How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair On Clothes

Are you in a rush and need to get some dog hairs off your clothes without a lint roller?

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Do you often find yourself trying to get rid of dog hair that is covering your clothes?

Do your clothes come out of the washer still covered in dog hair?

Do you have problems with your washing machine getting clogged up with dog hair?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

We have got a great collection of tips and tactics to help solve your problems.

Let’s great straight into finding solutions for your pet hair problems.

A Quick Note About Regular Grooming and Cleaning

There are two significant and effective steps to help stop your clothes from getting covered in dog hair.

  1. Groom your dogs regularly, especially during the shedding season.
  2. Keep on top of your vacuuming and house cleaning.

Ok, we accept that neither of these are huge amounts of fun, but they are essential if you want to win the war against dog fur (and don’t worry, we have a solution coming up if you hate housework).

Regular Grooming

The very best way of stopping dog hair from getting on your clothes or in your laundry is to catch the problem at the source.

Your dogs will drop hair all year round and then shed heavily in Spring and Fall.

So if you can groom them regularly (and more so during shedding season), every hair you get rid of is one hair that can’t end up on your nice black jumper!

Top Tip – You Can Vacuum Groom Your Dog’s Coat

Yes, it’s a thing; you can even buy attachments for your vacuum. Check it out on this link…

How much does it cost?

Regular Vacuuming and Cleaning – Most of the hair your pets drop in your home will end up on the floor, the furniture, and the beds.

So you need to do your best to give your home a frequent once-over with a vacuum cleaner.

If you hate cleaning, then the solution for you is coming right up…

A Roomba is a Dog Owners (Second) Best Friend

Roombas are automated, robotic vacuum cleaners.

You charge them up, turn them on, and leave them to it; they do the vacuuming on auto-pilot.

So if you like the idea of having your cleaning chores done by a robot, you can check them out on this link…

How much does it cost?

How to Get Rid of Dog Hairs on Clothes You Wear

  1. Emergency Tip! Use Parcel Tape
  2. Use a Dog Hair Remover
  3. Use an Adhesive Lint Roller
  4. Throw them in the Dryer for Ten Minutes

Emergency Tip! Use Packing Tape (Box Tape)

If you are in a rush and need to get rid of dog hair without a lint roller or similar tool, the best thing you use is parcel packing tape.

Just peel off a strip and use it to pull the hairs off your clothing.

It is really effective and shouldn’t leave any glue marks behind (test a small piece of tape before doing the whole item to be sure).

If you need to get rid of dog hair in a hurry, this tip works great, and either parcel tape or sellotape is usually really easy to find somewhere close by.

Use a Dog Hair Remover

Our favorite tool to remove hair is the ChomChom hand roller; why do we like it so much?

It doesn’t need batteries, a power cord, or a charger, you don’t need to replace any sticky tape, and it is effortless to use.

Just hand roll it over the clothing you want to clean, use a firm, fast, back and forth movement, and it scoops up the hairs.

We think that the ChomChom is the sort of tool that every dog owner should keep in their home. Check it out below…

How much does it cost?

Use an Adhesive Lint Roller

Another really effective option for pulling hair up out of clothing fabrics is an adhesive lint roller.

It’s really simple to use; you roll the sticky roller on the area you need to clean it pulls up the pet hair.

How much does it cost?

Throw Them in the Dryer for Ten Minutes

Yes, before you wash your clothes, if you put them in the dryer on fairly low heat, for about ten minutes with a couple of drying sheets in there, it makes a big difference.

The heat loosens up the hairs, and then the static charge from the dryer sheet attracts them and gather it all up.

(Make sure to clean the lint trap of any leftover hair after you have done this).

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes in the Laundry

So after you have prepared the items ready to be washed, what else can you do to ensure the wash eliminates any remaining dog hairs?

  1. Use a Furzapper
  2. Run the Washer on Long Cycle with Extra Rinse
  3. Clean the Washing Machine After Each Wash

Use a Furzapper

A Furzapper is a clever little invention that is super simple to use.

Just pop one or two of these little gadgets into your washer or dryer when you run it.

The zapper has a sticky texture that gathers and stores all the loose dog hairs to stop them from sticking to the clothes being washed.

How much does it cost?

Run the Washer on Long Cycle with Extra Rinse

To give the washing machine a good chance of getting rid of the pet hair, running it on a long cycle with plenty of detergent and fabric softener.

If you have the option of selecting a longer rinse cycle at the end, you should do, if not, maybe run it through an extra rinse after the main wash has finished.

Clean the Washing Machine After Each Wash

When loose pet hair gets wet, it forms clumps, and this can clog up and damage a washing machine.

Doing this is really important to get rid of as much of it as possible after a wash.

Put on a rubber glove and run your hand inside the drum; the rubber will help you pull out any left over hairs.

Also, check your drainage filter (follow the instructions) and give it a good clean.

Some Last Advice

If you still want more advice about how to get dog hair off your clothes, this video has some really great tips.

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