Are You Planning for Your Puppy’s First Day Home

brand new puppy

Getting a new puppy is a very, very exciting time!

So, a big congratulations from us to you on welcoming your new pet dog into your home.

In this post, we will focus on the puppy’s very first day at home, so let’s jump into it.

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How to Prepare for a Puppy’s First Day in Your Home

Buy a Dog Crate, Bed, Feeding Bowls, Toys Treats, And Chews

We recommend putting your puppy in a crate at night, so you should invest in one of those.

You will obviously need a bed and bedding, toys, food, feeding bowls, toys, treats, and chews.

Don’t get too much of any one thing. You will soon find out what does and doesn’t work for you and can buy more once the puppy is settled in your home.

And as a reminder, if you are not 100% sure yet, about getting a new puppy, why not have a quick look at whether or not you really think a puppy is right for you at this time.

Invest in Puppy Pads and a Tray Holder

For house training, your puppy, especially if you work all day, puppy pads are a great investment.

You teach the puppy to use the potty pads for its business, and this allows the puppy to learn the basics while not making a mess of your house.

Check Around Your Home for Anything the Puppy Might Chew or Eat

Do a meticulous and thorough inspection of your house for anything that the new puppy might put in its mouth.

You need to remove anything valuable and anything that could harm the puppy if eaten.

Look for Any Dangerous Areas or Items That Could Hurt Your New Dog

Also, examine your home and yard for anything that could hurt or injure the puppy.

Could it chew an electric cable? Could it knock over ornaments? Think of anything like that, and do your best to make it safe.

Figure Out a Small Contained Area For the Pup to be Safely Left In

Apart from your crate, a small contained area, ideally without a carpeted floor, is really useful.

If you don’t have a small room to use, you might want to invest in some puppy fencing to create a nice safe play area.

First Job for the Puppy Is the Potty Area

When you bring your puppy home for the very first time, the first job is to take him or her to the potty area.

Over the next few months, one of your biggest jobs is to train the pup to go to the toilet in the right place.

Doing this as your very first job sets the right mindset for both you and the puppy.

Slowly Introduce the Puppy to its New Home and Family

Try to remember to your puppy its first day in its new home can be scary and intimidating.

So take it slowly and carefully. If the puppy looks tired, let it sleep.

Please try to take into account any older dogs in the home, as they are most likely territorial, and will need to get accustomed to the new routine, and the new addition to the family.

Reward all good behavior and remember to make frequent trips to the puppy’s potty area.

Video: Advice for Your Puppy’s First Night in Your House

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