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Treadmill for Dogs
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Everyone wants their furry friend to be healthy and happy. And there are many ways to do that, including proper nutrition, lots of clean water, fun games, some treats, and exercise.

Many people enjoy exercising with their pets walking around the neighborhood, playing ball at the park, swimming in the lake at the cabin, or even in the backyard pool.

Whatever activity you choose, it will be good fun for both of you. But what if you don’t have access to any of these places? Maybe you live in an urban area in an apartment. Most likely, an indoor self-propelled dog treadmill will do the trick.

Of course, other reasons exist for the need to exercise your dog. For example, in cases of injury or surgery, the vet may recommend a routine of rehabilitation. Likewise, if the dog has put on too many pounds, you might want to help her get back to a more comfortable weight.

Remember that excess weight puts too much pressure on the dog. The knees become weaker, it is harder for them to run, and arthritis is intensified. Plus, diabetes is rife in dogs and cats nowadays.

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Interestingly, the first treadmills for dogs were not for exercise. Instead, they were out of necessity because farmers needed help with work around the farm and house. One example was the churning of butter.

It was a repetitive task that also needed some strength. The dog could do this assisted by rubber belts and wood treads. The item was popular in the Sears catalog, and it was considered a step in the direction of automation.

I actually remember an episode on the Walton’s where Jim Bob and Ben wanted their dog to help extract sap from trees to make a type of syrup as a replacement for sugar during the wartime rationing.

They make this contraption that went round and round with the dog powering the rotations. Needless to say, you know how that went, right? The dog refused, and the boys ended up doing it themselves!

But for modern dogs, it keeps their minds and bodies active since many lead a sedentary lifestyle. They don’t have the same opportunities as dogs back then that were out in the wild and allowed to roam. Having some regular stimulation is great for an animal.

Further, a self-propelled unit is much like the older inventions for work dogs. The dog’s muscles and feet pull the belt to make it work. As he gets stronger, he can make it go a little faster and even find it easier to walk.

This model will also be lighter for you to lift and move around the house since it doesn’t have the heavy motor and inner workings. Typically, they are a lot smaller, too.

So, how do you choose the right self-propelled treadmill for your dog? A few of the things to consider are the dog’s size, how easily trainable the dog will be to walk on it, the warranty on the product, and how quickly it can be set up.

Treadmill for Dogs
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