What is the Best Way of Walking Two Dogs at Once?

How To Walk More Than One Dog

Walking two dogs at the same time can get a bit complicated, but don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have some really simple and effective double dog walking tips.

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But now, let’s get back to the subject of walking multiple dogs at the same time.

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Advice for Walking Two Dogs At The Same Time

Practice at Home First

This might sound a little bit silly but think about it for a minute.

Would you rather the first time you try to walk your two dogs together is in a public place like a busy park?

Or do you think it might be better to practice in your back yard or even inside your home?

Anyone who owns just one dog knows that things get complicated very quickly, especially when dealing with another dog as well.

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Start With Very Short Walks Close to Home

Next, your dogs can head out into the real world and try a quick walk around the block.

training leash

Again the idea here to make it easy to abandon the walk if it turns into a doggy nightmare.

Always Reward Good Behavior

As with anything you do with your pet dogs, always, always, always reward good behavior.

You can use praise, stokes, and even treats when the dogs do as they are told.

Use Short Thick Dog Leashes

Using a short thick leash for each of the two dogs means they are less likely to get tangled, and if they do, they will be much easier to untangle.

Use a Leash Coupler/Splitter/Double Dog Lead

If you can’t get them to walk nicely on two separate leashes, try using a leash coupler.

This is basically one leash that splits off into two ends, one for each dog.

These double dogs leads are much less likely to get tangled, and they force the dogs to stay close to each other.

Keep an Eye Out for Early Signs of Any Trouble

If you see any signs of disobedience, frustration, or aggression from either dog when walking two dogs at once, then deal with it right away.

Much better to deal with it there and then rather than letting it build up into something bigger.

It Might Not Work with Your Dogs

Walking two dogs both at the same time might not work for your dogs.

Some dogs don’t get along very well, and some get too excited and cause a fuss.

Don’t give up. You should be fine with some practice and repetition.

Video: How To Walk More Than One Dog

For more great tips and advice, why not take a look at this short video about how to walk two dogs easily.

It features the dog walker walking two gorgeous huskies being walked using a single dog leash with two collar attachment points.

They aren’t perfect, but both have fairly good leash manners, especially for the breed’s naturally high energy level.

That is all that we have for this blog post. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

We hope that it will help you walk two dogs either with one leash or two leashes, whichever works out best for you and your pups!

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