What is the Best Way To Clean Dog Hair Off Hardwood Floors?

Pet Hair on Hardwood Floors

One of the downsides of owning a dog (or multiple dogs) is having to deal with all the dog hairs in your home.

If you have wood floors or carpets. keeping on top of all that fur is a never-ending job!

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How to Clean Dog Hair From Hardwood Floors

These are our three favorite methods of cleaning wooden flooring covered in pet hairs:

Using an iRobot Roomba Vacuum for Dog Hair

As we often discuss, we really like using a Roomba vacuum to get rid of dog hair and tidy up after your pet pupster.

They are safe, energy-efficient, cheap, and do an outstanding job, but best of all, they do the cleaning work with minimal effort from you!

What could be better than having a robot do your housework for you? The future is here; let’s make the most of it.

Use a Normal Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

If you do not own or cannot afford a Roomba, then a good old fashioned vacuum suction cleaner is great for cleaning up dog hairs.

You should make sure to turn off the brush function that is only used for carpeting; this will make it work much better on the loose hair on your hardwood floors.

clean up dog hair

Use Grass with a Broom to Sweep Up the Fur

Ok, so this one might sound totally crazy but stick with us, and we will explain!

Cleaning up dog hair from a hardwood floor with a broom isn’t super effective.

Why not? Because the action of sweeping the brush will blow the loose fur up into the air, and most will be missed.

So, if you sprinkle damp grass cuttings across your floor and then sweep up, the moisture from the grass will help keep the hair down.

This technique is surprisingly effective, and we urge you to give it a go for fun if nothing else.

Yes, your family might think you are crazy, but they will understand when they see it working!

Bonus Tip for Cleaning Wood Flooring with Pet Hair

If you do not like the idea of spreading damp grass around on your wood floors.

You can use a plant mister to dampen your floor lightly.

Then brush it up as normal, and you will see that you get rid of much more pet hair off the hardwood floor than you would brushing normally.

Video: More Pet Hair Cleaning Solutions

We decided to share a video from another dog owner and pet lover to wrap up this post.

She saves some handy time-saving ways and tips for the best way to clean dog hair and general pet dirt using standard household items.

Make sure you watch until the very ends to get the final really handy tip.

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