The Best Cooling Dog Bed – 2022 Reviews

cool bed or cooling mat for your pet pup?If you live anywhere that gets hot in Summer, you will know how hard it can be to keep your dog from getting too hot.

So in this post, we will review the best cooling dog beds to help you keep your pooch from melting in the Summer heat.

We have carried out a ton of research, looking at different sites that sell cooling dog beds.

We read dozens of customer reviews on social media and pet owners forums to help you get the very best option for your dog.

In our opinion, having carried out all this research, our top-rated cooling bed for dogs is the Kuranda Pet Bed.

At a Glance Cooling Dog Bed Reviews

If you are short of time, this chart will show a very brief version of our review. You can click on the images or the links for more information about sizing, cost, etc.

Our RecommendationsOur RatingDetails

5 stars
Kuranda Raised Aluminum Cooling Dog Bed. Check prices...

4.7 stars
K&H PET PRODUCTS Cooling Cot Style Bed or Dogs. Check prices...

4.5 stars
The Original Dog Cooling Bed Made by Coolaroo. Check prices...

4.5 stars
PHYEX Steel Elevated Bed for Dogs. Check prices...

4.2 stars
KOOLTAIL Self Cooling Mat. Check prices...
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In-Depth Review of the Best Cooling Beds for Dogs

Now we can look at each one of these cooling dog bed choices in much greater detail.

We have listed the good and bad features of our five top-rated beds. Also, we shared links so that you can find out more or buy the one you think is right for your dog.

(We may receive a commission if you purchase from these links).

Kuranda Raised Aluminum Cooling Dog Bed

5 stars5.0 Stars

How much does it cost?

One of the best things you can do to help your dog stay cool is to buy them an elevated dog bed.

The raised, cot-style sleeping platform allows fresh air to circulate under the dog’s body, keeping them cool and giving other health benefits.

Our absolute top-rated bed of this type is the Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed (especially for chewers).

Let’s take a look and see why we think its such a good bed:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Perfect for dogs that love to chew. This warranty-backed chew-proof bed is made from a frame of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum. Their largest option can support dogs that way up to 250lbs!
  • Great inside or outside, works really well as an outdoor cooling dog bed.
  • The raised sleeping pad provides cooling and reduces dirt, mold, mildew, and dampness (especially outdoors).
  • It is really easy to clean, and you can wipe it down with a cloth and soapy water or give it a good blast with a hosepipe.
  • The sleeping platform is made from a tough 40oz solid vinyl fabric.
  • You can buy this dog bed in multiple different sizes, including Mini 25×18, Small 30×20, Medium 35×23, Large 40×25, Extra Large 44×27, and XX-Large 50×36.
  • So this cooling dog bed is perfect for breeds of all sizes, from toy breeds right up to really large breeds.
  • You can also select from four different color options, Burgundy, Forest Green, Royal Blue, or Smoke (we really like the Forest Green one).
  • The bed comes with a one-year warranty, which is great for your peace of mind.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • With all our pet product reviews, we do a huge amount of reading and research before picking products to recommend to our amazing readers.
  • We search review sites, social media groups, and online forums to read as many customer reviews from genuine dog owners as possible.
  • The vast majority of feedback for this bed is excellent, but one thing that did crop up was that some people found it was a little bit complicated building the bed.
  • So if you are not very handy, you might want to ask for help from a DIY expert if you decide to buy this dog bed for your pup.

K&H Pet Products Cooling Cot Style Bed or Dogs

4.7 stars4.7 Stars

How much does it cost?

Another great cooling bed for dogs with an elevated cot-style sleeping pad.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this one:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • This cot-style cooling bed for dogs is made by K&H Pet Products, a well-known and respected brand.
  • The framework is made from tough chew-resistant tubing and connectors.
  • The sleeping pad is made from a durable, heavy-denier fabric with a breathable mesh for increased air circulation and cooling.
  • This K&H bed is straightforward to clean. You can remove the bolster covers and put them in a washing machine. The rest of the bed can be wiped down with a cloth or washed with a hosepipe (or a shower fitting in the bathtub).
  • You can pick from one of three sizes, Small (17″ x 22″ x 7″), Medium (25″ x 32″ x 7″) or Large (30″ x 42″ x 7″). So no matter how big or small your dog is, there is an option that should be perfect for them.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • This cooling dog bed only seems to come in one color scheme, this isn’t a huge deal-breaker, but the color really matters for some houseproud dog owners.
  • The bolster and cooling pad could easily be destroyed if your dog loves chewing.

The Original Dog Cooling Bed Made by Coolaroo

4.7 stars4.7 Stars

How much does it cost?

Coolaro claims that this bed of theirs is the original elevated, cooling dog bed.

We have no idea if that’s true, but we do think it’s a good quality budget priced bed and worth taking a look at:
Pro Paw UpPros:

  • The suspended sleeping platform is made from breathable fabric and keeps your dog off the ground letting the cool air circulate their body.
  • The frame is made from lightweight, powder-coated steel tubing.
  • It is really easy to wash and maintain.
  • This cooling dog bed can be used inside or outside.
  • You can pick from three different sizes, it comes in Small, Medium, or Large, so it’s great for toy dogs up to large breeds, but maybe not huge dogs such as large Mastiffs or Great Danes.
  • Select from six different colors, Brunswick Green, Grey, Nutmeg, Terracotta, Aquatic Blue, or Gun Metal. Of these choices, we really like the Terracotta.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • Reading on social media, some owners say that this pet bed cooling pad comes loose after a period of use. Still, we feel this may be due to people not installing the bed properly (and not following the manufacturer’s instructions).

PHYEX Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed

4.5 stars4.5 Stars

How much does it cost?

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this cooling dog bed has an elevated platform with breathable fabric and a metal frame.
  • You can pick from two colors, Brown or Grey.
  • You can also pick from the three size options, Small, Medium, and Large.
  • The cooling pad is easy to clean with a cloth and warm soapy water, or you can blast it clean using a garden hosepipe.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • Some dog owners report that the cooling pad fabric may not be up to aggressive chewing.
  • We would love to see more colors to chose from.

KOOLTAIL Self Cooling Mat

4.2 stars4.2 Stars

How much does it cost?

This option isn’t a cooling dog bed but a dog cooling mat that you can put in your dog’s bed or just on the floor for them to lie on.

Made from self-cooling fabric, this cooling dog mat does not need any water or refrigeration to cool your dog.

Let’s take a good look and see if it is any good or not…

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Of all the cooling dog mats, we think this is the best one.
  • The cooling mat is made from non-toxic materials, so it is safe for your dog and in the family home.
  • The pad is made from the best cooling fabrics; you don’t add water, you don’t have to put it in the fridge; you can just lay it down for your dog to lie on.
  • It is made with a woolen water-absorbent inner core that will soak up any urine leakages, and it has a non-slip base to stop it from skidding around your home.
  • The pad is straightforward to clean. You can wipe the cooling mat with soapy water, hand wash it, or it is also washing machine safe.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • This cooling mat only comes in one size, 48” x 30,” so it isn’t ideal for massive dogs or if you own more than one dog and want them to share.
  • It could easily be chewed into tiny pieces, so it is not the best option for some dogs.

A Buyer’s Guide to Cooling Dog Beds

Many people do lots of research before they buy, and if you know already you want a bed from Big Barker, here are some reviews.

So, when you are looking for the best cooling dog bed, what are the factors and features that are most important?

What really matters?

Let’s take a look:

  1. Style of bed. As discussed, we think the elevated design is the best type of cooling dog bed for your pup.
  2. How chew-proof is it? Ideally, you want the cooling pet bed to last you for years, so withstanding chewing is a big money saver.
  3. Is it suitable for an indoor and outdoor dog bed? Is it waterproof?
  4. How easy is it to clean? Can you wipe it down or clean it with a hose? Can the removable sections go into a washing machine?
  5. Is the sleeping pad made of breathable material to help keep your dog cool?
  6. Is it made from non-toxic materials?

Hopefully, if you keep these questions at the front of your mind as you research cooling dog beds, you should find a great choice and at a fair price.

A note about memory foam – Memory foam is a great orthopedic material for dog beds, but it is not the best choice for cooling.

A memory foam bed will keep your dog nice and supported, but it will also be warm.

This is why for a cooling pet bed, we much prefer the elevated cot style of bed. Your pet dog still gets the orthopedic support it needs but without the warming effect of the memory foam.

Another benefit of the elevated bed is it is perfect for using outside. So, for example, if you go camping or to the cottage, or are going to the park for the day for a picnic, these beds are ideal.

What About Cooling Mats for Dogs?

If you already have a good quality dog bed, buying a cooling pet pad can be a good idea, and they do work really well.

However, some of the cooling mats for dog products that we see cost as much as a decent dog cool bed and are more likely to be chewed to pieces.

So we think that the best solution in most circumstances is to look for the best choices of cooling dog beds instead of just a cooling mat.


To conclude this article on cooling dog bed reviews, our top recommendation for a pet bed to help your dog stay nice and cool is this cooling dog bed from Kuranda.

NOTE – Please always ensure that your pet pup has plenty of water to drink if the weather is hot. Just like humans, dogs need to drink lots of water when it’s hot.

Final Tips to Help Keep Your Dog to Stay Cool

This lovely little video starts with Louie and Marie, two super cute (and very well-behaved Beagles).

It shares more tips to help dog owners ensure that their dogs stay nice and cool on those long, hot summer days.

Even if you lived in the coldest place in the world, this video is worth watching just for the two gorgeous dogs and their owner.

Ok, that’s it for this post looking at the best cooling dog beds. We hope it helps you to find the best bed for your pet pup.

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