50 Reasons Dogs are Amazing and Awesome Pets

This is meant to be a fun post about all the reasons we think dogs are incredible animals.

We treat our pets better than we treat most people.

A dog knows nothing but today. They don’t care about yesterday or tomorrow. If you treat your dog in a loving, caring manner, you will get that and so much more back from him.

Here are the reasons we think dogs are the best animals ever!

Table of Contents

Dogs Love Us Unconditionally

Anyone who has ever had a dog will understand this. Dogs really are the most loving creatures.

They love playing, love cuddles and snuggles, love their doggy friends, and love their owners.

Sadly, not all dogs are as loved as they should be, but even then, the neglected or bullied dogs are still full of love.

It is often said that we do not deserve dogs. While we don’t fully agree with that, we do believe that many humans do not deserve the dogs they own.

We can’t say it much clearer than that, but we think this video really gets our point across better than words ever could.

Dogs Always Make us Laugh

Dogs are always funny. They are hilarious. They wriggle, they play, they talk, the howl, they run, jump and fall over.

From their earliest days as tiny little puppies up until they are old and gray, they can always make us laugh. Not convinced?

Check out these hilarious pupsters and try to tell us dogs aren’t hilarious!

Dogs Help Us Exercise

One of the great things about dogs is they love being outside and love going for walks. Most dogs are much, much less lazy than their owners.

But because we love our dogs, we take them for walks, and we enjoy doing so.

Not only does this give us some pleasurable time outdoors, but it is also perfect for both our mental and physical lives.

Dogs literally help us live longer, happier lives! (All dog owners should know that exercising your dog is great for anxiety issues).

Dogs Give Us Companionship

Even if you have a big family and lots of friends, it’s nice to have some extra company, and sadly, many of us do find ourselves feeling lonely on occasion. Dogs are a great source of company and companionship.

They are loving, fun, and always ready to cuddles up in bed. And yes, we here at Pupster.com talk to our dogs, and are surely many other dog owners do the same, lol.

Dogs Work With Us

From border collies rounding up sheep to mountain rescue dogs helping find lost hikers out in the wilderness.

Working dogs do a huge range of truly incredible tasks to make life easier for us humans.

Check out a few Awesome Breeds of Working Dogs

Dogs Encourage Us To Play

Even older dogs love to play fight, fetch a ball and run around like idiots (often referred to as zoomies).

We believe that we all have a little bit of inner child in us who still loves to play, and we love the fact that dogs can bring that part out of us.

Dogs Help Us Meet New People

Dog walking has got to be one of the best ways to meet new people. You get to meet lots of other dog owners who obviously love dogs as well.

But you also find that lots of dog lovers who don’t have a dog will come over to say hello to your dog and you.

This might be a one-off chit chat, but who knows, you might meet the love of your life!

Dog Give us Puppies!

Yes, in fact, of all the amazing things about dogs, one of the very, very best has got to be PUPPIES.

Puppies are so damn cute and so damn funny that they inspired the name of the site. The PupsterPassion.com Team all adore the little blighters.

Please feel free to indulge yourself by watching this short video of some super cute little pupsters.

Dogs Save Our Lives

All over the world, dogs are trained and used as rescue dogs to save us from different types of emergencies.

They dig us out of collapsed buildings. They dive into the water to save us from drowning.

They pull find us in the mountains when we have lost our way. They even sniff out explosives to keep us safe from those who would do harm to us.

Check out some Amazing Types of Rescue Dogs.

Dogs Are Great With Kids

Assuming that the dogs have been brought up properly by responsible, loving owners, then the vast majority of dogs are amazing with children.

Dogs make excellent best friends for our little ones.

They are great for playing with kids. They will protect them from harm if they need to and are great to cuddle up with them in bed and make them feel safe (from all the monsters in the closet, lol).

Dogs Give Good Cuddles

From the dinkiest little teacup pooches to the biggest lap dog the world has ever seen.

Most dogs really love cuddling and being petted (especially the Very Hairy Dog Breeds).

This sharing of love is one reason humans and dogs have lived together for so many thousands of years. It is an emotional bond far deeper than words can ever do justice.

Dogs Protect Us!

Guard dogs keep the burglars away. Police dogs chase after and catch criminals. Bloodhounds chase escaped convicts.

Military dogs help our servicemen and women to catch the bad guys. Day in day out, dogs risk their lives to save us, and we should all love them for it.

Dogs Are NEVER Fake

While we do love our fellow humans, the sad truth is that many lie, act dishonestly, and are fake. It is one of the less attractive personality traits of humanity!

But dogs will never lie, they will never be inauthentic, and they will never cheat. It just isn’t in their nature to be dishonest.

Dogs Show Their Emotions

One thing that isn’t always great about humans is that they hide their true emotions.

Sometimes people will pretend they like you when really they don’t. Sometimes a person will be shy and not tell you how they feel, even though they really like you.

With dogs (and also with small children), this is never the case. If a dog likes you, it will let you know, and if it doesn’t, it will also let you know.

There are no pretenses with a dog. You always know exactly where you stand. (BTW – check this post out if your dog gets separation anxiety)

Dogs Are Our Best Friends

Of all the different types of animals globally (many of which were love here at PupsterPassion.com HQ). Dogs are 100%, without any doubt, the best and most loyal friends to us humans.

Dogs Aren’t Humans

Yes, at first glance, this sounds perfectly obvious. But if you give it some thought, there is more to it than first meets the eye. Let’s be honest; many of us treat our dogs like humans, talk to them, celebrate their birthdays, and love them as members of our family.

Dog owners and their dogs are incredibly close in some ways closer than we can be with humans. The combination of human + dog is a really, really special one.

Just like the little birds that clean crocodile’s teeth without being eaten. The relationship we have with dogs is a symbiotic one that has evolved over many thousands of years.

They love us, and we love them, and both parties benefit hugely benefit from it.

Dogs Love Doing Stuff!

One adorable thing about dogs is how enthusiastic they are.

  • Going for a walk? Great, your dog will be excited!
  • Throwing a ball? Great, your dog will be excited!
  • Food time for your dog? Great, your dog will be excited!
  • Time to wrestle? Great, your dog will be excited.

Dogs are simple creatures with simple needs and simple pleasure.

With love them for this and hope you do as well.

Some Dogs Are REALLY Big

Here at PupsterPassion.com, we love all dogs. But one thing we definitely really like is really big dogs.

Dogs so big they are the size of small horses, or they look more like grizzly bears than dogs!

Just look at the size of this Great Dane!

Some Dogs Are Really Small

Yes, our team of dog lovers also love tiny little dinky dogs. Dogs so small they literally fit into a teacup!

With dogs this small, you have to take extra care to make sure they don’t get crushed or scared, but they can still make amazing pets, and they are always super cute!

Kids Love Dogs and Dogs Love Kids!

There is something extraordinary about the bond between little kids and their pets dogs. Most dogs can tell that children are different. They know they to be more patient, loving, and gentle with them.

Most little kids adore dogs. They love playing with them and snuggling up to them.

So the fact that dogs and kids get on so well is just about perfect. We believe that having a dog in the family as children grow up is really healthy.

It teaches kids how to be loving, take care of something other than themselves, and cope with things the tougher things in life like illness and death.

Most importantly of all, they are lots and lots of fun and also give great cuddles! 

Dogs Love to Wrestle

Perhaps not all dogs, but most do love a good play fight. It’s actually a way of learning, especially when they are puppies, but it also happens to great fun.

This video has some great play fighting in it to prove our point!

Dog Tails Are Really Funny

We love dogs tails! We think that dogs are hilarious. Especially when dogs are happy, and they cannot stop wagging them!

Dogs LOVE Going for Walks

Pretty much every healthy dog there is loves going for walks. Some get very, very excited about it.

We love taking our dogs for walkies. We love bumping into other dogs when they are being walked. Let’s face it; dog walking is great fun!

(BTW – If you own a highly strung dog, you should check out this post about Calming Dog Bed Reviews).

Dogs Know When We Are Sad

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs can very accurately read human emotions.

Not only can dogs tell when their owners are sad, but they will also try to make them feel better by comforting them.

And not only is this an awesome feature of dogs, but it also makes them easily trainable as service dogs.

Dogs Can Do Cool Tricks

Dogs love to play, they love to learn, they love to please their owners, and most of all, they love treats.

This combination means that they can be taught to do really cool tricks like those in this video.

Dogs Can Tell When We Are Sick

Dogs have a remarkable talent for noticing when we are sick.

Not only can they spot obvious things like when their owners have colds. But some dogs can actually sniff out cancer!

Dogs are now actually being trained to detect cancer, and they are surprisingly accurate!

Dogs Help People Suffering from PTSD

Sadly over the past few decades, there have been several wars. One of the tragic consequences of this is lots of veterans with PTSD.

But on the positive side, dogs are now being trained and working as services dogs for PTSD. Helping them stay safe and give them comfort during tough times.

Dogs Love Playing Catch!

Ok, not every single dog loves playing catch, but most do.

Here at PupsterPassion.com, we think that dog’s passion for such a simple game is an enjoyable thing about our canine compadres!

Dogs Have Lovely Coats

Dogs are called out furry four-legged friends for a reason. They have amazing coats.

Fortunately for us, dog lovers, many different breeds of dogs with a wide variety of different types of coat have been bred over thousands of years.

From wire haired fox terriers to the fluffiest breeds of dog such as the Chow Chow or the Samoyed.

The variety of coats on pure and mixed breed dogs is amazing, and here at PupsterPassion.com, we love ALL of them! 

Dogs Are Part of the Family

Any loving dog owner will tell you that their pet pooches are not just pets but a part of the family.

Humans and dogs have lived, worked, slept, and played together for thousands of years. We love them, and they love us. It really is that simple.

Of all the pets we keep, dogs are by far the closest to us family-wise.

BTW – If you plan on getting a new dog, read about how to prepare for a new puppy.

They Work As Service Dogs

The fact that dogs are clever enough, caring enough, and hard-working enough to be trained as service dogs are remarkable.

We can think of no other animal that comes close to dogs in their ability to look after and assist some of the most vulnerable within our society.

We are so lucky to have dogs!

Dogs Are Great for Memes

In these modern times, internet memes are a real thing.

Obviously, here at the PupsterPassion.com central headquarters, we love doggy memes the most!

Just look at this adorable meme and try to tell us we aren’t right!?!

Dogs Are Gorgeous to Look At

Dogs are so good looking. Their cute faces, their gorgeous coats, the cute way they walk, the way they run.

There is something deeply aesthetic about dogs, as the video proves beyond all reasonable doubt:

Dogs Dig Us Out of Avalanches!

Yes, you read that correctly! To be totally accurate, not all dogs, but some do!

Avalanche rescue dogs are highly trained. Their job is to search for and find any potential victims that may be buried under the snow.

Active in many ski resorts around the world, they have saved many hundreds of lives.

Dogs Help Us With Anxiety Attacks

Psychiatric service dogs are smart, very smart. They can tell when their owner is feeling stressed or anxious.

Once they spot this, they give their owner increased attention and cuddle up to them.

This does two things. It lets the owner know that an anxiety attack may be imminent.

And it also comforts the owner, thus reducing anxiety levels and making an attack much less likely.

So these dogs are smart enough and caring enough to help prevent people from having anxiety attacks. Just let that sink in. How awesome is that?

A Dog’s Sense of Smell is Amazing

It is estimated that a dog’s sense of smell is anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than our own! It is almost impossible to really grasp what that means. Suffice to say, their sense of smell is incredible.

We are fortunate enough to benefit from their amazing noses with the awesome relationship between humans and dogs!

They help find us in avalanches and natural disasters. They catch drug smugglers and escaped criminals. They even sniff out cancer before we even notice it!

Dogs Keep Us Healthy

Dogs are good for us in a couple of ways. Firstly they encourage us to exercise. Going out for a walk without dogs is great exercise.

Secondly, they are good for our emotional and mental health. They keep us company, they reduce stress levels, and they love us unconditionally.

Dogs Are Excellent Hunters

Dogs have always made great companions for us humans. They are great at chasing down prey. They retrieve on land and water the game that has been shot. They are also excellent at keeping vermin such as rats and mice under control.

Dogs Are Soooo Cute When They Feel Guilty

Often when we leave out pet dogs home alone, they can help but get up to mischief! When we return to the mess, they know they have been naughty, and we think there is nothing funnier than a guilty dog. As long as you let them know they are not in too much trouble, then it’s really cute. This video is a PERFECT example:

Dogs Protect Us With Their Lives

As we just talked about, dogs are really loving. So much so that on many occasions, a dog will risk their own lives to protect us.

Dogs will defend us from people who are attacking us.

They will dig us out of dangerous avalanches. They will take all sorts of risks just to save a human life.

Dogs Look After Us

Service dogs are next-level awesome.

Guide dogs that help blind people to live a more fulfilling life. Emotional support dogs that look after people with anxiety. PTSD dogs to help those who have suffered severe trauma.

It is truly amazing and inspiring to watch these dogs in action as they look after and care for humans.

Dogs Make Us Better People

We firmly believe that dogs can help make us better people. A great example of this is the incredible changes that happen when prisoners in jails are allowed to train with dogs.

The changes in the hardened criminals are obvious to see.

But this is not surprising to any loving dog owner. Dogs, like children, are loving and kind, and honest.

This is how they bring out the best in us by being so amazing.

Dogs Love to Play Games

Dogs love to fetch, they love to learn obedience tricks, the love to wrestle, and they love to jump over things and compete in agility competitions.

This is great for two reasons. It means that they are great fun. But also it means they are very trainable.

When an explosives sniffer dog sniffs out danger, it is just playing a game. They don’t know how many lives they might be saving. They just love having fun and getting treats as a reward!

Dogs Love the Great Outdoors

Our four-legged friends love the great outdoors. They love going for walks in the park. They love camping. They love going hiking or trail running.

For those of us who are always out and about, this makes them the perfect companions.

For those of us less likely to enjoy time outdoors, dogs help us do so, and that’s really healthy.

Dogs Can Do Agility Competitions

If you have not ever seen a live dog agility competition, you are really missing out!

Especially when you get to the higher levels, it is amazing what these dogs can do (and how fast).

They often use Border Collies in these types of competition as they have the perfect combination of intelligence, athleticism, and a willingness to work.

Check out this amazing video to see some awesome dogs in action.

Dogs Are Highly Trainable

As our previous paragraph highlighted, dogs are highly trainable. This comes from their combination of intelligence and love of working.

Dogs can be trained to do a wide variety of things. From funny tricks to sniffing out explosives. From competing in agility competitions to rescuing people from avalanches.

Our canine friends are truly remarkable animals that can be trained to do some really cool stuff.

Dogs Are Incredibly Brave

Ok, on this one is not all dogs. Some dogs will run and hide at the first sign of danger, but that’s ok we still love them!

But many dogs are incredibly brave. They will put their lives on the line to protect or rescue humans.

One example that we wrote a little bit about here is Newfoundland’s. They will jump into raging seas to rescue drowning fishermen!

Dogs Can Be So Gentle and Loving

We believe that all dogs have a loving nature that can and should be bought out of them by responsible, loving breeders, trainers, and owners.

Once that loving, gentle part of the dog is bought out, then you will have a great family pet for the long term.

Dogs Are Great for the Older People

As people get older, they sadly tend to become more isolated and lonely.

Dogs are great for older people as they give them some loving company. Not only that, but they also help them get outside and, in doing so, give them the chance to meet more people.

Just look at this video of dogs visiting and old people’s homes and tell us they aren’t amazing!

Dogs Are Perfect Pets

We don’t talk about it here very much we do like other animals, cats, for example, are ok, we guess?


We won’t take any argument or debate on this point.

That’s it. It’s a fact. It’s like gravity. It’s a law of nature that dogs are the best pets!

One More Thing Before You Go

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