Tips for Removing Dog Hair From Couch

Microfiber Couch

Dealing with all the pet hair that inevitably goes with owning lots of dogs can be a bit of a nightmare!

This post will look at removing pet hair from a couch (even if it is a microfiber couch).

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How To Remove Dog Hair From Couch

Use A Vacuum to Remove Pet Hair

dog hair

Obviously, your first method of cleaning up dog hair should be a vacuum cleaner of some sort.

For a couch, either a small handheld model or a larger one with an extension hose is ideal.

You should find that a vacuum will get rid of most of the dog hairs, and then you can use the other techniques to get rid of any stubborn fur by hand.

Use A Lint Roller to Clean Dog Hair from Your Couch

Pet hair lint rollers are cheap and really effective. You can pick them up from lots of places for not much at all.

After vacuuming, just run the hair removal tool over the couch, and they will get rid of any leftover hair.

Use Damp Rubber Gloves

If you don’t have a lint roller, you can use damp rubber gloves.

Just get a normal pair of rubber washing up gloves and dampen them.

Then rub your hands over the sofa, and you will find that the pet hair comes off really easily right into your hand.

Use Sticky Tape to Pull Pet Fur off the Couch

Simple and very effective. We recommend using a wide roll of parcel tape.

Just pull off long strips to do the bulk of the couch and then use little bits to get into the awkward corners.

All you do is lay the sticky side of the tape on the dog hair, rub the back of the tape to make sure it has stuck properly then pull it off.

Please be careful if you are doing this on a fragile or more ornate surface or piece of furniture or upholstery.

remove pet hair

Use A Damp Wash Cloth to Scrub off the Pet’s Hair

Similar to the rubber gloves technique for getting rid of pet hairs.

Just use a washcloth, make sure it is only just damp, rub it over the couch, and it will pull of the hair nicely.

Video: Advice on Remove Dog Hair From Couch

Here is some advice on getting pet dog hair off your couch from a professional furniture cleaner before we end this short post.

Some more useful tips to help you keep your home clean and tidy

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