What is the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs?

dog runs on artificial grassDealing with your dog’s pee and poop is a never-ending part of being a responsible dog owner.

Inside and outside, you need to have the right systems and training in place.

So that dog can do its potty with minimal stress (no waiting for hours for you to come home).

Also, you want it to be as hassle-free, easy, and hygienic for you to deal with.

So you can spend more time enjoying your dog and less time cleaning up after them.

In this blog post, we review the best artificial grass for dogs that they can poop and urinate on safely.

We have reviewed the best synthetic turf products.

Then, we selected our top five choices and went into detail for you, looking at and listing each option’s pros and cons.

This review of fake grass lawns for dogs post is in three main sections, firstly a quick comparison chart (use this if you are in a hurry).

Secondly, some much more in-depth and detailed reviews, then finally some general tips and advice to help you buy and use artificial grass.

Fake Grass for Dogs – A Quick Review

The ProductsOur RatingDescription

5 stars
PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug. Check prices...

4.7 stars
GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Grass. Check prices...

4.5 stars
WMG Artificial Synthetic Turf. Check prices...

4.2 stars
Artificial Grass Mat Potty Trainer. Check prices...

4.2 stars
Fortune-star Dog Grass Mat. Check prices...
The links in the chart go to Amazon. Star ratings are given by Pupster Passion based on research. They are independent of the star rating on Amazon.

Now it is time to take each one of our top dog turf recommendations and look at them close up.

What are the pros and cons of each different artificial product?

Which of these artificial grass pet turfs would be best for your dog, home, and garden?

In-Depth Reviews of Artificial Turf for Dogs

(We may receive a commission if you purchase from these links).

PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug | Pupster Passion Rating:

5 stars5.0 Stars

How much does it cost?

Never use your lawnmower again to cut the grass again. With this product, low maintenance made by PET GROW.

The artificial grass is designed for outdoor use to replace a natural lawn.

We have given it an in-house rating of five stars out of five.

Why did we give it such a good review rating? Let’s find out:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • This is a thick, realistic, synthetic turf with plastic grass blades that is safe and suitable for a garden with dogs.
  • The artificial grass blades have an average height of around 1.37”,
  • This artificial turf is approximately 70 oz. Total weight for every square yard of high-density plastic pet grass.
  • It has a four-tone coloring that makes the thatch look and feels like a real grass lawn.
  • Made of top-quality synthetic material, the means it is both resilient and durable.
  • The pet turf has a rubber backing with lots of drainage holes allowing both rain and dog urine to drain away quickly and easily.
  • You can buy this pet turf for your yard in multiple sizes from 4 FT x7 FT(28 Square FT) right up to 13FTX82FT(1066 Square FT).
  • So no matter what sizes you need for your yard, they will have an option that works for you.
  • PET GROW offers this pet turf with a ten-year warranty (we rarely see such long warranty’s with pet products).

Con Paw DownCons:

  • The only downside to this artificial grass is that it is not suitable for indoor use on its own.
  • You can cut a piece to size and use it with an indoor potty pet system, but on its own, it is only any good to be used outside as an artificial lawn.

GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Grass | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.7 stars

How much does it cost?

This is another great option for using artificial turf to replace natural grass on your lawn.

Let’s have a closer look:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • This artificial grass from GOLDEN MOON is designed to have a natural appearance, with five color variations within the grass blades to make it look natural.
  • You can lay this fake grass down in your yard for an instant lawn that is safe for your dogs and other pets to use to play, sleep, and whatever else they might get up to.
  • Installing artificial grass is easy. Simply measure the area of your yard. Order the best size option and then cut it to size once it has been delivered.
  • You can then check how the grass lays on the ground and improves any areas that do not lie evenly.
  • Pet waste will not damage it, and it is straightforward to clean (more on this further down the post).
  • Made from fire retardant materials with built-in drainage, any dog pee or rain can drain away without creating unsightly puddles.
  • You can purchase this option in nine different sizes from 2’x5’= 10 sq ft up to 6.6’x33’= 218 sq ft.
  • And it comes with an eight-year outdoor use guarantee from the manufacturers.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • It can be used inside and outside, but when using it indoors, you would need a dog potty to use with it, as this is just the turf and not the whole unit.

WMG Artificial Synthetic Turf | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.5 stars

How much does it cost?

Realistic looking, maintenance-free, artificial turf you can use in your yard that is safe for your pets to run around on.

Is this the right choice for your yard? Let’s find out:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • Another great option when looking for pet grass you lay down instead of a natural grass lawn.
  • You can let your dog run, play, and go potty on this artificial grass safely.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean with drainage holes to let dog pee and other liquids disappear into the ground below.
  • It looks just like real grass, but you do not have the hassle of having to mow the lawn once a week.
  • It comes in twelve different sizes, and you can buy it in single or multi-pack bundles so you can use this for any area, large or small, in your yard.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • Again this one is mainly designed for use outdoors, but you could use it inside along with an indoor dog potty.
  • In the pet forums, one pet owner said that they were struggling to get rid of the smell of dog urine from their synthetic turf.
  • But this problem can probably be solved very easily by using some deodorizer for artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Mat Potty Trainer | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.2 stars

How much does it cost?

This product from PETMAKER is slightly different from the other pet grass products we have shared in this review post.

It is a grass potty pet system, so it is not artificial grass to lay in our yard as a lawn. This one is a complete doggy toilet.

(For a more detailed look at this type of product, check out this post on the best indoor dog potty system. Let’s look at it in close up detail:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • If you need some artificial grass for your dog to use as their indoor or outdoor potty area, this product is ideal for you.
  • It is made from a three-part system. First, an odor-resistant, antimicrobial artificial grass mat, then a detachable grip tray to hold the mat in place. Finally, a base tray that collects and stores the fluids ready for disposal.
  • You can use it for house training a dog but also just as an indoor toilet if you need to leave your pets alone for long periods of time.
  • It is very simple to clean. All you need is warm soapy water; no special chemicals are needed.
  • You can purchase this pet turf potty in two sizes, Small 16 x 20 x 1.25 inches and Medium 20” x 25” x 1.25.
  • Both size options come with the ability to buy replacement pet turf mats to sit in the tray section.
  • Comes with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • This is not a roll of artificial grass, so please do not buy this option if you want to make a new synthetic lawn or a dog-run area in your garden.
  • When reviewing this product, some dog owners (on the forums) said that the sizing was on the small side, so it might not be suitable for larger dog breeds. Please check the sizing before buying it.

Fortune-star Dog Grass Mat | Pupster Passion Rating:

4.2 stars

How much does it cost?

A small artificial grass mat for dogs, ideal to use outside as a fake lawn.

It can be used as a play area, a dog run, or a place for your dog to do its potty business.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this product:

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • This artificial grass mat is made from thick, durable thatches that look and feel like the real thing.
  • It has a rubber base with drainage holes, so any rain or dog pee will drain away without forming puddles.
  • It is very easy to clean. Use soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Replace your natural grass with this pet turf, and you will never have to use your lawnmower again!
  • It is made with high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene and polypropylene materials that are not toxic to your dog.
  • Comes with a full guarantee. The manufacturers promise to either send you a replacement or give you a full refund upon request if you are not satisfied with the product.

Con Paw DownCons:

  • This pet turf only comes in one size option – 39.3in X 31.5in. So you need to check if it will be suitable for the area you have in mind.
  • Some pet owner reviews on the forums said that this pet turf’s rubber base dropped little bits of black rubber. This might be a one-off manufacturing fault or something more serious, but the money-back guarantee should deal with this if it becomes an issue for your purchase.

Fake Grass Review Conclusion

To wrap up the artificial grass and dogs review section of this post, we think that PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug is your best option.

And to help get rid of any nasty pet urine smells from the grass, we recommend that you use this Artificial Grass Deodorizer.

Artificial Grass – A Buyers Guide

So when you are looking for the top-rated synthetic turf for dogs, what features do you need to consider?

What are the things that really matter?

What should you be keeping an eye out for?

Let’s take a look:

  1. The size of the pet turf
  2. Is it suitable for pet waste?
  3. Do you need it for indoor or outdoor use? Or both?
  4. How easy is it to clean pet waste from artificial grass?
  5. It is made from fire retardant materials?
  6. Can water and other fluids drain through the pet grass easily?
  7. Do the manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee or warranty?
  8. Is it a full toilet system of a roll of grass designed to make an artificial lawn?

artificial grass for dogs and pet owners

What is the Size Options Does Pet Turf Come In?

For a dog potty, you need to know how big it is so that your dog has plenty of room to do its business in comfort.

If you are using artificial grass to make lawns or dog runs, you need to take the time to measure up how big of an area you need to cover and how many pieces you will need to cover it all.

Is it Suitable for Pet Waste?

Is it suitable for your dog to poop and pee on? Has it been designed with a pet owner in mind?

Do You Need it for Indoor or Outdoor Use? Or Both?

If you are looking for a product to use outside and inside, make sure you check before buying.

You want something that will not be damaged by rain or UV light from the sun.

How Easy is it to Clean Pet Waste from the Artificial Grass?

Being easy to clean is really important if you want to use it as a potty area for your pets.

The last thing you want to do is have to scrub out the stains and smells that your pets have kindly left for you!

Is it Made from Fire Retardant Materials?

Smokers, barbecues, candles, accidents, there are lots of potential fire risks for your home.

So the plastic grass you buy must be made from fully fire retardant materials.

Can Water and Other Fluids Drain Through the Pet Grass Easily?

If the grass is used for your dog to urinate on, it must allow the fluids to drain through, either to soak into the ground in your yard or to be contained if it is a doggy toilet.

Do the Manufacturers Offer a Money-Back Guarantee or Warranty?

Obviously, the nature of this product and hygiene concerns mean that returning products might not be as easy.

But as you will see from our reviews, plenty of manufacturers offer a guarantee or a warranty.

Is it a Full Toilet System of a Roll of Grass Designed to Make an Artificial Lawn?

You can use artificial turf to lay down a full fake lawn grass in your garden. You can use it as part of a dog toilet, think about which you need to, and then do your research accordingly.

pet zen garden

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever the Pupster Passion team write, blog, or discuss the topic of dog pooping and peeing with our readers and fellow dog owners.

We always get many questions; it is just one of those topics that dog parents often find the most difficult to deal with.

So let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using a fake grass pet area for your dogs:

  • Can dogs pee and poop on synthetic grass?
  • How much is pet-friendly fake grass for dogs?
  • What is the best thickness for man-made synthetic grass?
  • How do you train dogs to poop on plastic grass?
  • How easy is it to clean dog poop from synthetic turf?
  • Why would pet owners use artificial turf instead of natural grass?

Can dogs pee and poop on synthetic grass? – Yes, your pets will have no trouble pooping or peeing on the grass.

How much is pet-friendly fake grass for dogs? – The prices vary depending on the quality and sizes required, so it is impossible to say how much you will have to spend.

What is the best thickness for man-made grass? – Thickness doesn’t really matter for your pets as much as overall construction and design quality.

How do you train dogs to poop on plastic grass? – Exactly the same way that you would on normal grass.

After meal, naps, drinks, and playtime, take them to the potty spot. Please encourage them to go and give them lots of praise and treats when they do.

How easy is it to clean dog poop from synthetic turf? It is very easy to scoop up the solids with a pooper scooper, then wipe up any leftover mess with a kitchen towel and disinfectant.

If there is any nasty smell left over, then you can use this Dog Potty Turf Deodorizer.

Why would pet owners use artificial turf instead of natural grass? – It is low maintenance, doesn’t need mowing with lawn equipment, watering, looking after, etc. It also looks great all year round.

And Finally How to Clean Fake Grass for Dogs

So after you install artificial grass, how do you clean dog pop and dog pee from your new synthetic lawn?

Do you need any special chemicals? Do you have to do any scrubbing?

No is the short answer; it is really easy to clean up the mess.

Step one is to pick up as much of the pet’s poop as possible use a poop bag or a pooper scooper.

Step two is to spray some household disinfectant and then wipe the artificial grass for dogs with kitchen paper or a tissue.

It really is as easy as that, but if you don’t believe use this short video will prove it in less than sixty seconds!

NOTE – If you are worried about any smell that might be left in the artificial grass from your pets, then you can use this Odor Eliminator for Plastic Grass.

Ok, so that’s it for this post looking into the best artificial grass to use for dogs pet areas.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site; we really appreciate all of our readers!

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