Tartan Dog Collars for Westies

Tartan Dog Collars for Westies

I absolutely love tartans in red, blue, or green. When I was little, I always wanted to wear my red kilt to school. Part of the attraction was the funny big pin for the side.

Honestly, though, I felt so grown up wearing that skirt and my fancy white lace blouse and black patent leather shoes.

My Grandmother was from Scotland, and I am not sure what pattern or color was for our family, but my preference was red. And as you can imagine, whatever we humans wear, we want our pets the same thing.

Now, I wouldn’t advise putting a kilt on the dog, but lots of people would rave at the idea of tartan dog collars for their Westies.

You see, in case you weren’t sure, Westie is the less formal name for a West Highland White Terrier. And yes, you guessed it right because it does come from Scotland. You can see a pattern emerging here.

Tartans and Scotland go hand in hand, and your beautiful pup has to look his best in the traditional attire. With the bright white of his fur and the fabric’s deep tones, everyone will say how adorable he is!

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Red Tartan Dog Collars for Westies Include Snap for Charms or Name Tags

Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Soft & Comfy Scottish Aileen Red Plaid Tartan Style Designer Padded Adjustable Dog Collar, Large, Neck 18"-26"
  • Neck 18"-26", Entire webbing width 1 1/5", Ribbon on neoprene layer width 1", Size Large; The collar does not stretch itself, please make sure leave...
  • The collar is not for tie out. NEVER leave your dog unattended with a collar on
  • Made of high density canvas fabric and neoprene webbing and silver hardware. The buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic

Machine Washable Green and Blue Tartan Dog Collars for Westies with Nickel Plate Ring

Blackwatch Plaid Dog Collar, Small Dogs 11-22 lbs (Collar: 5/8" Wide, 8.5" - 13" Long)
  • Colorfast polyester plaid sewn over heavy-duty green nylon webbing
  • Military grade buckle, side (quick) release, contoured for comfort
  • Nickel-plated metal D-ring for leashes, tags

Red Blue Green Tartan Leash Collar Kit Looks Perfect On A Westie

Preston Royal Stewart Plaid Dog Collar and Leash Set Red/blue/green Tartan Ribbon and Nylon Webbing (Medium) by Preston Inc
  • This is a set containing an adjustable collar with a 6 foot leash for the perfect fit and comfort for your dog, including a heavy-duty side release...
  • These pieces are proudly made in the USA of fashionable, detailed ribbon sewn onto sturdy nylon webbing with precise workmanship that you can be proud...
  • The shamrock design will display your Irish heritage and fondness of the Irish culture, not only year-round, but especially at St. Patrick’s Day.

Brightly Colored Authentic Tartan Dog Collars Suitable for Scottish Westies

Scottish Plaid Dog Collar, Royal Stewart Tartan, Small Dogs 11-22 lbs (Collar: 5/8" Wide 8.5" - 13" Long)
  • 5/8" wide, fits 8.5 - 13" neck sizes. Colorfast polyester plaid sewn over heavy-duty red nylon webbing
  • Military grade buckle, side (quick) release, contoured for comfort
  • Nickel-plated metal D-ring for leashes, tags

Three Size Polyester Web Blue Green Tartan Westie Collar with Zinc Alloy Ring

Blue Green Tartan Plaid Dog Collar (Tartan, Medium)
  • THEY’LL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM! - Show off your Brave Hearted Pup with a Tartan pattern collar. This style originated in the Scottish highlands...
  • DURABLE - High quality polyester material built to withstand the elements and prevent wear and tear. Reflective Logo for visibility and safety at...
  • ADJUSTABLE - Each collar adjusts in length. Select the right size range, and then adjust for the perfectly snug fit.

Scottish Terrier vs West Highland White Terrier

When we were young, there were a lot of Scottish Terriers around. They were very popular at the time, and it was common to see both black ones and white ones. I remember two in the neighborhood.

Like most dogs, one was outgoing and friendly, but the other had a powerful guard dog instinct. We knew that we weren’t supposed to approach him unless the owners were outside, too.

But many people, including myself, get the two breeds confused. While they are similar in size and build and definitely look alike, they have differences that make them separate breeds.

Admittedly, it is actually tough to tell the difference if you saw the dogs. They are both ancient breeds originally bred to catch mice and rats. They were hunters, and some people used them for fox hunting because it was easy to follow their white color.

Even though I said above that there were two Scotties in our neighborhood, the truth is that a real Scottie is traditionally black. The white dog was more accurately a West Highland White Terrier.

This is one of the biggest differences between the two. That of the color. The Scottie sometimes comes in a very light hue, but that is known as beige or, more commonly, wheaten. But it is not white.

The Westie grows to about eleven inches tall and has two coats of fur. The underneath portion is softer, but the outside is rough and harsh. It is not a fluffy feeling like it looks.

But they are active dogs and love to play, and you will notice that they do well at agility contests because of several traits. They are working dogs by breeding. They love to run. They are quick to learn. They are loyal and want to please.

Just think how sharp your Westie will look in a tartan dog collar on competition day!

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