Want to Know When To Take Puppy To Vet?

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So let’s get to the subject of your puppy going to visit the veterinarian for the first time.

When Should You First Take Your Puppy to the Vets?

In a perfect world, you would bring your puppy to be checked out within a couple of days of you getting him or her home.

The sooner, the better, just in case any underlying health issues need to be dealt with right away.

Assuming you got your puppy from a reputable and experienced breeder, then you should have got a very healthy puppy, but still, it’s better to get the first vets to visit done nice and quickly (for peace of mind if nothing else).

When to Take Your Puppy to the Vets for Shots?

Usually, your new puppy will need two sets of vaccinations that should be given two to four weeks apart from each other.

The first set of shots from the vet would be given when your puppy is around six to eight weeks old.

It would help if you took the puppy to the vets for the second phase of vaccinations two to four weeks after the first ones were given.

What Happens at a Puppy’s First Trip to the Vets?

In your dogs’ very first trip to the vets, they will be given a comprehensive checkup and physical examination.

The veterinarian will check over and examine the pup’s skin, coat, teeth, eyes, paws, nails, gum, heart, chest, and belly.

Speaking about dog teeth … have you found a teeny tiny pointed item on the floor? Your cute puppy may be in the teething stage.

As well as these wellness exams, they will also check the puppy’s temperature and ask you some general questions about the dog’s well-being.

It will also be a good time for you to ask the vet any question you might have about how to best care for your new pet puppy.

One question that comes to mind if it is early days with your puppy and that is when are you going to get a good night’s sleep again?

Make sure you ask when they want you to come back and how often your pup will need checkups over the coming years.

To Wrap It Up for This Post

Ok, so that is just about it for this post on vet visits for your new pup. We hope that you found the information that you needed.

Just to be clear and make sure the message is really obvious, we think as soon as possible after you get your puppy, you should take them to the vets.

Often breeders let puppies go home from around 8 weeks old, so the chances are it will around this sort of age for their first vet visit.

It would help if you remembered that you might need more time during the first visit to the veterinarian as you will have lots of forms and paperwork to fill out.

And please remember that your puppy dog will be a booster shot for some of the different vaccines (they should give you a vaccination schedule for puppies) to help you remember.

Hopefully, you will feel more confident in looking after puppies now and know when to take them for their shots and checkups. You have to learn and remember lots of things, so feel free to bookmark this page and come back at a later date.

Before We Go A Cute Video of a Puppy’s First Trip to the Vet for a Check-up and Shots

Just look at this super cute little dog being courageous the vets. A really nice video for you to watch and enjoy.

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