Seven Awesome Working Dog Breeds

There is something really magical about watching working dogs and their owners together. From herding dogs to rescue dogs, the working partnership between humans and their canine colleagues is very special. So, we have put together a list of seven working dog breeds that we feel deserve to be celebrated. Blood Hounds Bloodhounds originate from … Read more

Border Collies Are Awesome!

Hey there, here at the headquarters we love all dogs, but we do have to confess that we have some favorite breeds. One of our absolute faves is the Border Collie breed. We love them for all sorts of reasons so we decided to create a list of the reasons why we think Border … Read more

Dog Anxiety Products Help Your Pets Through Separation

Every morning before you leave for work, or maybe in the evenings when you and your family decide to head out to a movie or dinner, you face the inevitable reaction of your dog: that pained whine, those soulful eyes, the incessant wailing, and barking. These are natural signs that your dog doesn’t want to … Read more

Seven Fascinating Breeds of Dog

Humans and dogs have been living and working together for a very, very long time. In fact, according to some estimations, Dogs Have Been Man’s Best Friend for Around 33000 Years! In that time, dogs have been shaped and bread into a massive variety of breeds (and, of course, many loveable mongrels). Here at, … Read more

Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

 If you are a loving, responsible dog owner, then we are sure you will want to do your very best to keep your dog happy and healthy. Of course, no one is perfect. It is impossible for any of us to be able to keep our dog perfectly happy all the time. But it should … Read more

How To Cut Dog Nails When They Hate It

how to trim dog nails when they won't let you

Hello, they fellow pet lover! Welcome to the Pupster Passion USA doggy blog and website. Every page of this site focuses on helping you give your pet dog the very best life that you possibly can. This is the primary purpose of this site, so we are grateful for you taking the time to visit … Read more