Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed Reviews for 2022

Are you thinking of buying a Veehoo elevated dog bed for your four-legged friend?

Before you invest time and money into doing so, we have created an in-depth review of the pros and cons of this pet bed from Veehoo to help you decide if it is right for you.

Let’s jump right into the details…

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Review of the Elevated Dog Bed from Veehoo

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Bed for Dogs from Vehoo*
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The Veehoo is an elevated cost style pet bed, made with a powder-coated, steel tubing framework with a fabric sleeping platform in the center of the frame.

We think it is an excellent bed for some circumstances.

Let’s take a close look a the pros and cons of this bed:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Cot-style, elevated dog beds offer some great advantages for your dog, most of the benefits come from the airflow underneath the dog’s sleeping area.
  • The airflow helps keep the dog cool but also keeps the bed (and the dog) up off the damp, dirty ground. Especially if the dog sleeps outside, this is much cleaner and more hygienic.
  • The Textilene mesh fabric is heat resistant and breathable. Again this part of the design helps keep the cooling fresh air circulating more freely around the dog’s body.
  • The frame and mesh platform can all be fully assembled without any tools. It just clips together (see video below to watch how easy it is).
  • This easy to assemble design means you can easily pack the bed, into the trunk of your car, if you want to take your dog on a trip with the rest of the family.
  • Each leg has paw-shaped, non-skid rubber feet to stop the bed from sliding or being dragged around your home or yard.
  • The Veehoo dog bed is really easy to clean, just give the fabric sleeping surface a blast with a water hose pipe and then leave it to dry naturally.
  • You can pick from three different sizes: Small Size: 22″x17″x 7″ (56x43x18 cm), Medium Size: 32″x25″x7″ (81x64x18 cm), Large Size: 42″x30″x7″ (107x76x18 cm) or X-Large Size: 49″x33″x9″ (125x83x22.5 cm).
  • The larger size comes with an extra support brace to carry the weight of heavier dogs.
  • The tubing is always painted black, but the mesh comes in a range of colors: Beige Coffee, Black Silver, Black, Blue, Blue, Orange Red, Orange Red.
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Con Paw DownCons:

  • It is not made clear where this elevated dog bed is made which suggests it might not be made in the United States.
  • It has a very basic flat design, and some dogs prefer dog beds with a more den-like style.

Alternative to the Veehoo Cooling Dog Bed

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Review Conclusion

We think this Veehoo cooling elevated dog bed would be great for your dogs if:

  1. You live anywhere that gets really hot in Summer.
  2. Your dog sleeps on a bed that is kept outside.
  3. You like to take your dog camping with you.
  4. Your dog loves to chew soft furnishings!

If one or more of this list fits your dog bed situation, we recommend taking a closer look at this easy to assemble dog bed from Veehoo.

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Still Not Sure if the Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed is Right for You?

Getting the right bed for your dog is really important. You don’t want to waste money on a poor quality product, and you want to make sure your four-legged friends are comfy and cozy when they sleep.

To finish off this Veehoo review, we have shared a video of an unboxing of one of their beds.

It’s a double bed version, and the proud new owners are a Malamute & Husky pair of fluffy perfection!

Even if you don’t need a Veehoo cooling elevated dog bed for your pooch, this is a great video to watch if you love dogs

It will also help you pick the right size bed for your dog, and you get to see how easy to put together all the items are:

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