The Best Dog Beds for Older Dogs

dogsIt is a sad reality that we all get old, our canine companions included.

But as we love our pets so much, we will do whatever we must to make them comfortable.

And just like humans, pet dogs get arthritis, messed up knees, weak legs, and other ailments that slow them down and make life less comfy.

So as loving pet owners, we must find the best dog beds for older dogs. How do we go about doing that, though?

Well, we do have an older dog. He is eleven and has an anterior cruciate injury, which means he wrecked his knee on some ice.

He was in the backyard and slipped in heavy snow and ice. He panicked, and before we could help him, he was yelping his head off because he injured his leg.

Needless to say, after getting him to the vet for x-rays and medication, we needed to find him a more suitable sleeping arrangement.

He always had his own chair and cushions on the floor, but now he needs something different to walk up steps or jump down from furniture.

We had to encourage him to stay on the floor and sleep there. The only way to do that was to make up an area that he feels comfortable in.

He loves lots of blankets and pillows to dig and push around. In fact, I read on a vet’s site that dogs love to make little nests, and if our dog is any indication, he truly loves to do that.

Obviously, we had to combine all his needs and wants to get the best area for him.

We will explain in details how to find the best dog bed for your elderly dog but first, if you are in a rush, here are our top recommendations:

Senior Dog Bed – Our Reviews in Brief

Senior Dog BedsPupster
What Do They Cost?Important Features of the Best Beds for Old Dogs.

5 stars
Check for pricing...Orthopedic gel memory foam dog bed for senior dogs. High quality, durable, comfy. Our top recommendation. Your pet will love it!

4.7 stars
Check for pricing...This dog bed comes with waterproof liner, a washable cover and high quality padding. Running a close second!

4.2 stars
Check for pricing...
Extra large handmade bed with special head rest for elderly dogs

4.5 stars
Check for pricing...Good price point. Hypo allergenic bed for your older dog. Comes in assorted colors and sizes.

4.2 stars
Check for pricing...This dog bed for older dogs is well made and very cuddly. A great buy for the price.
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If you want a more detailed breakdown of our recommendations. Here is an in-depth detailed review of the best pet beds suitable for older dogs that the Pupster Passion Team found.
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Orthopedic Dog Bed for Elderly Dogs Reviews – Our Reviews in Brief

Dog Beds Made From Non-Toxic High-Density Fabrics Perfect For Older Dogs

How much does it cost?

We love this model because it meets all our requirements and then some. It comes in different sizes, so it will be straightforward to find one that your dog will love.

Make sure to measure your dog with their legs extended so that you find the one that is long enough for him or her to sleep in very comfortably.

The other point that we looked at when choosing this particular one is the stuffing.

Because it is a foam mattress, it doesn’t have pieces that become hard and compressed in one spot when lying on it so that it will stay comfortable for longer.

Dog Beds Waterproof Liner Washable Cover and High-Quality Padding

How much does it cost?

We actually found this bed when we were reading about another topic on a pet forum.

Everyone was raving and saying how much their elderly pet loved this. It helped, too, that they got an extra cover so that they don’t have to wash it the same day.

Think about when company is coming. You can quickly swap out the dirty one with the clean one before visitors arrive.

Hypo-Allergenic Dogs Bed Comes In Assorted Colors and Sizes

How much does it cost?

One of our family members has always had Rottweilers, and as you may know, they are often afflicted with hip dysplasia.

In fact, one of our dogs had an operation when he was only about three years old.

It is too bad this model wasn’t available back then because it would have been perfect for the dog’s recovery.

Extra Big Handmade Bed with Special Head Rest for Older Dogs

How much does it cost?

I have to honestly say our puppy would go crazy for this lovely doggy bed.

He absolutely loves to sleep with a pillow. He always wants his head up high, and if you ever saw him sleep in a bed, you would think he is human.

Plus, this is American made and has a ten-year guarantee, so you can rest assured you will get your money’s worth!

If your big dog is a Labrador Retriever, we have a buying guide specific to that breed right here.

Dog Bed Comes with Human Rated Pad and Metal Zippers

How much does it cost?

The nice thing about this one is the cuddle factor. If you ever notice, dogs very often sleep in a curled up ball.

With the padded sides, your pet dog can feel real cozy and comfy!

Plus, there is somewhere to lay the head and keep it propped up for looking around when he or she wakes up.

Beds For Senior Dogs

How To Choose The Right Bed For Both Comfort and Safety

Cute Dog Sleeping on an Orthopedic Bed#1. What Hurts?
Before you go out and buy an orthopedic bed for your senior dog, you need to know their particular issues.

Some dogs will require the memory foam type of pet mattresses.

There are cheap quality ones on the market, but you should check into how they are manufactured and read reviews before buying.

You want something that is made with the same rigorous testing as mattresses for humans.

The better-made foam dog mattresses provide excellent support and keep the aches and pains to a minimum.

Dogs are just like humans in this way. If one part hurts, it needs to be supported and can’t have the repetition of a sagging pad continually rubbing the skin and bones.

#2. Buy At Home
When we are ready to buy a new pet bed for our dog, and we do this about every four to six months, we look for local products.

In other words, we typically prefer something made in the USA.

#3. Washable and Durable
Another feature we want for the dog bed is an exterior that can be removed and washed.

Although we cover the padding with our own blanket or towel, the cover that comes with the pad needs to come off easily for laundry day.

#4. Size Matters
The next thing we look for is one that is big enough. The dog has to be able to stretch out and has all of its body nicely supported.

Sometimes, when we can’t find something large enough, we will take a smaller mattress, add a pillow at the top, and cover both with cotton sheets or a huge beach towel.

That way, it gives the dog room when he wants to extend his back legs flat.

And if there are multiple dogs in the house, they are probably going to share the same bed which needs to be bigger.


Best Orthopedic Beds for Senior DogsAging can be a difficult transition for people and pets alike.

The loving thing we can do is make our furry friends as comfortable and free from pain and injury as possible.

One of the best ways to do that is to look for a bed made of memory foam mattress or an orthopedic bed for your senior canine, or a cooling cot for incontinence, which also helps get the sore joints up off the floor.

Once the animal’s skin and bones are supported and protected, they should be much more comfortable whiling away the day as the expression goes. A Dog’s Day!