MyPillow Dog Bed Reviews

Are you looking for a new dog bed for your pet pooch?

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Do you want to know if the MyPillow Dog Bed is any good?

Is it worth the money?

In this post, we will answer your questions with our Review of the MyPillow Dog Bed.

Let’s get straight into it by looking at the pros and cons of the My Pillow Bed for Dogs in plenty of detail.

Our In-Depth Review of the MyPillow Dog Beds

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The MyPillow company and its inventor/CEO Mike Lindell are really famous in the US, but they don’t just make pillows for humans. They also make dog beds.

Let’s look at the details and see if this is the right pet bed for you and your dog.

Pros of the MyPillow Dog Bed

  • The cover of the MyPillow Pet is made from a removable, double-sided outer shell.
  • It has a plaid pattern on one side and a dog paw pattern on the other.
  • The cover is fully washing machine washable. It is tear-resistant, chew-resistant. It is also mildew and odor resistant.
  • The bed is filled with an inner layer featuring MyPillow’s patented interlocking fill for maximum comfort.
  • It can be purchased in three different sizes, Small (18” x 24” Gusset 2”), Medium (24” x 36” Gusset 3”), and Large (34” x 45” Gusset 4”).
  • You also get to choose from six colors, Brown, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Tan, and Camo.
  • This bed for dogs from MyPillow is made in the United States of America.
  • When you buy it, it comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

You can find out how much it costs by clicking this link…

Cons of the MyPillow Dog Bed

We looked on social media and on some of the pet forums for customer reviews from dog owners. We wanted to get a really good idea from hundreds and hundreds of people about what they thought of this dog bed.

Here is some of the negative feedback that they left:

  • Some dog owners reported having trouble getting their dogs to lie on the bed, and some dogs don’t seem to like the design for some weird reason. You know your dog, and it should be easy to guess if this might be an issue for you and your pooch.
  • Some people said they didn’t feel the stuff was good enough for their larger or heavier dogs. So if you have a really large dog, this bed might not be the best option for you.

How much is the MyPillow Dog Bed?

If you want to check the prices and availability of the MyPillow bed for dogs, click on this link to visit the MyPillow Amazon store…

A Dog Bed Buyers Guide for Dog Owners

When you are looking at a new bed for your dog, what are the most important factors you need to pay attention to?

What features are the ones you need to keep your eye out for?

What Size of Bed Do You Need?

Obviously, it would help if you had a bed big enough for your dog to sleep on and should check the dimensions before buying.

However, we suggest buying a bed that is bigger than you think you will need. This gives the dog more room to stretch out, keep their toys, feel comfy, etc.

How Easy is it to Clean the Dog’s Bed?

Ideally, the dog bed should have a removable, machine washable cover. This is by far the best option for easily keeping things clean and fresh.

Does the Bed Come With A Warranty or Guarantee?

If a pet bed manufacturer is confident in their product quality, they will usually offer some sort of guarantee or warranty.

This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have a good chance of getting decent value for the money you spend.

Where is the Dog’s Pet Bed Made?

Ideally, you want the bed to be made in the USA so that you know it will be built to US safety regulations and also so that you support the USA economy.

How Good is Customer Service?

Looking for and reading customer reviews is probably the best way to determine if the dog bed manufacturer has a helpful and supportive customer service team in case you run into any issues.

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A Video Review of the MyPillow Dog Bed

To finish off the post, we are sharing a video review of the MyPillow Dog Bed featuring the super cute (and very well behaved) Schnoodle called McGuire.

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