Thinking of Buying a Used Dog Wheelchair?

used dog wheelchair for saleWelcome to the Pupster Passion website.

If you are reading this article, then it is probably for one of two reasons.

Either you have a pet dog that has been injured and needs a doggy wheelchair temporarily.

Or you have a permanently disabled dog that needs a wheeled cart to use forever.

Either way, if you need some wheels to help your dog get around, then the post on this link will be handy.

Click here to read some dog wheelchair reviews.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the specific topic of this blog post.

What to Check When Buying a Used Wheelchair for Dogs

If you want to save some money by finding a used wheelchair for sale and buying it for your dog, you need to check some things before buying it.

These are some of the factors you need to consider before spending any of your hard-earned cash.

  1. The size of your dog.
  2. How much does your dog weigh?
  3. The activity levels of your dog.
  4. How long will you need the chair?
  5. The terrain the wheelchair will be used on.

The Size of Your Dog

The carts come in multiple sizes, so you obviously need to consider this when looking for secondhand ones.

We recommend using the charts provided by the manufacturers of new chairs to give you an idea of what size you need for your dog.
Or check out this post about how much does a dog wheelchair cost?

How Much Does Your Dog Weigh?

Some carts have weight limits, and some just aren’t built well enough to hold a larger, more active dog.

So checking for any weight limits and also for the build quality of the wheelchair is really important to make sure you get value for money.

The Activity Levels of Your Dog

How active do you think your dog would be once it has a new set of wheels?

If your dog is old and slow, then the cart’s strength and quality are less important.

But if you know that as soon as the dog gets the wheelchair, it will be running around like mad, then build quality matters much more.

How Long Will You Need the Chair?

Is this a temporary thing while your dog gets over an injury?

Or is your pet permanently disabled and will need the chair for the foreseeable future?

This will let you think about the quality and robustness of any chair you might buy for your pooch.

The Terrain the Wheel Chair Will be Used On

Do you like taking your dog for long muddy walks in the great outdoors?

If so, you need to find a sturdy, easy to clean dog wheelchair for sale with big chunky wheels and tires for going off-road!

That’s the end of this short post about used wheelchairs for dogs. BUT before you go, you HAVE to check out this happy little video.

It is of a pet dog trying out its new wheels for the first time.

If you are worried about your disabled dog, watch this and see there is hope!