No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds

Using an Odor Resistant Dog Bed to Eliminate the Stink

You know the drill. You come home from grocery shopping, open the front door, and your nose is assaulted with an array of dog scents, a whiff of pee or poop, and generally awful odors mingled together. What is that, you wonder?

You took out the trash, you vacuumed the rugs, and you cleaned the bathroom. But something terrible lingers. And then you remember your furry baby has more than one mattress in different rooms of the house. Bingo! That is the rancid odor. So, what can you do, and how do you ensure no more stinky smelling dog beds?

In addition to understanding why your pet messes his or her belongings, we set out to find odor resistant dog beds and to rate their usefulness.

As you can see, we have compiled a chart with the attributes of each. Then discussed the pros and cons of all the models. We have also considered the approximate price point, although we believe that if something does its job, then sometimes the added cost is worth it.

Best Dog Bed for Not Smelling

Pupster Passion
Team Rating
Made In

5 stars
Hand Wipe or Hose DownYesYesOne Year

K9 Ballistics
4.7 stars
Removable CoverYesYes120 Days

K & H
4.5 stars
Removable CoverYesUnknownOne Year

4.2 stars
Machine WashableYesUnknownUnknown

Blueberry Pet
4.2 stars
Removable CoverYesNo (Made In China)Unknown
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Best Anti Odor Dog Beds – Review and Compare

If you don’t want stinky pet beds wrecking your home’s lovely atmosphere, then you need to begin with a good foundation. Understanding what to buy in the first place will help to alleviate the stench. Not to get too scientific, but the smell comes from many things. For example, the liquid is one of the worst. Whether it be dirty water, slobber, or urine, after time, it just gets nasty. And when that is mixed with dog hairs, threads from fabric, and dust in the house, you quickly have an unpalatable odor.

Even clean water causes a problem. It is not the water itself, but rather when it soaks the interior of the mattress. The foam or other materials used in the construction start to degrade, thus leaving a persistent smell. If you can start with a water-resistant dog bed, then by keeping everything else clean and dry too, you can combat the stench.

Now is probably the time for the Pupster Passion Team to look at the pros and cons of the five best odorless dog beds we mentioned in the above chart. Earlier on, we told you about the order of our choices and how we came to that decision. In this section, we will talk about each item in detail.

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Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed – Pupster Passion Rating

5 stars

5.0 Stars

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed – XL (44×27)

Elevated Cot Style No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds
Elevated Cot Style No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Consistently rated best by everyday users on a large Great Dane forum and another interesting website about Huskies. We spent a lot of time reading what people had to say and looking for impartial sites where they talked and helped each other.
  • Added bonus of being chew-proof. If you have a puppy, this is an excellent option.
  • Comes in four colors of green, blue, grey, red.
  • Six sizes to fit any breed.
  • Heavy-duty holding up to two-hundred and fifty pounds of weight.
  • Excellent circulation due to being up off floor or ground. This means that it is harder for the fabric to be really smelly since the air is all around. Plus, the moisture dries quickly.
  • Because of the design, the cover is not necessarily removable for washing, but it can withstand cleaning while still attached to the aluminum legs. Grab your garden hose or shower nozzle and give it a good washing.
  • I have seen these used in two different vet’s offices. They are wonderful for animals that have had surgery and are resting or recuperating. With their body parts off the ground or hard surface of the cage, healing is promoted, and the animal is much more comfortable reducing pain from pressure on the wound.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • Although we don’t find the price to be out of range in terms of what this bed provides, many users have indicated that they did find the cots expensive according to their budgets. The good news, though, is that buying one that lasts longer will be cheaper in the long run if you have already gone through many beds.

K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Medium Dog Bed – Pupster Passion Rating

4.7 stars

Biteproof Stop Chewing No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds
Bite-proof Stop Chewing No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Huge selection of colors and designs to match any space in your home.
  • The guarantee includes chewing, which means the manufacturer knows the bed is durable.
  • The cover is waterproof and washable.
  • Inside material is non-toxic shredded foam.
  • The simplicity of the design is actually a benefit if you have an inquisitive dog. With nothing to catch its attention or pull on, it is less likely to chew it apart.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • There is no doubt the warranty is excellent in terms of chewing and damage. Many companies would not allow you to return something a dog ruined, so this manufacturer obviously stands behind its products. At the same time, we believe that maybe they could offer a year for other problems that are not related to the dog’s behavior.

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed – Pupster Passion Rating

4.5 stars

4.5 Stars

Waterproof No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds with No Slip Feet
Waterproof No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds with No-Slip Feet

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Lower price point
  • Cot style, which keeps pup off the ground for added comfort.
  • Five sizes in two colors.
  • Can add accessories to bed such as sun umbrella and pad.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • Although plenty of purchasers loved this product, at the same time, a significant group felt that it was not very durable and that the warranty was not as stated. However, it does still have lots of very positive reviews, so it might be that it is not recommended for dogs that chew or dig.

JoicyCo Large Dog Bed Crate Mat 42 in – Pupster Passion Rating:

4.2 stars

4.2 stars

Soft Anti Slip Mat Style Throw In Washer for No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds
Soft Anti Slip Mat Style Throw In Washer for No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Given the number of satisfied customers, we have to assume this is a lovely item for your pet. And the thing is, when a purchaser provides some feedback, especially positive, it means that their furry baby loved it, too!
  • Nice to have something cozy to keep cold and drafts away from the pet’s skin.
  • Convenient to wash and shake out.
  • Use on the floor or in the crate. Good for the top of another bed.
  • Because of the construction, if you have an incontinent dog or want to keep hairs off the furniture, this fleecy pad will do the trick nicely.
  • Check this merchant’s page for bulk purchase discounts and other offers.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • This is a mat styling means that it is thinner than most other types of beds. Now, don’t get us wrong. Many dogs would love to sleep on this mat, and plenty of human purchasers have said that they love it, so it is a beautiful mat. But if you need something with support or you are trying to help an older dog or one with arthritis, this might not be your go-to model.
  • We would have preferred to know where the product was made and whether it comes with a guarantee. I think most people don’t really expect to return a dog bed after it has been used, but at the same time, it is nice to know the option exists.

Blueberry Pet Fully Removable Washable Dog Bed – Pupster Passion Rating

4.2 stars

4.2 stars

No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds Reduce Odor with Washable Covers and Eco Friendly Fabrics
No More Stinky Smelling Dog Beds Reduce Odor with Washable Covers and Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • These are the most adorable dog beds we have seen yet. We love the spring-like designs and the fact that the fabrics look like sofa and chair upholstery. The embroidery is lovely!
  • A wide selection of colors, designs, and sizes. They even show you how to measure your pet for the right size.
  • The zippered cover prevents the dog from removing it.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • It is a little hard to follow sometimes when knowing what you are getting. They talk about a cover and a bed, and we assume you get both when you order. But still confused.
  • Not sure about the origin of the materials. In one section, it says made in the USA, yet in another section, it says made in China.

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Washing Dog Blankets with Vinegar

Once you have chosen the right dog bed or pet mattress, it is a matter of keeping the surroundings neat, clean, and tidy. I don’t know about you, but I have gallons of white vinegar in the house.

I don’t use it much for cooking, but I use it to disinfect and clean. Even yesterday, I poured some down the toilet to rid the bowl of stains and keep the pipes cleaner. Since I don’t allow harsh chemicals into the house, vinegar is perfect for lots of tasks.

Wash Dog Bedding with Vinegar

One thing I always do is wash the family’s bedding, socks, and undergarments in vinegar. That means the dog’s bedding, too.

Our dog has several blankets, cotton sheets, and pillowcases on his beds. Most dogs love to burrow, and ours is an expert at it, so we need things for him to mess around and dig in.

It does help to keep his mattresses cleaner, but at the same time, the bedding reeks. That’s okay, though, because it is easy to throw the sheets and blankets into the washer and dryer.

When I am washing his dog blankets with vinegar, I always add a cup to the wash. I pour it directly on the bedding, so it soaks through with the water, then I add the laundry detergent to the tub.

When complete, I do a second rinse with his stuff and toss it all in the dryer with a couple of fabric softener sheets. Static cling is brutal on bedding, and he hates it when it zaps his nose!

I should have mentioned that I also remove the dog bed protective cover and throw it in the load with everything else. To be honest, most times, there are two loads since he has a bed in three different rooms of the house.

While his stuff is being laundered, I dust and vacuum the area, plus shake out his mattress in the backyard. I leave it briefly to get some fresh air.

Then, when everything is all crisp and clean, I reassemble it and know that he has a hygienic dog bed to rest peacefully. Finally, the awful smell is gone from the house, and there are no more stinky smelling dog beds.

What can you do though, if your dog doesn’t like the sleeping arrangements, even after you have everything bright and fresh for them?

Why Do Dogs Soil Their Areas?

Dog Peed Floor

It helps to know where your dog fits in this list. Some problems are easy to deal with, and in fact, can be fixed quite quickly.

Others are not fixable, but they can be managed. The end goal is to make your furry baby comfy and cozy while keeping the humans in your family content, as well.


Some dogs are anxious from loud noises, their family is away, and maybe even other pets in the home. Regardless of the reason, they sometimes pee in their beds and on the mats in their crates. This is probably the most difficult of all the reasons to deal with. You first have to find out what bothers the dog and try to eliminate the underlying problem.

Old Age

Senior dogs are like humans in that at some point, and they may lose the ability to control their bodily functions. This is nature, and so we have to deal with it. Disposable pads on the bed will help.

Medical Issues

Aside from old age, some canine incontinence is caused by certain drugs, infections, and injuries. I know when our dog hurt his knee, he refused to go outside. The vet said this was normal because he didn’t want to move. Of course, he had a couple of accidents in the house, but once he got his painkillers and rested a few days, he was back to going outside.

Not Trained

You usually think of puppies not being trained to go outside to the bathroom, but you would be surprised at how many older dogs do not know how to go. Another example is when you re-home a dog. He has to get used to the family’s schedule. Furthermore, he needs to know where the door is and where he is supposed to go. It will take a bit of training, but in no time, he will understand.


Animals, in general, mark their territories. This can be a real problem with pet cats and dogs if they are doing it in the house. And because the mattress or blanket is hers, she is determined to make sure no other animal touches her stuff. It doesn’t matter whether there are other pets in the household; it only matters that it is instinct to protect her belongings.

Seven Other Ways To Eliminate Dog Odors

Stinky Dog

Dogs pick up many scents in their furs. It doesn’t matter if they spend a lot of time outside or not because once something is in the fur, it stays there. It can be flowers that have bloomed, and the dog rubbed against in the garden. It can be duck poop that she rolled on. It can even be the fresh-cut grass clippings. Whatever gets on the dog is bound to add to the smell in the house once it is ground into the bed. Remember, too, that things in the house will make the dog stink. Cigarette smoke is a perfect example. And, certain foods, too, like fish and even strong coffee.

Wipe Down Your Dog’s Fur

One way to help avoid this is to brush the dog when he or she comes in. Before she is allowed to go to her bed, give her a quick wiping. You don’t even have to use a dog brush or comb. Grab a clean towel or face cloth and brush the hairs backward to remove the debris.

Clean Your Dog’s Paws

Wipe down the bottoms of her feet in case she has stepped in mud or poop.

Brush Your Dog

Brush the dog’s fur regularly. Not only is this therapeutic for the pet and the owner, but it is also good for anyone that has allergies. Brushing serves many useful purposes, and ridding the dog of smells is just one added benefit.

Shake Out the Bedding

Shake out the bedding daily. This doesn’t take up any time, really, but keeps smells to a minimum because you have discarded old crumbs of food and any loose dirt. You also get rid of the hairs, which cause a lot of stink when bunched up together on the blanket.

Wipe Your Dog’s Bottom

Wipe the dog’s bottom. I know this is gross. I can hear you all right now saying ewww! But if you have ever owned breeds like Poodles or Jack Russells, you know the poop sticks to their fur. Make sure to wipe them down before letting them into the house. As an aside, let the vet check their anal glands to make sure they don’t need to be drained.

Bathe Your Dog

Bathe the dog, if possible. Now, don’t get excessive here, but at the same time, when he is really starting to stink, he needs to have a good bath.

Watch for Bladder Control Issues

If you have an incontinent dog because of poor health, use a disposable urine soaker pad. You might not want to do this long term, as it can get expensive, but it will be perfect for a short medical emergency. For older dogs, you might invest in washable pads, which will last longer. Throw them in the washer with soap and vinegar, then let them hang to dry.

Here are a vet’s top five tips for ridding your house of dog smells.

Odor Resistant Dog Bed Article Conclusion

At this point, we should summarize by saying that there are several steps to having a sweeter smelling home when you own dogs.

It is a bit of work, yet it is just part and parcel of the schedule like the other house chores. Once you get used to it, it is not that bad.

Admittedly, I am always a little bit worn out when it is dog bedding laundry day.

Despite the work and effort, it is worth it in the end when everything is fresh, clean, and smelling nice again.

Considering manufacturers are now listening to potential customers and searching for ways to make odorless dog beds help you with this distasteful problem, it is a good idea to start right away by investing in a good mattress.

Find an odor-resistant bed for dogs that matches your décor, matches the dog’s coloring or personality, and find one that makes the humans in your household happier with the doggy stench.

And if you still don’t have enough information on keeping your pet’s bed up to snuff, then we have done another section for you on dealing with unsavory dog beds.