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Healthy Puppy

As a loving, caring, responsible dog owner you want the very best for your dog.

Here at it is our avowed mission to do our very best to help you with this.

So on this page we have collated a collection of other websites that you can use as a resource to help you look after your pet pooch as best as you can.

None of the websites here have paid us to place their links on this page and we do no accept random applications to place links on here.

All the sites shared on here are for two reasons.

Either to help you and your doggy to live a happy health life together or to help other dogs that needs our love and support.

We will periodically update this page with new links.

So please come back and check it now and then for more useful info.

A Directory of Pet Rescue Centers

We really hope you never get into the situation where you can not care for your dog anymore.

But if you do then we really hope that you can take him or her to a safe, no-kill pet rescue center.

Also if you are thinking for getting a new dog, we implore you to consider getting a rescue dog.

Yes we know getting a brand new puppy from a breeder is a really exciting thing and we would never judge you for doing so.

But getting a rescue dog from a shelter and giving it a forever home is a really beautiful thing and if you can do it then why wouldn’t you?

Its not for everybody but it is a great solution for lots of us.

This site has a list of Pet Rescue Centers in the USA.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

In our ideal word this charity would have no need to exist. But sadly there are still far too many people who think it is acceptable to be cruel to animals.

If you ever see an animal being treated cruelly please report it here.

Here is the ASPCA website.


Getting your dog vaccinated as a young puppy is a really, really important part of looking after him or her.

Please do not listen to the scare stories about dog vaccines. They are safe and vital for your dog’s long term well-being and physical health!

The AAHA has some great information if you want to learn more.

Canine Separation Anxiety

Sadly lots of pet dogs really suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them at home on their own.

This causes lots of distress for both the dogs and their owners. It can also lead to destructive behavior in the dogs if not dealt with in the proper fashion.

We have written about an excellent book on this topic.

Nutritional Advice for Dogs

To keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible you need to make sure they get the right food at the right times in the right portion sizes.

There is a lot of conflicting and misguided information out there for dog owners.

Often by people trying to sell over priced dog foods and puppy snacks.

You can find some really high quality advice here.

Looking for a new Dog Bed for Your Pupster?

You need to make sure you buy the right bed, from the right manufacturer to give your dog a great night of sleep.

So we have complied a huge resource of advice when researching beds for dogs.

Puppy Toilet Training Tips

If you are the proud owner of a brand new pupster then learning how to house train a puppy when you work full time might be really useful.

Does Your Dog have Long Nails?

If your four legged friend has sharp nails then this post reviewing nail grinders for dogs will be an interesting read.

Do You Suffer from Dog Hair Allergies?

If you or anyone you know suffers the pain of being allergic to dog hairs then then this post about the best air purifiers for dog hair will be a useful read.

What Is The Best Roomba For Dog Hair?

Do you find yourself constantly hoovering up dog hairs?

If so why not consider a Roomba to do it on auto-pilot for you?

What is the Best Vacuum for Do Hair?

So if you do not like to idea of a robot hoover then you should check out this post about vacuuming up dog hair.

Help Your Disabled Doggo to Live a Great Life

If you care for a dog with disabilities, this in depth article shares the very best dog wheelchairs reviews.

Life Hacks for Dog Owners

Very often life hack videos are really disappointing.

But this one is different. it has some really good ideas for dog owners, the water bowl one is so clever!


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