Why is Your Puppy Crying at Night?

cute puppiesIs your puppy whining at night? We feel your pain!

In a perfect world, welcoming a new puppy into your home would be a lovely process of snuggles, snacks, and easy potty training.

Sadly for all new puppy dog owners, this is not the case.

One of the biggest issues we hear about from our readers is how to stop a puppy from whining at night?

It is so heartbreaking to hear them crying. You know you need to be strict to get them settled into their new sleeping arrangements.

But hearing the cries and yelps is really upsetting. Which means neither you nor your puppy gets a good night’s sleep.

So in this post, we will look at some great methods you can use to help stop the crying through the night from your new puppy.

Firstly Ask Yourself – Why is My Puppy Crying at Night?

To find a solution to this problem, first, we need to think about exactly what causes puppies to cry at night, then we can find the answer to this behavior:

  1. Loneliness
  2. They need to go to the toilet
  3. They have learned it gets your attention

Loneliness – When you get your puppy home, it has been taken away from its Mother and its littermates. So understandably, they will feel lonely.

They will get over this fairly quickly as they realize you and your family and the new pack, but there will always be a period of readjustment.

They need to go to the toilet – If your puppy sleeps in a crate, or if they are potty trained, not being able to go to their potty area will distress them and cause the pup to cry and whine.

They have learned it gets your attention – Dogs and Puppies are not stupid. In fact, there are really smart and learn very quickly!

So if you run to the puppy every they cry, the pup will soon realize this is an effective way of getting your attention (you have been warned!).

NOTE – You need to decide where the puppy is going to sleep, it might just be a bed in an enclosed area (don’t give them too much space to roam), or it might be a crate with a mattress in it.

What is important is that you pick a specific area, as you are training your puppy not to cry at night the fixed sleeping quarters will be really useful.

young pups

Method One – Stop a Puppy From Whining All Night

Quick But Tough

To stop your puppy from crying during the night, they need to learn that it is ok to be on their own and that you will come back to them.

The quicker but harsher way to deal with this to be super strict from day one. If you can cope with them crying for a few days, it is the best way of training them not to cry at night.

Let’s take a look at this method step by step:

  1. Leave them in their sleeping area and ignore their crying.
  2. They WILL cry and bark.
  3. Do not go to them as this teaches them how to manipulate you.
  4. Only go to them when they are calm and quiet
  5. Do not give in!

Leave Them in Their Sleeping Area and Ignore Their Crying

This is not easy, but it is effective.

You will have to tolerate a few nights of hearing puppy cries and barks, but very quickly, the dog will learn that you aren’t coming to them, and they will quieten down and go to sleep.

They WILL Cry and Bark

But you need to understand that they will cry and bark, and it will be tough not to go to them. You must be strong!

Assuming there is nothing wrong with the puppy, it is better to instill good habits now so that the rest of your life is not a nightmare.

Do Not Go to Them as This Teaches Them How to Manipulate You

If you go to them because you can’t stand any more of their puppy cries, you will quickly teach them that the way to get your attention is to cry and whine.

This will then make life much harder for you, and your puppy will become spoiled and needy. Don’t do it!

Only Go to Them When They Are Calm and Quiet

Until they are about four months old (as you go through the steps of crate training and toilet training), they will need to go out at least once or twice during the night.

Make sure you do this when they are quiet and not when they are crying for attention. This will prevent them from learning how to manipulate your behavior.

Do Not Give In!

You have to be firm and tough with this training method for it to be effective.

four legged friend

Method Two – Make a New Puppy Stop Crying at Night

More Gentle But Slower

This next method is still effective, but it is slower. It is also a more gentle way of getting the puppy used to their new sleeping arrangements.

Let’s take a look at it, step by step:

  1. Set the sleeping area up in your bedroom.
  2. Don’t let them into your bed but let them sleep close to you.
  3. Only go to them when they are quiet.
  4. Do this until they start going to sleep with no fuss.
  5. Gradually move the sleeping area away from your bedroom
  6. Do not give in!

Set the Sleeping Area Up in Your Bedroom

Set up your puppy’s cage or dog bed along with their blankets and toys.

They will sleep here for the first few nights, so make it nice and comfy for them.

Don’t Let Them into Your Bed But Let Them Sleep Close to You

They need to go to sleep in their own sleeping area, not in your bed, so that you can take the next steps in this method.

Only Go to Them When They Are Quiet

If the puppy cries, do not give them any attention. Just ignore them.

Make sure they are quiet before you take them out to do their potty business.

Some dogs do cry if they are hungry. If that is the case, try a little wet food to settle your dog down and it might get right to sleep.

Do this Until They Start Going to Sleep with No Fuss

Let the pup sleep like this in your bedroom until they fall asleep without any bedtime crying or fuss.

Gradually Move the Sleeping Area Away from Your Bedroom

The next step is to move the bed or crate out into the hall just outside your bedroom, so they can still see, hear and smell you, but the distance between you and them has increased.

Again, do this until they go to sleep with no fuss and then increase the distance again. Keep repeating this process until they are happily sleeping in whichever room of the house you want to be the permanent spot.

Do Not Give In!

Once again, as with the last method, consistency is key. You must not give in if they cry, moan or whine.

It’s not easy to ignore them, but it is the best way to ensure your puppy grows up into a well-behaved adult dog.

A Top Tip to Help With Training

A really effective tip to make this whole process easier and help train the puppy not to cry at night is to ask the breeder to put a towel in with the puppies’ mom as they all sleep.

This will pass lots of reassuring smells onto the blanket. You can then put this with the puppy when they sleep, and they will find it comforting.

Some Advice from Professional Dog Trainer

Here is a video explaining these two methods from Will, who is a canine behaviorist. As you will see, it’s a simple process. You just need to stick to it for great results:

Before You Go… Another Top Tip for Your Puppy

Giving your puppy a water bottle (not too hot) can help them relax and stop crying.

The warmth from the bottle will remind the puppy of cuddling up to their mom and help them drift off to sleep.

Ok, thanks for reading this post about crying puppies. We hope it helps you get your young dog accustomed to their new sleeping quarters!

All dogs are amazing, and puppies are even more so.

So we hope you make the most out of welcoming the pet family member into your new home.

Good luck!

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