Understanding What To Expect With A Puppy

Puppy Eight Weeks Old

Are you the very happy and very proud owner of a new puppy?

Or are you in the process of getting one but just haven’t welcomed your new pet into your home yet?

Either way, first things first. Congratulations!

Puppies are so much fun and so cute, you are really lucky, and we hope you have a great time with your new pupster.

But even though puppies really are awesome, it is not all fun and games.

There are some downsides that you need to think about and prepare for.

So, let’s look at what your expectations should be with a new puppy in your life.

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Your Brand New Puppy, What Should You Expect?

These are some of the things you should expect:

Lots and Lots of Time and Attention

Young puppies need as much time and attention as you can give them.

They need lots of exercise, play, training, disciplining, and general care.

This is nearly all excellent fun and builds a great bond between you and your pet, but it can be more time consuming than some new dog owners expect.

Setting aside time to teach your puppy how to walk with a proper collar or harness and lead is a good investment that will make life safer for the whole family.

Lots of Little Meals and Snacks

They only have tiny little bellies, and they run around a lot burning off energy.

So they need feeding little meals and snacks spread throughout the day.

Lots of Pooping and Peeing

Yes, we already touched on this topic. We really suggest you put potty training really high on your list of priorities.

Lots of Chewing and Biting

Expect your puppy to chew and bite anything and everything.

From fingers to furniture, from electrical cables to pebbles!

It would be best if you kept a close eye on him or her to make sure they don’t chew anything valuable or dangerous.

Another great way of reducing the negative impacts of chewing is to buy lots of healthy puppy chews and toys to keep the puppy occupied.

Visits to the Vet for Vaccinations

Your puppy will need to visit the veterinarian as soon as possible after they arrive in your home.

Then at 6-8 weeks old for the first set of shots and again 2-4 weeks later for another vaccination phase.

Waking up During the Night a Lot

When they are very young, the puppy will wake up 3-4 times during the night needing to go to the toilet.

If you can get up and take your pup to its potty area, this will really speed up the house training process.

Lots Of Love Fun Giggles and Laughter

Yes, it is not all pooping and chewing. There will be a lot of lovely times for you and your new pet puppy.

Finally, what kinds of things will you need to buy for your new family member?

We hope this advice has helped prepare you for what to expect with your very new puppy.

Video with More Advice on Your New Puppy

Check out this super cute video with Hercules and Milton, the two adorable King Charles Cavalier pups.

This lovely dog owner shares some great advice to help you know when to expect when you get your new dog.

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