How To Get Dog Hair Out Of a Car Carpet & Upholstery?

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As a dog owner, I’m sure you will agree that dogs are amazing, BUT dog hairs are exactly the opposite. Dog hair seems to be able to cover every surface on your home and car and then get firmly embedded or stuck onto any surface no matter how often you try to get rid of … Read more

What Is the Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair?

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If you are lucky enough to own one or dogs, you will know two things: Dogs are awesome, and we are lucky to have them in our lives Dog hair gets EVERYWHERE! If you also own a car, you will undoubtedly know how messy it can look after your dogs have kindly shed their fur … Read more

Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair

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There are some really awesome things about owning a dog, the love, the fun, the laughter they give us. But truth be told, there are one or two downsides to being a dog owner as well. One of those downsides is dog hair and its magical ability to get everywhere in your home and car! … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair On Clothes

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Are you in a rush and need to get some dog hairs off your clothes without a lint roller? Do you often find yourself trying to get rid of dog hair that is covering your clothes? Do your clothes come out of the washer still covered in dog hair? Do you have problems with your … Read more

FurZapper Reviews – The Laundry Dog Hair Remover

FurZapper Reviews

Are you lucky enough to own one or more dogs? Do you find yourself in a never-ending battle against dog hair in your home? Does your washing machine get clogged up with dog hair? Being a dog owner comes with many great perks, love, cuddles, walks, fun, and laughter. But there are some downsides, and … Read more

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in a Washing Machine

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As dog owners, we are fortunate to have our pets; they love us, we love them, and they are amazing. However, there are some downsides to owning a dog, and one of those is dealing with all the hair. As all pet owners know, pet hair gets everywhere! So in this blog post, we will … Read more

How to Control Dog Hair in the House

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If you own one or more dogs and you have asked yourself these questions (or something similar) on more than one occasion. How can I control dog hair in my house? How do I keep my dog’s hair from getting everywhere? How do I keep my dog from shedding so much? Cleaning and controlling dog … Read more

Can I Vacuum My Dog?

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Dogs are amazing, but their hair seems to get pretty everywhere in your home. Finding effective ways to deal with dog hair can make a huge difference in how easy it is to keep your house nice and clean. One potential solution to help with this problem is to vacuum your dog, but is this … Read more

Looking for a Fur-Zoff Review?

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As most dog owners know only too well, dog hair has a habit of covering every single possible surface within a home! And especially on clothes, carpets, furniture, curtains, and car upholstery. Not only that but getting rid of it can be backbreaking work. It tends to cling to fabrics, then over time get really … Read more

What is the Best Dog Hair Remover?

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Dogs are awesome but do hair not so much… As most dog owners know, dog hairs get EVERYWHERE! So in this post, we are going to help you find the best dog hair remover to help you keep your home, your car, and your clothes as dog hair-free as possible. Let’s jump right into the … Read more

ChomChom Roller Reviews

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Do you love your dog but hate having to clean up all the dog hair they shed all over your home? Do your carpets, clothes, cars, and furniture all end up covered in a layer of dog hairs? Are you looking for an in-depth Chom Chom Roller review? Yes? Great you are in the right … Read more

Best Broom for Dog Hair?

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Dogs are awesome; anyone who is lucky enough to have dogs in their home has every reason to be happy about it. But even our amazing canine companions have their downsides. One of those is most definitely dog hair! It gets everywhere and is a nightmare to try and get rid of. So in this … Read more

Is Your Home Always Covered in Dog Hair?

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Owning dogs is a lot of fun. They are amazing creatures and one of the best things about this life. BUT it’s not all fun and games. Being a responsible dog owner comes with some downsides and some chores. Dogs shedding their hair all over your home is most definitely one of those chores to … Read more

Best Roomba For Dog Hair – Reviews

Have you ever wished you could get someone (or something) to clean for you? That you could just forget about your cleaning jobs, especially cleaning up after your pets? Do you get sick and tired of vacuum cleaning up all the pet hair scattered around the home by your dogs? Well, today is your lucky … Read more

How To Remove Dog Hair From Carpet

Best Way To Get Dog Hair Off Carpet

Welcome to the Pupster Passion USA doggy website and blog. Our only purpose is to help you, and your pet dog live the best life together that you possibly can. All of our team are both dog lovers and dog owners, so we talk from a position of experience and shared passion for our pet … Read more

What is the Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

If you own one or more pet dogs, then you will probably be fighting a constant battle against pet hair in your home! Finding the best vacuum cleaner for pet hairs could be well worth your time as it will really help you keep your home clean and free of excess pet hairs. Dealing with … Read more

Best Air Purifier For Dog Hair

Does the idea of dog hair and pet dander all over your rugs, floors, furniture, and clothes drive you mad? Well, I can relate with I have a seventy-pound dog that sheds heavily a couple of times a year! Don’t get me wrong. We all love our dogs, and we will put up with the … Read more

Do You Need to Know How To Deal With Dog Hair?

Dealing With Dog Hair In House

Hello and welcome to the Pupster Passion USA doggy-related blog site. Thank you for visiting us. We hope to repay the favor by sharing lots of great advice for you and your pet dog. Hopefully, making both of your lives a little bit easier and a little bit happier. In the post, we will share … Read more

Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair

Clean Up Pet Hair

So you really love your dogs, BUT you also love your home and want to keep it as clean and tidy as you possibly can. Obviously, the two biggest culprits for covering a house in pet hair are dogs and cats. So we will focus this post on those two types of pets, but if … Read more

Tips for Removing Dog Hair From Couch

Microfiber Couch

Here at Pupster Passion, we think that dogs are awesome! We love them all, from the tiny ones to the huge ones! But we are also very house proud and like to keep our homes as clean and tidy as possible. So dealing with all the pet hair that inevitably goes with owning lots of … Read more

What is the Best Way To Clean Dog Hair Off Hardwood Floors?

Pet Hair on Hardwood Floors

Hey there, and welcome to our site. Thanks for visiting Pupster Passion. We have built this website and blog to create a hub of help and advice for loving dog owners. Our goal is to make your job of caring for your pet dog as easy as we possibly can. One of the downsides of … Read more