Do You Need to Know How To Deal With Dog Hair?

pet hair everywhere on hardwood floors

In the post, we will share our thoughts, experience, and advice on how to best deal with dog hair as part of your domestic chores.

So let’s get right into the details with some great ways of dealing with dog hair from your pet while cleaning your home.

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Dealing With Loose Pet Hair in Your Home

Here are five simple steps that we recommend you take to deal with all that superfluous pet dog hair!

Vacuum Or Roomba As Regularly As You Can

The most obvious and effective way of dealing with all that loose pet fur in your house is to really regularly attack it.

For most of us, this is a really boring job that we would much rather not do.

This is why we are such fans of Roombas! They do the hard work, so we don’t have to; they are a god-send for pet owners!

All you do is charge it up and set it off. It will get on with cleaning up the dog hairs.

Meanwhile, you can do whatever else you chose while the robot sucks up all the dog hair!

Every now and then, you will have to get into the hard-to-reach corners of your home with a normal suction cleaner, but you will still have saved a lot of time and effort by using the iRobot.

Groom Your Pet Dog Regularly

Taking your dog outside and giving him or her an excellent brushing is a great way to reduce the amount of dog hair that you find yourself having to deal with on your furniture and in your home.

You can even buy specially designed vacuums for dog fur or even air blowers that do a similar job.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Most people only think of bathing a dog when it is really smelly or dirty.

It can actually be a great way to deal with a lot of dog hairs in one quick go.

Especially when your pet dog is shedding, bathing them can make a big difference to the amount of loose hair that ends up on your furniture and around your home.

Use A Roller for Cleaning

We really like pet hair rollers (or lint brushes with rubber bristles that scoop up loose hair) for difficult-to-clean items such as furniture or hard-to-reach sections of carpet.

Lint brushes and rollers are really effective, very affordable, and do a great job of picking up hairs.

Consider Buying An Air Filter Built For Pet Dander

If you have pets in your home and they are shedding a lot of fur, not only is the hair itself an issue, but there is also dander, dirt, mites, etc., that go with it.

By running an air purifier that can cope with pet dander, you will filter out a lot of this excess material and stop it from ending up on your furniture or around your home.

This will help you keep your living spaces free of hair, healthier, and cleaner for your family!

Video: Tips for Dealing With Furry Pets and Their Hair

Great advice to help you keep your living room and the rest of your house fur-free, even if there is hair everywhere.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our dog lovers’ website and for reading this little blog post about dealing with pet hair and dog hair shedding.

We try our best to make sure every post shares one or two good tips to help dog owners care for and love their dogs more easily.

So we are always very grateful and appreciative when our readers take the time to check us out and read our content.

The Pupster Passion blogging team firmly believes that all dogs are awesome (even when they are shedding hair and fur everywhere), and so are (most) of their owners!

PS – A quick tip for if you are rushing out to meet your friends and you notice that you have pet hair all over your clothes.

Simply use some packaging tape to lift the fur of your clothing. It takes seconds to do and is really effective (it works similarly to a lint roller).

And believe it or not, if you don’t have any packaging tape to hand, a slightly damp rubber glove will do the same job on the hair. Just rub your fingers over your clothes, and the fur will be pulled off.

(The tape of rubber gloves trick also works great for getting fur and hair off furniture with no need for any fancy pet hair removal tools!).

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