Best Escape Proof Dog Harness for 2022 – Reviews

If your pup manages to escape from normal dog collars and harnesses, then our review of the best escape-proof harnesses for dogs will help you to keep them under control. To most dog owners, their pet dogs are a part of the family. The thought of losing them is terrifying, so making sure they can’t … Read more

Walk Your Dog With Love Harness Reviews

love the harness

Are you thinking of buying a Walk Your Dog with Love Harness for your pet dog? Here is a time-saving, quick review of their harnesses for dogs: Now we will take a much closer look at three of their most popular and best selling dog harnesses and examine the Pros and Cons of each one … Read more

What is Best Dog Harness?

harnesses for dogs

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What is the Best Puppy Harness?

adjustable harness for puppy

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What is the Best Dog Harness for Running?


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In-Depth Ruffwear Front Range Harness Reviews

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Freedom Harness Reviews

Freedom Harness Review

Welcome to This post will review the Freedom No-Pull Harness for dogs made by the 2 Hounds Harness Design team. The Freedom Harness is a patented design dog harness. The harness is made to help dog owners stop their dogs from pulling when leash walking. It has a double leash attachment on the dog’s … Read more

Kurgo Harness Review


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In-Depth Kong Harness Review

Kong training harness

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Find the Best Dog Lift Harness

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As a loving dog owner, it is really sad to see your pet dog suffer from a permanent or temporary disability. Naturally, you will want to do anything and everything you can to make sure that your disabled dog can get around as easily as possible. One of the best things you can do for … Read more

What is the Best GoPro Dog Harness?

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If you have seen any of the best GoPro dog POV videos going viral on social media, you will know how cool they can be. Seeing the action from a dog’s point of view is awesome, and it gives us a little insight into how life is for a dog. If the dog is running, … Read more

How to Put on a Dog Harness the Correct Way

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Dog Harness vs Collar for Dogs?

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