Poodle vs. Goldendoodle – Which is the Right Dog for You?

Poodle vs. Goldendoodle

In recent years, purebred Poodles and Poodle mixes have become incredibly popular. This is largely down to the fact that Poodles and Poodle mixes tend to shed very little and are generally classed as hypoallergenic dogs, which means purebred dog fur is far less likely to trigger allergies in humans than you find with other … Read more

Why Does My Dog Nibble on Blankets? – All Reasons Explained

dog biting blanket

While it may just seem like a harmless habit, there are actually some fairly concerning reasons why dog breeds will continuously chew on blankets. If you have noticed this behavior in your pup, we are here to help you get to the root cause. For some dogs, chewing on blankets is fairly harmless, even if … Read more

Best Dog Kennel for Chewers – Updated for 2022

best dog kennel chewers

Lots of puppies gnaw and bite on things. They are growing their teeth, plus they are inquisitive. It is much like the way babies and young children put everything into their mouths. They have to be taught not to do it. With dogs, that task might be harder because you are not there to watch … Read more

Waterproof Dog Crate Mats

Waterproof Dog Crate Mats

Who likes a soggy bed? Not me, and neither do our pets. Yes, plenty of dogs like to play in puddles and sometimes roll in the mud, but when it comes time to sleeping or staying safe, wet is out. Keeping a kennel dry is one of the biggest challenges when having to leave the … Read more

Best Unbreakable Retractable Dog Leashes for 2022 – Reviews

Unbreakable Retractable Dog Leash

I’m very particular about how I keep my dog controlled when we walk. It’s not that I don’t want him to have free reign. It’s just that there is too much going on around us, which can be a distraction. For instance, he loves to chase squirrels and cats, so if I don’t see them, … Read more

Looking for a Detachable Flower for Dog Collar?

detachable flower for dog collar

Whether you show your pet or she is an accepted family member with no breeding or pedigree, you might want her to look nice for many reasons. It makes you and her feel good. Maybe you are having a special family event, and she wants to look her best. Maybe she graduated from obedience school … Read more

Dog Neck Chain with Name

Dog Neck Chain with Name

Although these chains are often referred to as choke collars, they are used for purposes other than training a rambunctious and out of control animal. Many owners like to put them on big dogs so that they have it on all the time if they need to get a hold of them, but they are … Read more

Decorative Dog Kennel Covers

decorative dog kennel covers

Just like you want your house to look nice, so should your pet’s area, too. But even more than that, some dogs really love the security of something all around them. For those two reasons, more people are looking for decorative dog kennel covers. And there is a large selection that includes waterproof ones, insulated … Read more

Looking for the Best Dog Beard Cleanser in 2022?

dog beard cleanser

Now Let’s Look at the Details If you have ever owned a light-colored pet, you know what happens to the face. The beard and the fur underneath the eyes get severely stained. Over the years, my mother has had three poodles. One was chocolate brown, so he never had the dirty face problem. But the … Read more

Tartan Dog Collars for Westies

Tartan Dog Collars for Westies

I absolutely love tartans in red, blue, or green. When I was little, I always wanted to wear my red kilt to school. Part of the attraction was the funny big pin for the side. Honestly, though, I felt so grown up wearing that skirt and my fancy white lace blouse and black patent leather … Read more

Tartan Dog Coats for Westies

Tartan Dog Coats for Westies

For those of you that own a West Highland White Terrier, you know they are cute and look stunning in bright colors. Now, I get that a dog isn’t supposed to be gorgeous. It’s not a fashion show, but let’s be honest… We want our pups to look as nice as we do. If we … Read more

Best Dog Leash for Chewers in 2022

best dog leash for chewers

It’s bad enough that your pet gnaws on everything from the furniture to his own bed and toys, but what about when you walk him? That can be so dangerous if the lead is ripped or torn, and he manages to escape. At least the stuff at home stays there. You might have to take … Read more

Best Dog Brush for Goldendoodle

Best Dog Brush for Goldendoodle

I love brushing my dog. It is so relaxing for both of us. I am lucky because I have a pet that wants all kinds of physical attention, making it easy to keep his coat in great condition. He is kind of comical, really. I can sit with my hand on his body, and he … Read more

The Best Self Propelled Dog Treadmill

Are you looking for a good quality self-propelled treadmill for dogs? Check Prices Here… Everyone wants their furry friend to be healthy and happy. And there are many ways to do that, including proper nutrition, lots of clean water, fun games, some treats, and exercise. Many people enjoy exercising with their pets walking around the … Read more

The Best Peanut Butter Dispenser for Dogs

dog licking nose

Does your dog love peanut butter? What if you could find a peanut butter dispenser for dogs that could keep your buddy happy, and you knew how much he was getting at any time? Our Top Picks of Peanut Butter Dispensers Dogs Love Peanut Butter Most dogs will eat up peanut butter without any coaxing … Read more

Best Dog Treats for Training Your German Shepherd

Best Dog Treats for Training Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds have traditionally been working dogs. They also make nice family pets because they can be quite gentle and are fiercely loyal. They are excellent guard dogs, both in family and commercial environments, and of course, we all know they work for the police. Because the dogs are so smart and highly skilled, you’ll … Read more

How To Make A Dog Collar Without Sewing

how to make a dog collar

DIY projects have always been popular. Just think of it. There were no stores at one point in time, and people made do with what they had and what they could find! Everything was done by hand. And although things are a lot easier today with billions of products ready for order at the touch … Read more

How to Deal with Dog Urinary Incontinence?

old female dog

Welcome to PupsterPassion.com. In this post, we are going to explore male and female dogs’ incontinence issues. If your pet pooch is suffering from urinary problems, the leaking can be challenging to deal with. It can create a lot of cleaning and extra work for you, and it can also be distressing for your pet. … Read more

What’s the Best Dog Backpack Carrier

backpack carrier for hiking

Do you love going on long walks, adventures, or hikes with your dog? Or do you want to take your dog on the subway in a city like New York? Maybe you like the idea of putting your dog on your back and jumping on your bike? If yes is the answer to any of … Read more

What is the Best Dog Sunscreen?

sun cream for dogs

Sadly many dog owners do not realize that their dogs need to wear sunscreen to protect them in sunny weather. Our pet dogs can get sunburnt just like us humans can. Also, too much sun can cause them to get more serious conditions and diseases, even skin cancer (just like it can with humans). So … Read more

Thinking of Owning Two Dogs or More?

Hello, there dog lover. Welcome to PupsterPassion.com, the website, and blog dedicated to helping dogs and their owners live their best lives. In this post, we are going to look at the subject of owning more than one dog. What is it like having two pets dogs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of living … Read more

Can A Dog Get Pregnant By More Than One Dog?

More than one dog

Welcome to the Pupster Passion site and blog for dog lovers. We built this site to help dog owners and dog lovers to give their four-legged friends the very best care possible. In this post, we will answer the question: can a female get pregnant from two male dogs? However, before we do, if you … Read more

Dog Urinary Incontinence Natural Remedies

natural remedies

Hello, and welcome to our doggy blog. Pupster Passion is dedicated to sharing the best possible advice for dog owners, helping you best care for your pet dogs. This post will look at some natural home remedies for urinary leakage issues with dogs. Before we get into all the details, if dog incontinence is an … Read more

Problems with Dog Weak Bladder Control?

old dog

If you are having problems with a dog that has a weak bladder, then you have come to the perfect website. In this post, we are doing to look at both potential causes and solutions for your dog’s weak bladder. Before we do, in another post, we went into detail about the best dog beds … Read more

New Puppy Checklist – The Essentials

puppy checklist

Welcome to the PupsterPassion.com site. Every one of our team is a passionate dog lover. So the very first thing we have to say about your new dog is… CONGRATULATIONS! Getting a new puppy and bringing them into your family home is a very special occasion! All dogs are totally amazing, but there is something … Read more

What is the Best Dog Stroller?

dog stroller

Reviews for 2022 of the Best Dog Prams and Strollers Welcome to the Pupster Passion dog lovers’ website. We spend our time reviewing pet gear to help dog owners find the best products for their pets. In this post, we are going to review some of the very best dog strollers. We will provide you … Read more

What is the Best Automatic Dog Feeder?

automatic dog feeder

Sadly on occasion, we have to leave our pet dogs alone for more time than we would like. One of the problems with this can be making sure the dog gets fed the right amount of food at the right time. So if this post, we are reviewing the best automatic dog feeders so that … Read more

What is the Best Dog Life Jacket?

life jacket

For loving dog owners, their pet dogs are not just pets; they are also part of the family. So if you and your dog spend any time around water, you want to know that they are safe from getting into trouble. Yes, most dogs are excellent swimmers, but even still, dogs can and sadly do … Read more

What is the Best Dog Ball Launcher?

best dog ball launcher

Does your dog LOVE playing fetch? Do they go mad with excitement every time they see a ball? Do you struggle to give your dog as much exercise and play as they deserve? Or do you have to leave your dog on its own quite a lot? If the answer to any of these questions … Read more

Worried About Your Older Dog Not Eating?

dog not eating but acting normal

Hello! Welcome to Pupster Passion, the dog lover’s website and blog. We know that most dog owners see their pet dogs as part of the family, and so we do our very best to give our readers top quality tips and advice to help them care for their pets. In this post, we will discuss … Read more

Is Your Older Dog Losing Weight?

older dog losing weight but eating

Hi there, welcome to the Pupster Passion dog lovers blog. In this blog post, we are going to look into older dogs that are losing weight. If you are the loving owner of a more senior dog, you will know that they sometimes need special care and attention due to their age and the challenges … Read more

Training an Older Dog Obedience

older dog obedience

Hey there, and welcome to Pupster Passion. This site is packed full of free tips and advice to help you care for and love your pet dog. In this blog post, we are going to look into obedience training for older dogs. Before we get into that, if you do own one or more older … Read more

Younger Dog Attacking Older Dog?

younger dog attacking older dog

Hello, and welcome the PupsterPassion.com dog lovers website and blog. We built this site to help as many dog owners as we possibly can to give their dogs the love, care, and support they need to live their best lives. In this post, we will look at some of the main reasons why a younger … Read more

Dog Chattering Teeth. Should You Be Worried?

chattering teeth older dog

Hello, there, and welcome to the Pupster Passion website. Our main priority for this site is to share the best possible advice we can to inform dog owners so that they can give their pet dogs a long, happy, healthy, fulfilling life. In this post, we are going to look at teeth chattering in dogs. … Read more

Do Older Dogs Sleep More?

Older dogs sleep

Welcome to Pupster Passion. This site is dedicated to helping you give your pet dogs the best possible life. Our whole team are all huge dog lovers, and we spend a lot of our time researching how to help dogs in any way that we can. But we are not vets. So with any health … Read more

Excessive Panting in Older Dog? Worried About Your Pet?

older dog

Welcome to the Pupster Passion website. We started this dog lover’s website to help as many dogs and their owners as possible. Our goal is to help you give your pet dogs the very best life possible. In this article, we will look into excessive panting in older dogs, why it happens, and what you … Read more

Can Older Dogs Get Parvo?

older dogs

Hello, and welcome to Pupster Passion. We love dogs (and dog owners) and do our best to help both the pets and people to live happier lives together. We are not vets, so if you doubt your pet dog’s health, please see the vet for professional help and advice. Before discussing parvo and older dogs, … Read more