Seven Types of Amazing Service Dogs

  • Not only are our canine friends the most amazing, loving, fun, loyal pets.
  • Not only are they incredibly skillful, hard-working, intelligent work colleagues.
  • Not only are they brave, fierce, and staunch protectors of our loved ones and us.

Dogs are also amazing enough to be trainable as service dogs.

They help look after the frailest and most in need of help.

The more we here at the team write about dogs, the more we fall in love with them, and to be honest, we didn’t even think that was even possible!

So, in tribute to our four-legged furry friends, here is a list of some amazing service dogs and how they help make lives better.

Guide Dogs

Used by partially or fully visually impaired people. Guide dogs for the blind do various jobs, most importantly helping their owners when going for walks and getting out and about.

guide dog

Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizure alert dogs are specially trained to notice when their owners are going to have a fit.

They let their owners know, so they have time to find a safe space to be in when the seizure takes over.

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Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs are used with people who are either partially or fully deaf.

They will do things like let their owners know if someone is at the door or if a smoke alarm or an alarm clock is going off.

Emotional Support Dogs

Service Dog

Emotional support dogs are used to help people with mental health issues. They can help reduce anxiety or depression in their owners.

Disability Support Dogs

Disability support dogs are used to help people with a physical disability. They can help their owner with a wide range of tasks, from opening doors to helping them walk!

Allergy Detecting Dogs

Allergy detecting dogs are specially trained to assist people with anaphylactic allergies.

These are allergic reactions so strong that they can be fatal in the most severe cases.

The dogs are trained to smell and detect any allergen present in the environment or food and alert their owner to avoid going into shock.

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Diabetes Alert Dogs

A diabetes alert dog is trained to spot high or low blood sugar levels in its owners.

The dog will alert its owner if there is a dangerous change in its blood sugar levels.

Well, here at headquarters, we think that these service dogs really do show dogs and their absolute best.

One thing we love about dogs is how loving they are. Another is how caring they are. And finally, how smart they are!

Service dogs combine all three of these traits to help people with serious ailments and conditions.

We really feel that this is amazing and really goes to prove just how awesome dogs are.

That’s it from us for now.

Thanks for reading this post.

The Team

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