An In-Depth DoggieLawn Review

There is fairly new idea in the world of products for pet dogs.

This idea is a really simple one. Using a patch of real, live, fresh grass inside your home as a dog potty for your pet.

Dog potties can be really useful if you live in an apartment, do not have a back yard, or have to work away from home for long periods of time.

Having an indoor spot that your dog can use poop and pee can relieve the dogs stress levels and eliminate any nasty little accidents that you may usually have to clean up.

DoggieLawn is one of the companies that offers a natural dog grass toilet, it works on a subscription basis.

You get a fresh patch of doggy grass sent out in the post at intervals that you choose.

Once your dog has been trained to use them, all you have to do is scoop up the poop and replace the grass pads whenever necessary.

It sounds like the perfect potty solution for dog owners, but does it work?

Is DoggieLawn better than fake grass, or pee pads?

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DoggieLawn Real Grass Disposable Dog Potty | Pupster Passion Review

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Pro Paw UpPros

  • DoggieLawn creates an indoor potty area for your dog to use, made from hydroponically, dirt free, live grass.
  • Taking advantage of a dog’s natural instinct to poop and pee on natural grass (the manufacturers claim dogs prefer it to artificial grass).
  • Any dog urine is absorbed by the grass. With a plastic tray to prevent any excess pee leaking out onto your floor.
  • The grass should absorb the smell of the poop and pee and all you need to do is scoop up any solids and dispose of them hygienically.
  • It is very versatile, you can use the DoggieLawn inside and outside. Wherever you might have the need for it, such as balconies, porches, RV’s, trailers, boats, or pretty much anywhere else you can think
  • They are eco-friendly and can easily be recycled or composted after use.
  • You can purchase this grass pad in four different sizes.
  • Standard (24 x 16″): For dogs under 15lbs. Medium (24 x 20″): For dogs up to 30lbs. Large (24 x 24″): For dogs up to 50lbs. XL (24 x 48″): For dogs 40lbs and over (or for multiple dogs).
  • All subscriptions of DoggieLawn include free shipping and your first order will come with a training guide and free poop gloves.
  • The company donates money to a pet rescue charity for every subscription.
  • If you struggle get your dog to use the doggy litter box, you can call their customer service help line for training tips and support.
  • Not only is it suitable for dogs and puppies but you can also use it for rabbits and cats as well.
  • DoggieLawn are a US based company and the grass is grown in California.

Con Paw DownCons

  • When looking at the DoggieLawn we read a lot of customer reviews (in social media and forums) from dog owners who had used the product and the results were very mixed.
  • Some pet owners highly rated this grass lawn idea and we very happy with their purchase.
  • But others had some concerns about it for a number of reasons.
  • The most serious concern is that some people report that the lawn has arrived riddled with bugs and nasty spores that may harm your dog.
  • You need to buy a tray, which is not included in the subscription price.

DoggieLawn Conclusion

While we think that this is a good idea in theory, the reports of DoggieLawn being delivered crawling with bugs are quite off-putting.

It might be a temporary problem that they are working on fixing. Or it might be that this product is more ideal for outdoor use on balconies and porches.

And lots of other reviews state that there are very happy using the doggy lawn in their homes so it hard to know for sure what to think of this issue.

If you are not convinced by the DoggieLawn, lets look at an alternative suggestion that could work well for your dog.

What is a Good DoggieLawn Alternative?

Giantex Dog Toilet Pad | Pupster Passion Review

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  • 〖Easy to Maintain Clean〗- The artificial grass mat top is similar to real grass and greatly attractive for dogs. It can also allow it to drain to…

Pro Paw UpPros

  • The Giantex dog toilet is a very simple design.
  • The dog uses and artificial grass platform area for their potty break.
  • Poop can just be scooped up and disposed of, urine falls through the drainage holes and is stored in the collection tray underneath ready for disposal.
  • The toilet pad is easy to use, easy to clean and can be washed with just soap and warm water.

Con Paw DownCons

  • There is some debate as to whether fake grass works just as the real stuff for enticing a dog to go potty, but this should be easy to get round with some basic potty training.
  • It only comes in one size, 30″ x 20″ so might not be suitable for very large dogs.
  • There is very little odor control built into the design of this artificial grass lawn for dogs.

So you now have the two options to consider between the grass patch and fake grass lawn.

Which would suit your dogs and your home the best?

That choice is up to you but hopefully the reviews we gave have given you, give you decent idea and help you make the right choice.

Now lets look at some of the common questions that we get asked about Doggielawn and similar potty lawn products for dogs.

Doggie Lawn Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Do You Clean DoggieLawn?

There is very little cleaning that needs to be done. You simply throw away the lawn after it has been used for a few weeks.

So the main job is scooping up the poop every day and then giving the grass blades a quick wipe with tissue or kitchen paper to get rid of any smears.

Does Dog Potty Grass Work?

Yes it works, it is easy to train dogs to do their pooping and peeing on the lawn and it does catch the urine and poop.

But for a more nuanced and detailed answer please read our Doggielawn review further up this blog post.

Do Dogs Prefer a Real Grass Lawn for Their Potties?

We think most dogs will tend to prefer the real thing but it is easy to train a dog to use a synthetic lawn for their potty so this shouldn’t really matter.

How Do I Train My Dog to Use DoggieLawn?

In theory at least your dog will prefer using actual grass as opposed to pee pads or artificial turf.

So potty training your dog to use the DoggieLawn should be very easy for you to learn.

Here is a video from the manufacturers walking you through the process step by step.

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