How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in a Washing Machine

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As dog owners, we are fortunate to have our pets; they love us, we love them, and they are amazing.

However, there are some downsides to owning a dog, and one of those is dealing with all the hair.

As all pet owners know, pet hair gets everywhere!

So in this blog post, we will discuss how to get rid of dog hair in washing machines.

We will share our tips to help you get rid of dog hair in your washer and some tips on how to stop it from getting in there in the first place.

How to Stop Dog Hair Getting into Your Washing Machine

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In our experience, it is often easier to stop the dog hair from getting into the washing machine than getting it out again afterward.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Regular Grooming Makes a Big Difference
  2. Try Vacuuming Your Pet Dog
  3. Shake Off Heavily Soiled Items
  4. Use Pet Hair Removers Before Washing

Regular Grooming Makes a Big Difference

Grooming your dog’s cost is one of those jobs that are really easy to put off, but it is vital for keeping your home and washer hair-free.

Ideally, it would be best if you did it outside to limit the mess in your home. Twice a year, when your dog sheds a lot of hair (Fall and Spring), they will need particular attention.

But all year round, if you can groom their coat with a decent dog brush, it will make a big difference.

Check out the grooming brushes we recommend on the link below…

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Don’t worry if you hate this job or don’t have much time; our next tip should be handy.

Try Vacuuming Your Pet Dog

Yes, you did read that correctly. You can vacuum the hair off your dog!

It can take a little while to get them really used to it, but once you get passed that, it is much easier, faster, and more effective than doing it with a brush.

As with anything new with your dog, we always recommend using lots of treats and praise to help train them in behaving in the way you want them to.

You can even buy attachments for your vacuum cleaner to help you vacuum off the pet fur from your dog’s coat.

Click the link below to find out more.

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Shake Off Heavily Soiled Items

Before washing any items that are really covered in dog hairs, take them outside and give them a good shaking off.

Even better, if you have one of those old fashioned carpet beaters, use that to thrash some of the hairs off whatever it is you are trying to get clean.

If you don’t have a carpet beater or have never seen one before, you can check them out on the link directly below…

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Use Pet Hair Removers Before Washing

If shaking or beating the items you are washing doesn’t work or you can’t easily do it, then dog hair removal tools are another great idea.

One of the best ones you can buy is the ChomChom Roller dog hair remover.

The ChomChom is a really helpful little cleaning tool. Basically, it is a lint roller designed to be really good at pulling pet hairs out of fabric.

It doesn’t need a power cord, batteries, or a charger, and it doesn’t need any replacement strips of adhesive sticky tape.

All you have to do is run the roller in a vigorous back and forth motion across the area you want to clean, and it pulls up the hairs.

The hairs collect in a handy little compartment, and then all you have to do is throw them in the trash.

You can find out more about the ChomChom by clicking the image below…

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For your laundry, just run the ChomChom lint roller over the items you need to wash before you put them in the machine, and you will significantly reduce the hair you are putting into the drum.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of a Washing Machine

Note – Please always check the label before doing anything different when washing any clothes or fabrics.

  1. Use a Fur Zapper
  2. Separate the Really Hairy Items
  3. Run Items Covered in Hair Through Dryer First with Dryer Sheets
  4. Use White Vinegar with the Wash
  5. Do an Empty, Hot Soapy Wash After Use
  6. Let the Washer Dry Out and then Manually Remove Any Hair.

Use a Fur Zapper

A Fur Zapper is a clever little dog hair laundry removal gadget that you can use to catch hairs in the washing machine that it pulls off the items being washed.

Pupster Passion Detailed Review of the FurZapper Here.

It has a sticky texture with attracts and gathers hairs, lint, and fluff. You can use it in both your washing machine and your dryer for maximum hair removal.

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Separate the Really Hairy Items

If you have some laundry items that are really covered in dog hairs, you should wash them on their own.

There are a few benefits from doing this.

Firstly this reduces the chance of hair spreading to other clothes or fabric being washed simultaneously.

Secondly, if you wash these items on their own, they will have more room and water in the washer drum to give them a really good clean.

Finally, you can spend more time getting the hairs out before throwing them in the machine and focus on doing a really good job.

Run Items Covered in Hair Through Dryer First with Dryer Sheets

These little tips are really effective. All you do is run your laundry on low heat in your dryer with some dryer sheets in the drum.

Dog hairs are much easier to remove when really dry, and the static electricity from the dryer sheet will pull the hairs off the laundry items and onto the sheet.

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Note – Remember to empty the lint trap on your dryer after doing this.

Use White Vinegar with the Wash

White vinegar is an effective, natural fabric softener. It helps to relax the fabrics being washed, and this releases their grip on the dog hair.

Just add half a cup to your washing machine when you are doing laundry covered in pet hair and notice the difference.

Do an Empty, Hot Soapy Wash After Use

After you have washed any really hairy laundry items in your washing machine, we recommend running another empty wash.

Set your machine’s settings too hot for a long wash with an extra rinse cycle if possible.

Add plenty of laundry detergent and some white vinegar or fabric softener and run it through a full cycle.

Obviously, this is to get rid of any hairs that have been left in the machine was washing the items.

Let the Washer Dry Out and then Manually Remove Any Hair.

Once you are you, leave the washer door open overnight and let it all dry out.

Then you can manually clean out the washer drum, the drain pump filter, the lint filter, and the inside of the door.

This only takes a couple of minutes, and it just makes sure that you get rid of any lingering hairs.

In case you were wondering, there are two main benefits to doing all of this.

Number One – You reduce the strain on your washing machine and help it to last a lot longer before it needs servicing, repairing, or even replacing.

Number Two – You will stop the hair transferring from item to item and wash to wash by getting rid of as much of it as you possibly can.

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