About Pupster Passion

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Our site is about sharing our love for dogs and doing whatever we can to help humans and dogs get on as well as they possibly can.

The team is really passionate about dogs, and so we want you to know that whatever we write, we will always have the dog’s best interests at heart, no matter what the breed.

This site is going to evolve in a few different directions. This is an idea of where we plan to go with:

  • Posts about interesting breeds of dog.
  • Writing about just exactly why we love dogs so much.
  • Blogging about our favorite breeds of dog.
  • Sharing knowledge about the more unusual dog breeds.
  • Reviewing dog products to help you buy the best gear at the best prices for your canine companions.
  • Training tips to help tame more unruly dogs.
  • Advice on feeding and grooming.
  • Style tips for dogs from funky dog collars to doggy fancy dress!
  • Tips for keeping your dog healthy and happy.

As you can see, we will be tackling a broad and interesting range of dog-related topics.

For the PupsterPassion.com team, it will be a lot of work, a lot of writing, researching, and of course, spell checking (which we really hate, lol).

But for you, it is straightforward. All you have do is pop by now and then see what we have been getting up to. Check out our new posts and let us know what you think in the comments section.

We will be releasing new content regularly. It will all be related to dogs in some way (we hate cats, lol).

If you can any questions, feedback, or anything you want to discuss with us, please contact us here.

In the meantime, we will be hard at work here at PupsterPassion.com headquarters, churning out top notch doggy articles for you to read and enjoy!

Thanks again for stopping by.

We love and appreciate all our readers more than you could know!

The PupsterPassion.com Team

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