16 Breeds of Extremely Hairy Dogs

Hairy Dogs

For all true dog lovers, all pooches are beautiful.

But what is really cool is that they are beautiful in so many different ways and for lots of different reasons.

In this post, we will look at some of the hairiest dog breeds from all across the world and share some basic information about each type.

Long-haired dog breeds often take a lot of looking after in terms of bathing, grooming, pet care and cleaning up all the hair.

But these hairy dogs are still amazing to look at and very often great to keep as pets (you just might need to buy a better vacuum cleaner!).

So if you are thinking about getting a long-haired dog, then this post might help you decide what breed you like the look of.

We hope you enjoy reading it, and also feel free to check out all the other posts on our little doggy blog.

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Extremely Hairy Dog Breeds

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collies are an old working dog breed from Scotland (part of the UK). In the past, they were used for herding sheep and cattle as well as being guard dogs for the farms.

In modern times they are seldom used as working dogs but only as family pets. They are very intelligent, energetic, and very, very hairy!


Maltese dogs are an ancient breed of toy dog. They are tiny, usually weighing in at around seven to eight pounds!

While this dog breed might be tiny, they certainly carry themselves well.

With a stunning coat of flowing hair and aristocratic postures, they are love-able family pets with big characters.

Another great characteristic of this hairy dog breed is that even with all their long hair, they don’t shed massive amounts, so much less grooming and brushing is needed (great news for dog owners).

One thing to consider if you have a Maltese is the kind of food they eat. Maltese dogs can have very sensitive stomachs. Check out the Best Dog Food for Maltese here.

Long Haired Dogs

Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds are an ancient breed, large in stature and with stunning, long, flowing coats.

But do not let the appearance of these dogs fool you.

Afghan hounds are highly efficient sighthounds, used for hundreds of years by Afghan royalty for hunting and racing.

Hungarian Puli aka The Dreadlock Dogs

Another ancient breed, Hungarian Puli’s are incredibly distinct due to their long, thick, matted, black dreadlocks.

This small but very feisty breed of dog.

Originally used as a herding dog, the instinct is still powerful, and while they make great pets, they do have a strong tendency to try and herd people, cats, other dogs, etc.

Hungarian Komodor

Hungarian Komondors are very similar to Puli’s.

Except they are white and much larger. But they are another ancient working breed from Hungary with thick matted dreadlocks.

While Pulis were bred for herding, Komondors were bred for protection sheep.

They are a type of livestock guardian dog in that they live among the flock and are there to protect the sheep from wild predators such as coyotes or wolves.

Dreadlock Dogs

Lhasa Apso

Once again, another ancient breed, this time hailing from the Tibetan mountains.

Originally the Lhasa Apso breed was used for guarding templates and monasteries.

However, they are only kept as gorgeous, loving, great natured, very hairy pet pooches.

Very Hairy Types of Dogs

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu’s are an ancient Chinese breed of toy dog long associated with Chinese royalty.

They are tiny, very hairy, and a very good-natured fluffy dog breed.

If you are considering getting a Shih Tzu from a breeder, please make sure they are reputable. Our guide on When is a Female Dog Too Old to Breed might help with some warning signs.

Shih Tzu

Rough Collie (AKA a Lassie Dog)

There was an old TV series called Lassie and the dog used in that film was a Rough Collie which is why they got the nickname Lassie Dogs.

Tibetan Terrier

A medium sized dog from Asia, breed as working dog but now mostly kept as a cute and long haired family pet.

Old English Sheep Dog (aka Dulux Dog)

The Dulux paint company had a very famous series of TV adverts feature an Old English Sheep Dog which is why they are often called Dulux Dogs. Formally a herding breed they are now most often seen as family pets or selling paint lol.


The national dog of Cuba these hairy little Pupsters are cute and friendly lap dogs.

American Eskimo Dog

Originally bred in Germany as watch dogs they can be quite a noisy breed. But they are cute and love-able and very popular in the United States.


Another very hairy dog breed that sometimes, for very obvious reasons, gets called a dreadlock dog

English Setter

English Setters were bred as working gun dogs. Their job was to sniff out game and then flush the birds into the air so they could be shot and then retrieved by the dog.

Giant Schnauzer

Breed as working dogs Giant Schnauzers were used for both herding and guarding on farms in Germany.


A tiny, super cute, very fluffy dog breed. Never meant for anything other than sitting on your lap and being cuddled.

So, there you have it with our list of some of the hairiest breeds of dog in the world. You are a now officially an expert in really long haired dog breeds! Which may or may not be very useful lol. Who knows it might help you in a pub quiz one day!?!

Now that you know all about hairy dogs…

What Dog Has the Least Amount of Hair?

The award goes to the Mexican Hairless Dog. This ancient breed of dog, called a Xoloitzcuintli (or Xolo for short), is entirely hairless except for a few hairs on top of its head.

…and now you know.

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