What is the Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair
Look at all that beautiful dog hair just waiting to fall on the floor and make a mess!

If you own one or more pet dogs, then you will probably be fighting a constant battle against pet hair in your home!

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for pet hairs could be well worth your time as it will really help you keep your home clean and free of excess pet hairs.

Dealing with the issue of pet hair is even more important if any one of your family or anyone who might be visiting your home has pet dander allergies.

In my own home, I have to vacuum regularly as my dog sheds a lot. He goes through periods of having really nice thick fur.

But then his allergies start acting up, and he gets these massive bald spots on his back as the allergic reactions cause hair to fall out.

As well as this, of course, we have to contend with his natural cycle of shedding his pet hair.

Which is usually in the fall getting ready for winter, and in the spring preparing for summer. It is a never-ending battle with these pet hairs, and they get everywhere!

Obviously, I knew that I was not the only dog owner with such a problem. Any internet search of the topic will show you thousands of people asking questions about dealing with our their pet dog’s shedding.

You will even see people asking if there are medications they can give their dogs to stop them from shedding hair all over the house.

But being more practical, one of the very best ways of dealing with pet hairs is to invest in a really good quality vacuum cleaner designed to cope with hairs from dogs, cats, and other furry pets.

A good quality vacuum cleaner will work well on both hardwood and carpet, it will be better than a normal vacuum at picking up the pet hair, and it will have better filtering to make sure that you aren’t just blowing the hair ad dander back out of the cleaner.

So if this post, we are going to look at the best vacuum cleaners for pet hairs. We have spent a lot of time researching the best models, analyzing the best options’ pros and cons, and listing them all below.

Right below, we have created a quick chart with briefs reviews, and then after that, we have given detailed breakdowns of each vacuum cleaner and the pros and cons of that particular model.

The Connection Between Dog Hairs and Allergies

Every day you hear someone saying that their allergies are acting up and that they are allergic to dogs and pet hair.

In fact, many people that have an allergy to one type of animal most likely have it to others, such as cats, rabbits, birds, gerbils, and guinea pigs.

And while they mistakenly believe that the hairs are causing the allergy, they are only half right.

Let’s look at a couple of facts and dispel a few misconceptions about all pet hair, including dog hair.

  • It is not the pet hair itself that causes the problem with individuals that have allergies. Rather, it is the urine, saliva, dander, dust, grass, and pollen on the dog hairs that is the root of the issue. Dogs are outside collecting all these things as they move around, lie down, and roll. To be honest, a dog might even be allergic to its own self, as environmental allergies are rife in canines.
  • There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. As more designer dogs are bred, some people believe that one kind over another is better, and potentially there may be less risk of an allergy with a specific type. Still, all have the possibility to cause a reaction. Again, the reason for that is the hairs do not generally produce the allergy. On the other hand, all dogs have urine, saliva, and skin, which are often triggers.
  • Perfumes and fragrances are other problems. If someone pets the dog or holds it close to them and the person is wearing cologne or some other beauty item with a strong scent, that gets into the dog’s fur. Again, another person who interacts with the animal and is sensitive to perfume will have a reaction. The pet hair carries the trigger for the allergy.

But what does all of this mean to you if you suffer from allergies? Some may say that it doesn’t matter whether it is the hairs themselves or the individual contaminants; the point is they are allergic, and the dog is to blame.

And that may be true, but you can combat the individual pollutants by dealing with the hairs and maintaining the dog’s coat.

In other words, if the dog is wiped down after having been outside if he or she is brushed regularly to remove debris from the fur and to catch loose hairs.

Finally, if you search for the best vacuum cleaners for dog hair on carpet and hardwood floors, you should be able to manage both the hairs and the allergies effectively.

What Is The Best Vacuum For Pet Hairs?

Ultimately when choosing a way to deal with your dog’s hair, at some point, you will have to research the best types of vacuums for pet hair.

Yes, wet mops work well on hardwood floors and other types of laminate, tiles, and linoleum, but they will not help you on rugs or carpets.

If you own a throw rug, you can easily shake it outside, but for an area rug, it will be difficult to collect the hairs, dirt, dander, and pollen by hand or even with a carpet sweeper.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair to Clean a Carpet Floor
Long-haired dogs will cover a house in pet hair during shedding season!

I have a Bissell® carpet sweeper for fast jobs when the rug isn’t too messy. I love it because it is lightweight and quick to use.

The downside with my dog’s hairs, though, is the two chambers get filled up almost instantly. True, it is easy to empty in the garbage can, but the little unit can only do so much.

Plus, I have to cut the hairs off the bristles every so often, as they tangle so tight, it binds up the brushes, and they can’t turn anymore.

You will want to look at all your needs to choose the right vacuum.

And you should probably think about researching the best vacuum for dog hair on hardwood floors, as well as carpeting since most homes have a combination of both depending on the room.

What I’ve done for you is put together a list of twelve points that the team found while gathering information for this review page.

If you use these notes as a checklist, then I am confident you will find the best cleaner for pet hair.

  1. You need a machine with plenty of power. That means the suction has to be really strong. Ideally, it should be tested to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards so that you can make a valid comparison as to whether the unit is powerful enough. Just stamping on the box that it has lots of power is not a measurement of strength.
  2. You’ll often find that the better machines for pet hair come from companies that have a department devoted to pet products. The well-known vacuum cleaner brands will spend the money on research and development because they want customers for life. They understand that pets are part of the family, and dealing with pet hair is part of family life.
  3. Weight may be an issue for some users. You have to lug around some vacuums, and they are too clunky for many people to use. You’ll want something solid in manufacturing but lightweight for handling.
  4. Your working preference will help determine whether you choose an upright model, a canister style, or even a handheld. One type might be better for your own medical conditions, such as arthritis or body weakness. Likewise, in terms of quickly accessing an area where there are always dog hairs, it will be important to your decision. For example, you don’t want to pull a big monster thing behind you on the stairs. It is both time-wasting and uncomfortable.
  5. Bagless might be a selling feature for some buyers. It depends on what you prefer. On one side, no bag means you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to buy replacements when you need them, and you don’t have the added cost of extras. On the other side, sometimes it is cleaner to have the stuff go into the bag for disposal. Your preference will also depend on whether the bag is permanent or disposable. Personally, I don’t want a dirty bag lasting a lifetime. I prefer the plastic bin that can be snapped on and off and dumped right in the garbage bag with my weekly garbage. Then I can quickly rinse out the plastic container, and it is clean for the next vacuuming session.
  6. Find a unit that works well on carpeting and bare floors. You don’t want to invest in more than one vacuum. Therefore, check some of the advertised testing to see if the model you have identified as a good vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors in addition to being the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair on carpet.
  7. Although cost is not the best indicator of what vacuum to buy for pet hair, of course, you need to find something within your budget. So price does play a role in your decision-making process, but at the same time, you do want something that works properly and is worth the added cost. Plus, if you spend more, and the vacuum has an excellent warranty, then it will outlast many of the cheaper ones, making it actually less expensive over time.
  8. If you or your family suffer from allergies, think about a machine with an included HEPA filter. Even if your dog has environmental allergies, the filter will help him or her as well.
  9. The filtering system is crucial to keeping the air free from contaminants. The vacuum brings in the air and then releases it. If it isn’t designed properly and the air escapes, you’ve thrown the pollutants from the pet hair right back into your living space.
  10. Some units have motorized brushes that work in conjunction with the suction to get all those pesky dog hairs picked up.
  11. Check out the attachments to see what is functional in your home. Nothing is worse than spending hundreds of dollars and finding out you don’t even have what you need.
  12. The length of the hoses and power cord may impact your decision since you may have a long area to cover. In this case, a rechargeable unit may be more suitable.

Get Free Advice from Pet Owners

Another great resource to help you get the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair is to look for websites where pet owners have left their custom reviews.

Many sites that sell household goods such as vacuum cleaners have review sections where pet owners can share their thoughts on the vacuums they might have bought.

If you think about it, other pet owners are not trying to sell you anything so that they will be less biased than any vendor or salesman.

I know I am a bit bias toward Bissell® but I’ve used many of their products, including the pet hair carpet sweeper, which has a lifetime warranty, and also their steam cleaner, which did a fabulous job cleaning all our rugs.

I also love the fact they are family-oriented and have a major focus on pet care, both in research and development of products such as vacuums for pet hair, as well as their pet foundation.

Still Undecided About the Best Vacuums for Pet Hair?

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