Decorative Dog Kennel Covers

decorative dog kennel coversJust like you want your house to look nice, so should your pet’s area, too. But even more than that, some dogs really love the security of something all around them.

For those two reasons, more people are looking for decorative dog kennel covers. And there is a large selection that includes waterproof ones, insulated ones for the winter chill or draft in the house, and padding to keep the dog from injuring herself.

You have to be careful, though, that the fabric is breathable or ventilated in some way. For example, you wouldn’t completely enclose the whole cage.

Often, the front part is open for the dog to see out and give her the proper air circulation. Another excellent feature is being able to throw it in the washing machine for regular cleaning.

Covers are excellent when traveling, especially if the dog is nervous. If she sees ahead where her family is and doesn’t see all the motion all around, it will probably calm her down. It also helps when other dogs come to visit. She may be socialized, but there are times when she is safer in her own space.

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Roll Up Decorative Dog Kennel Covers Wash and Drip Dry

Dog Kennel Covers
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I really like this one because it comes in five sizes. If you have more than one dog, you can get matching ones or complementary colors. It is all cotton, so easy to care for. Just pop in the washer and hang it anywhere to dry out. If you have two of them, you can switch out on laundry day. Actually, swap out the designs for a different look!

Changing decor is quick and easy to do since it comes in about thirteen colors and designs. Choose an elephant motif, stripes, dog and dog house print, funky patterns, and the standard one color basic solid.

Plush Decorative Dog Kennel Covers with Padded Bumpers

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I can see us using this set. We have one bedroom with no furnace vent in it, and it does get a little chilly in the winter. But the dog likes it because of his allergies. He would be toasty and comfy in this one, I am sure!

It’s reversible, wash and dry, and made from cotton, which makes it cool in the summer. I really like that the company openly offers a toll-free information line for any questions or problems.

Pink Decorative Dog Kennel Covers with Front and Side Panels and Bottom Bed

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This is perfect for your little queen! But don’t despair if you have a king, because this comes in a lovely deep navy or bright red. I like the fact that this company has been around for a long time and is American made. This is a great idea for traveling because it stops the dog’s paws and other body parts from banging around.

Choose From Twenty Exclusive Decorative Dog Kennel Covers

Cover for Dog Kennel
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It’s kind of neat to think that a pet accessories company would take the time to design their own fabrics. I’d have to say they were serious about their products. And why not? Owners are serious about their pets.

The other thing is that all their stuff is mix and match. So if you get one design, you can grab other things with the same, like a blanket. It’s also preshrunk, which is perfect because you don’t want the covering to be too small after its first wash.

Teflon Protected Cotton Decorative Dog Kennel Covers Machine Wash and Dry

Kennel Covers
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This is a unique construction as it is stain resistant while being able to go through a washer and dryer cycle. It comes in six sizes and uses a hook and loop fastening system. Three colors are available, and the company offers a one year warranty.

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