Big Barker Dog Bed Reviews

If you own a large or even a very large dog (or dogs, if you are fortunate), you will know that they need special beds to support their huge size and weight.

If your dog suffers (as many larger breeds do) from canine hip dysplasia or other painful joint problems such as osteoarthritis, you know that getting the right bed for your dogs is even more important.

Big Barker is a very well-known brand and manufacturer of big orthopedic dog beds for large-sized dogs.

So in this post, we will do a Big Barker Dog Bed review, sharing detailed information about their beds to help you decide if they are right for your pet pooch.

Big Barker foam bed

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The Best Big Barker Bed for Your Dog – Quick Review

We have listed the main Big Barker dog beds and accessories in this super simple, time-saving review chart:

Detailed Reviews of Big Barker Beds for Dogs

Now we will take a look at each of the beds for big dogs in detail. We have listed pros, cons, and features for each one in nice easy-to-read bullet points.

Big Barker Top Pillow Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breeds (Headrest Edition)

We really like this one, and if you are looking for a big dog bed, you will be hard-pushed to find a better one than this.

What is so good about his dog bed? Why do we like it so much? Let’s take a look.

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • The way to think about this bed is not like a normal cheap dog bed. Think of this as a human bed. This therapeutic mattress has been specially designed and built to support large dogs as they sleep and relax and is veterinarian-approved.
  • This bed is made from a top-quality, 7 inches thick orthopedic foam mattress with a built-in head pillow and a removable cover.
  • The mattress is made from orthopedic, therapeutic foam manufactured in the United States, and as the warranty promises, it won’t flatten with even the largest of dogs.
  • The foam is the same quality that is used in human-dog beds. It is very durable, comfy, and complies with CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability. Independent, accredited testing laboratories have also tested it. These guys take making their dog beds very seriously, and it shows.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty that promises the foam will retain 90% of the original shape & loft for ten years, or they will give you your money back. We think is very impressive. Very few pet products come with such a good guarantee. The founder really put his money where his mouth is!
  • The foam part of this dog bed consists of three layers of construction. The top layer is comfort foam, and the center layer is support foam. Then there is another level of comfort, totaling seven inches of total foam support for your dogs.
  • This top-notch quality mattress support is essential for large dogs, especially those with joint issues (often older dogs) such as canine hip dysplasia. It means that even with their large weight when they lie on the bed, the dog’s joints will be fully supported and raised off the floor with no unpleasant pressure points.
  • In fact, the whole bed, all the materials, and assembly are carried out in a small Pennsylvania workshop that has been producing quality furniture and bedding for well over 50 years. The firm is owned by Eric Shannon, who designed the first Big Barker Dog Bed when he was looking for a quality bed for his own large dog.
  • The microfiber cover is easy to keep nice and clean. It can be wiped with a damp cloth. It is also fully machine washable on cold and can be machine dried safely.
  • The cover is water-resistant but not waterproof, this will be fine for most dogs, but if yours has incontinence issues, you can buy a waterproof lining and see further down for details.
  • Even the zippers for the removable covers are American-made for increased quality and longevity.
  • The glue is 100% safe for both dogs and their humans.
  • You can buy this Big Barker bed for dogs in four stylish color options.
  • It is available in three sizes, Large, Extra Large, and Giant. So it is suitable for all large and giant breeds of dogs such as Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, and Mastiffs and can support even the heaviest dogs.
  • Big Barker Beds for Big Dogs are used and approved by the Ryan Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania to support the dogs in their hospital.
  • Their team prides itself on their US-based customer service, so you can contact them with any questions before, during, or after you buy a memory foam dog bed for your four-legged friend.
  • To conclude, the Big Barker Big Dog Bed is very well built, designed, and made in the USA to support large dogs, easy to clean and wash, comes with a 10 years warranty, and has a stylish design so that it will look great in your home. It is as close to perfect and we think you can get.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • This bed is not as cheap as many dog beds you will find online or in pet stores. So if your budget is small, it might not be affordable. But if you want the very best for your dog, then we think it is worth the money if you can afford it.
  • Apart from the price, it is tough to find anything even close to being negative to say about this bed. We have trawled hundreds of customer reviews (on social media and pet forums), and it seems like most dog owners who have bought the Big Barker dog bed would agree. Dog beds do not come any better than this!

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breeds (Sleek Edition)


  • All the features of this bed are the same as the previous one, including being veterinarian-approved. The only difference is that it doesn’t have a pillow and is slightly cheaper.
  • So if you need to save a couple of bucks or do not think your dog would like to have a cushion to support its head, this is the one to choose.

The Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad


  • This orthopedic dog bed for dog crates is 4-inch think and made to the quality we would expect from Big Barker dog beds as described above.
  • It comes with a waterproof, tough, tear-resistant, heavy-duty, washing machine proof, machine dryer proof removable cover.
  • Inside the cover is a high-quality, layered, human bed grade foam mattress.
  • The Big Barker dog crate pad can be purchased in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large.
  • The mattress, zipper, and cover are all made in the USA.
  • If you have a bigger dog and it spends a lot of time in a crate, then they deserve a crate bed of this quality.

The Big Barker Backseat Dog Bed (SUV Edition)


  • The Big Barker Backseat SUV Dog Bed is designed and built to keep your dog comfortable and safe in the back of your car, truck, or SUV when you take them on drives.
  • As with all Big Barker beds, the foam mattress is designed for therapeutic and orthopedic support for your dog’s body and joints. The particular dog bed also provides some shock absorption, helping to give your pup a much smoother ride.
  • The cover is removable, it is safe to wash in a washing machine, and it can be dried using a dryer.
  • You can buy the Big Barker Backseat Barker in two sizes, Medium or Large. (please check the sizing guidelines before buying to make sure it will fit your dog and your vehicle, but it does come with flexible sides, so it will easily fit most cars and SUV’s.
  • For larger breeds of dogs, we think this is the best dog bed you can buy that is specifically. Made in the USA to the high-quality standard we expect from Big Barker dog beds, if you buy this for your dog, they will be riding in style!

Accessories for the Big Barker Beds

A Big Barker Dog Bed is not a cheap option, so it is good to know that you can buy accessories to help the bed last even longer.

Big Barker Waterproof Liner Dog Bed Review


  • If your dog has bladder control incontinence issues, then you need to buy a waterproof liner for your Big Barker dog bed. The liner goes in-between the foam core and the outer cover to protect the foam from getting dirty and smelly.
  • You can buy these covers to fit all the different sizes and styles of Big Barker dog bed products, and it is built to the same high quality that you would expect from this USA-based, highly respected company.

Big Barker Replacement Cover Headrest Edition


  • A brand new cover for your Big Barker dog bed with a built-in pillow top headrest.
  • You can buy the replacement covers in all the same sizes as the dog beds, so make sure you order the right-sized cover for yours.

Big Barker Replacement Cover Sleek Edition


  • A brand new cover for your Sleek Edition (with no built-in pillow).
  • You can purchase replacement covers the same sizes as the pets’ beds, so make sure you order the right sized cover for the bed you currently own.

As an aside … is your pet too hot with the present sleeping arrangements? If yes, then maybe this selection can help. But if you are already a fan of Coolaroo, then we have taken the guess-work out of your decision by presenting the dog bed reviews here.

Big Barker Bed Studied by the University of Pennsylvania

The school of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania recently did a study of the Big Barker 7″ Dog Bed with dogs over 70 pounds who suffered from osteoarthritis.

Guess what? The Big Barker works!

Some of the results include:

  • 17.6% Improvement in Joint Function
  • 21.6% Reduction in Pain Severity
  • 12.5% Reduction in Joint Stiffness
  • 9.6% Improvement in Gait
  • 15.1% Improvement to Quality of Life

For more information you can download the Big Barker study here.

Still Not Sure?

Are you still not sure if a Big Barker is the best dog bed for your canine companion?

Remember the Pepsi Challenge? A member of the public was asked in a blind test if they prefer Coke or Pepsi.

Well, this is kind of similar but for dog beds!

Big Barker asked random passers-by to compare one of their dog beds with a competitor’s product.

You can review the results for yourself in this short but useful video, and we have to say we found it impressive!

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