Looking for the Best Indoor Dog Potty System?

Having a dog is mostly awesome, but there are some downsides to it. One of those is having to deal with your dog’s toilet needs. If you have a big yard or you do not have to work away from home for long hours, this is much easier to deal with. But for lots of … Read more

An In-Depth BrilliantPad Review

Being a dog owner is mostly great fun. You get to care for, feed, and play with your pet dog. In return, they give you bundles of fun, friendship, laughter, companionship, and love. But there are a few aspects of owning a dog that are less pleasurable than others. One of these is dealing with … Read more

An In-Depth DoggieLawn Review

There is fairly new idea in the world of products for pet dogs. This idea is a really simple one. Using a patch of real, live, fresh grass inside your home as a dog potty for your pet. Dog potties can be really useful if you live in an apartment, do not have a back … Read more

Looking for a Fresh Patch Review?

Fresh Patch is one of those things that sounds crazy at first, but then, when you give it a little bit of thought, it starts to make more sense. They sell patches of real, natural, live grass to dog owners who put them in their homes for their dogs to use as a fresh grass … Read more

What is the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs?

dog runs

Dealing with your dog’s pee and poop is a never-ending part of being a responsible dog owner. Inside and outside, you need to have the right systems and training in place. So that dog can do its potty with minimal stress (no waiting for hours for you to come home). Also, you want it to … Read more

What’s the Best Dog Potty Training Spray?

new puppy

Are you trying to house train a new puppy or an adult dog? Do you want some ways to make the process easier and more effective? Are you looking for the best potty training spray for dogs? Dog Potty Training Spray – Reviews in Brief Do these Dog Training Sprays Even Work? Well, the jury … Read more

Need to Know How to Get a Dog to Pee in a New Place?

Pee Spot

The Problem… Most pet dogs are like humans; they are creatures of habit. So when they find a place they like to use to pee and poop, they will often stick to it. Be honest and ask yourself… If you have stalls at work or somewhere you hang out a lot like the gym or … Read more