Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair

Clean Up Pet Hair

So, you really love your dogs, BUT you also love your home and want to keep it as clean and tidy as you possibly can.

Obviously, the two biggest culprits for covering a house in pet hair are dogs and cats.

So we will focus this post on those two types of pets, but if you keep a hairy donkey or a massive guinea pig that also sheds lots of hair in your house, the advice will the same!

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How to Clean Up Pet Hair

Roombas are AMAZING!

Yes, we already mentioned this once. But they are so good we wanted to explain why.

In a nutshell, these little robot vacuum cleaners are so awesome because they do 90% of your pet hair vacuuming for you.

You have to set them off, empty them when they are full, and make sure they get fully charged.

You will also have to quickly go around the areas that they miss, can’t reach, or a surface they can’t work on

But the majority of your vacuuming will be done on autopilot while you do something more interesting or fun.

Grooming Your Pet Helps a Lot

The more frequently you can groom your dog or cat, the better, especially if allowed on the furniture.

If possible, do it outside, buy a good quality brush and give your pet a deep, thorough grooming.

If your pet doesn’t like being groomed, you could try using grooming gloves.

They might not get rid of as much hair, but most animals will tolerate them, and they still work fairly well.

Getting Your Pets Outside is Useful

If you can encourage your dogs to play, live, and hang out in the outdoors more often, this will really help.

The weather and outdoor environment will help them ditch tons of hair.

upholstered furniture surface

Consider Buying an Air Purifier for Pet Hair

Many people do not realize that it is not just the pet hair you need to deal with.

Along with the hair comes mites, dander, and dead skin; yes, that is as gross as it sounds (this is the same for cat hair and dog hair).

This dirt and dander will get on every surface in your home (and your clothes), so it is really worth getting on top of it.

Regular carpet vacuuming will help with this, but the best solution is to run an air purifier and filter designed to work with pet hair.

Over time, if you run one, you will notice your house is less dusty and gets much less grimy.

Check out out Buyer’s Guide on Air Purifiers for Pet Hair!

Little and Often When it Comes to Cleaning

One thing we recommend is to keep on top of your cleaning. Little and often is the best way to clean up pet hair.

Do your best not to leave it until the hair from your dogs has been trampled deep into your furniture, carpets, and rugs.

Video: Check Out This Robot Vacuum In Action

As you watch this video, you will get a great idea of why we think iRobot Cleaners are the best option for removing pet hair in your house (especially to remove pet hair from your carpet).

You will also get to see this dog owner’s lovely little pet, King Charles Cavalier spaniel pooch.

One Last Tip

We decided to share one last tip that is really useful when trying to remove pet hair from upholstered furniture, car seats, shag carpet, vinyl floors, hardwood floors, and any other award surfaces in and around your home.

If you put on a pair of rubber gloves and get them slightly damp and then use your hands to rub any areas where there are lots of dog hairs, you will see the fur rolls up into little balls.

These balls of fur will stick to the rubber gloves and are then very easy for you to dispose of them by hand.

We love little tips like this for pet owners, just something as simple as a rubber glove on your hand can make a big difference to how long your household chores take.

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