that resembles a cozy nest or something styled like a cave.


These dogs love to sprawl when they are sleeping and resting. To give them a space of their own, buy them a pillow bed or a large mattress.


In order for the dog to have something to support its head and front paws, it will need a rise or bolster on the sides of the bed. These types of sleepers want to lean on something, so they need a dog couch or a bolster-style bed, and they will sleep comfortably.

Here’s some science behind how dogs like to sleep. You will notice the third picture in the collage is the most common sleeping position. That is the one all canines, whether in the wild or domesticated, will prefer. They love to be all curled up.

You can hear about this at the beginning of the presentation. It is the first sleeping personality discussed and directly relates to the shape of your dog’s bed, which is best described as beds for nesters.

Support Required

Younger and healthier dogs are often more comfortable in plump beds filled with top-of-the-line poly fiberfill, foam, or any standard filling materials. However, some dogs may require extra support that only a particular type of bed can provide.

This is true for older and arthritic dogs who are suffering from hip dysplasia or any other injury that needs high-density support that an orthopedic bed can provide. It can soothe their aches and pains and helps relieve the stress on the muscles and joints.


Your dog bed is big enough that it will be noticed when visitors come to your home. Therefore, it should also reflect your style. You can select from upholstery grade fabrics like luxurious chenille, Sherpa fleece, plush velvet, and so much more. Beds are also available in the latest colors and patterns to match your décor.

Ultimately, bedding just doesn’t have to be a formal bed, per se, but also colorful sheets, comfy blankets, and even fluffy pillows. In fact, real young dogs enjoy hiding and cuddling in mounds of material.

Easy to Clean Features

Pet Dog Care

Let’s admit it, dogs can be messy, and their beds can eventually get dirty and smelly. You need to make sure that the dog bed you have selected is machine washable or has a removable and washable exterior material.

Some beds are made with tightly woven materials that are repellent to hair, moisture, and dirt. These are features you will want to check out.


Before you go and buy your dog his bed, make sure you measure him from nose to the base of his tail while he is in his sleeping position. Add about 8 to 12 inches to get the donut bed diameter or length that you need. If you are in doubt, the trick is to round off the size to make sure that he is comfortable.


You might have found the perfect bed for your pooch, but is she safe? Always lookout for the safety of your pet. Is the fabric hypoallergenic? Is it free from products such as contaminated stuffing that can be potentially harmful to your pets?


This is also an important consideration because you should not buy the cheapest nor the most expensive dog bed if it is not good for your pet.

You should check for other essential features like anti-slip materials, memory foam support, or breathable fabrics. All of these are beneficial features that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Ten Tips To Help Your Pet Dog Sleep Better

In addition to the best bed for your dog, try encouraging good sleep habits.

You can do a few things so that your pet is quiet through the night and gets the rest needed for good health.

  1. Make sure you take the dog for a walk or play outside. This will wear him out, and invariably, he will need to sleep instead of being up roaming around the house when everyone else is sleeping.
  2. Be sure to let him out to go to the bathroom right before you go to sleep. This will get him in a routine, plus he won’t be waking you up to do his business when he should be sleeping.
  3. Keep things dark. To be honest, this is best for humans, too. Draw the curtains and turn out the night lights if you can so that your body is more in tune with sleeping. Dogs will have the same instinct as wild canines and recognize the dark as the time to rest.
  4. Keep his bed in the same place, so again, routine kicks in.
  5. Let the dog have a piece of your old clothing in his bed. This is especially helpful with puppies. Your scent from the t-shirt or sweater calms them down and lets them know you are right there.
  6. Another trick to calm puppies at night is an old fashioned ticking clock. The rhythm pacifies many dogs.
  7. For some dogs, eating before bed is good. But we are not suggesting giving so much that they are overweight. Keep back a little from their supper and let them have it as part of the nightly routine. Even a favorite treat will do the trick. Once they think their belly is full, they won’t be obsessing about finding something to eat.
  8. If the dog exhibits symptoms of illness, take her to the vet. Getting any medical issues resolved can get a pet dog back to sleeping again. Another clue of a medical problem is accidental wetting in an already potty-trained dog.
  9. Soft music sometimes helps, although if it disturbs your sleep, then there is no point. But if you both like it and find it soothing, then try it out.
  10. Favorite toys in the bed are another option. Now, you don’t want to over-run the bed with all kinds of things, but one item that she particularly likes might make her feel safe and secure enough to go to sleep.