New Puppy Checklist – The Essentials

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Welcome to the site. Every one of our team is a passionate dog lover. So the very first thing we have to say about your new dog is…

CONGRATULATIONS! Getting a new puppy and bringing them into your family home is a very special occasion!

All dogs are totally amazing, but there is something extra awesome about puppies.

In this post, we have created a new puppy checklist to ensure that you have all the supplies that you need to keep your puppy happy and healthy from day one of their time in your home.

We have got you covered with all the essential items that you might need for the new dog, from dog food and water bowls to nail clippers and dog shampoo.

Before we dive in, there is one thing to really bear in mind that is a good idea to remember.

The more prepared you are for the new pet puppy, the more likely it is that everything will go smoothly.

This preparation will benefit both you and your puppy not just in the short term but in the long term as the dog grows up into adulthood.

If you start from day one with great systems and preparation, things should go as smoothly as possible for your future life with the new pet dog.

If you are unsure about things, have a read here to see what’s all involved with bringing home a puppy.

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Table of Contents

Containing and Controlling Your Puppy

Both for your puppy’s safety and your sanity, it is vital that you have the right kit to control and contain your puppy, especially when they are very young and more vulnerable.

A Puppy Sized Dog Crate

We are aware that some dog owners think that using crates with dogs is cruel and unnecessary, but we disagree.

When used correctly, a crate is a way of keeping the dog safe and helping them feel secure and comfortable.

If trained correctly, a dog will come to love its crate and see it as a place to retreat from family life for some quiet time.

A Puppy Sized Collar

Obviously, you will need a puppy collar for the puppy but bear in mind this isn’t just attaching a leash during walks but also just as an easy and effective way of holding and controlling the dog at any time.

This is especially important with larger and stronger breeds.

A Dog Leash

A vital piece of kit for exercising and training your dog safely and securely.

Puppy Name Tags (Just in Case!)

If the worst was ever to happen and your puppy was to escape somehow, having a name tag so that they can be safely returned to you is an excellent idea.

Puppy Gate and Puppy Fencing

Having a gate and/or fencing to control which parts of your home the puppy can get to is really useful, especially with puppies that have not been fully potty or chew trained yet.

A Puppy Playpen

Another great way of controlling and protecting an untrained puppy.

Playpens are suitable for very young puppies, and they are a great idea for easy and quick containment.

For example, when you are cooking a meal, you can just pop the dog in the pen, and you know both the pet your home will be safe.

This is an excellent idea for getting the new dog introduced and used to other pets in the home and maybe small children, too.

A Puppy Sized Travel Kennel

When you take your puppy out of the house for trips in the car or on public transport, a travel kennel crate is an excellent idea.

Puppies need to be fully controlled and safe when traveling, and nothing does this better than a good quality kennel.

Grooming Your New Puppy

Keeping your dog well-groomed is not just about them looking nice. It is also a vital part of keeping your dog healthy.

So investing in some good quality grooming equipment is well worth it. And it will also save you money on having to use professional grooming services.

Dog Grooming Clippers

A Nail Grinder (or Nail Clippers)

Dogs and puppies need their claws regularly trimming to keep them from being too sharp and too long.

You can do this with dog nail clippers, but a nail grinding tool is a much better option in our experience.

They are a really effective way of trimming your dog’s claw and help you keep the dog calm during the process.

Puppy Safe Dog Shampoo

Dogs do not need as many baths as humans, but they will need occasional bathing, especially if they find something disgusting to roll in!

You can’t use any old shampoo. You must use one that is safe for dogs and puppies in particular, as they have sensitive skin and eyes.

Dog Toothbrush for Puppies

To help keep your dog’s teeth healthy, giving them regular brushing with a tooth brush is a great idea.

This, along with chew designed for dental health and your puppies teeth, should be healthy for a long time.

Medication for Fleas and Ticks that’s Safe Your New Puppy

All pets, including dogs that have a fur coat and vulnerable to getting fleas and ticks.

This is not just an unpleasant problem for a pet living in your house, but the little critters can make a dog sick and even kill them in a worst-case scenario.

So for your puppy’s health, we strongly recommend that you get some flea and tick protection.

Feeding Your New Pet Puppy

Obviously, dog food is an essential part of caring for your young puppy, but many people do not realize how important the right nutrition is.

Puppies need a specific set of nutritional requirements from their dog food to grow into healthy adult dogs.

So it is vitally important that you buy food specifically formulated for puppies. The same goes for any snacks for chews that you might buy for them.

Finding dog food that is both safe for the puppy and food that they like should be your goal for your checklist.

Puppy Food

Edible Puppy Chews

Puppies need and love to chew! So buying them some puppy safe edible chews and chew toys is a great way to keep them happy and entertained.

Puppy Treats

You can use puppy treats as a great way to train and reward your dog for good behavior.

Small snacks of healthy dog food treats when they have behaved well or to entice them during training are really useful to always have close to hand.

Puppy Sized Dog Food and Water Bowls

Purpose-built food bowls made from something tough like stainless steel are useful to make sure there is a minimal mess during feeding times.

Puppies love to spread food around and are messy eaters, so if the food and water bowls come with a built-in tray, this will help keep your house clean.

Entertaining and Exercising Your Puppy

Puppies like and need to be entertained a lot. They need the stimulation they need to learn and then need to be exercised.

Toys, playtime, and walks are great for this, and most puppies like all of these. Most puppies love chew toys, playing fetch, and also soft toys for cuddling (and sometimes destroying).

Puppy Chew Toys

Similar to edible food type chews chew toys are great for taking care of your puppy’s dental care and also for mental stimulation and entertainment.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppies are lovely, but they can also cause havoc. So it makes a lot of sense to think about protecting your home from some of the obvious pitfalls.

The containment suggestions we made earlier on are a good start, but you can use other useful ideas to try to help protect your house.

Canine No Chew Spray

This is such a simple idea and very effective.  Spray your household items with a nasty tasting spray that your puppy will really not like.

Do this regularly until the puppy gets the idea that those items are not tasty, and you will significantly reduce damage from puppy chews.

Anti Bacterial Wipes

Keep both your home and your puppy cleaner and more hygienic, great until they get house trained.

Carpet Stain and Odor Remover

Even with a rigorous house training routine for your puppy, accidents will inevitably happen.

So if you have some carpet stain and odor remover created, especially for dog mess, this can stop the damage from becoming permanent and very costly.

Bedding for Your Puppy

Like human babies, Puppies need to sleep a lot as this is when they do most of their growing.

Not only that, but having a cozy, comfortable place for them to sleep is also very good for their emotional well being.

A Puppy Sized Dog Bed

Blankets and Bedding

For more on blankets for your puppy, read this post about the best bedding for puppies.

Dealing with Puppy Potty Problems

You need to expect and plan for a lot of dog poop and pee, including accidents in the house and the need for a house training regime.

You also need to think about dealing with poop when you take your dog out in the garden for walks.

We have recommended some basic supplies that you can use to manage this messier side of caring for your pet.

Potty Pads for Puppy Potty Training

Puppy potty pads are an essential part of teaching your pup to be house trained. You first train the dog to pee and poop on the pads and then teach them to go in the yard or outdoor space.

A Pooper Scooper

Very handy for scooping up poop in your yard or when out for walks with your pup.

Training Your New Puppy

A No Pull Puppy Harness

Training your pup to walk on leashes without pulling will make life much nicer for both you and the dog. No pull harnesses are a great training tool to help you with this process.

One could also come in very handy if your dog sees a cat or two when you are out for a walk!

A Dog Training Clicker

Dog clickers are a clever little training tool to be used with your dog.

At first, you give the dog a treat when you use the clicker. Over time, you just use the clicker, but the dog associates it with treats and likes the click’s sound.

This means you can use fewer treats when training your dog.

Puppy Training Books

Reading a helpful guide full of the best information and advice on training your pup will help you speed up the training process and avoid unnecessary stress.

Choose the right advice, and do your best to stick to it, set good habits in the early days, put a stable routine in place and stick to it.

Consider the Puppy’s Perspective

If you are bringing a puppy home that has just be weaned away from its mother, this is a huge shock to the little dog.

Being pulled away from everything that it has ever known, the parent and the human breeders that have kept the puppy safe since birth have disappeared.

The safe environment that the new puppy was born in and has lived in for the past weeks of its little life.

Everything that feels safe and familiar to the puppy has gone in an instant, so as you can imagine, the puppy may feel scared, intimated, and lonely. It will also miss its Mom, and we all know how that feels!

So your job is to make sure that you keep your puppy feeling as safe and secure as you possibly can. This can make a huge difference to the long term temperament and behavior of the adult dog the puppy grows into.

If you can get the home environment right and keep it as stable and reassuring as possible, it will make the process much easier for you and the puppy.

what to buy for a new puppy

New Puppy Checklist FAQs

  • Where should your puppy sleep the first night?
  • What do you do when you bring a new puppy home?
  • How long can a puppy be left alone during the day?
  • When should a new puppy visit the vets?

Where Should Your Puppy Sleep the First Night?

The best place for the puppy to sleep for the first night is in a crate. This will start the process of the pup getting used to the crate. It will also contain any mess the pup will make.

Expect the pup to cry and whine, it is not easy, but if you ignore it, they will soon be asleep. Sometimes you have to be hard to be kind.

What Do You Do When You Bring a New Puppy Home?

The first thing to do is take the dog to their potty area and see if they go. If they do, give them lots of praise.

Starting the house training process early on is an essential part of bringing home a new puppy.

After that, bring the puppy into your home and slowly let them get to know the place.

Carefully introduce any other pets you might have and always remember to take it very slowly with a brand new pupster.

How Long Can a Pup be Left Alone During the Day?

Ideally, for as short a time as possible, but obviously, this is not always possible.

If your dog is not potty trained or does not have a potty area to use while home alone, you should use a calculation of one hour for every month of age.

So a puppy that is 3 months old can probably hold its bladder for three hours, so it goes for 4 months, etc.

When Should a New Puppy Visit the Veterinarian?

As soon as you can get it to the vets after you have brought it home.

You want to make sure your new pet is healthy as soon as possible.

It is also essential to start the process of vaccinations asap so that you can get your dog out in the real world after a few months of separation.

preparing for a dog

What to Expect with a New Puppy

These are some of the things that you can expect to live with as the new young dog settles down into life in their new home.

  1. Lots of Pooping and Peeing!
  2. Lots of Chewing and Biting
  3. Sleepless Nights
  4. Lots of Mayhem then Naps
  5. A LOT of Attention
  6. A Lot More Responsibility
  7. Lots of Love, Fun, and Cuddles!

Let’s take a look at these in more detail so that you are fully prepared and know what to expect from the puppy.

Lots of Pooping and Peeing!

Yes, this one is fairly obvious, but it is still very much worth thinking about and preparing for.

You need to expect accidents and to expect them in places where you might not expect them.

So you might wake up one day with a poop in your favorite sneakers or go down to the kitchen to fall over in a puddle of dog pee.

Your beautiful carpet might be ruined forever by a nasty little stain right in front of the TV or fireplace!

The best thing you can do for this is to start a rigorous potty training and housebreaking schedule from day one of the puppy coming home.

In fact, the very first thing you should do when you come home with the dog is taking it to its potty area and encourage it to pee and poop.

Lots of Chewing and Biting

Chewing and biting are a very natural part of a puppy’s development, it strengthens their jaws, and they learn a lot about the world through biting and chewing.

Sadly for us, puppies have very, very sharp teeth! So they can hurt us when they bite, and they can do a lot of damage to our beloved belongings.

Again a firm and consistent training regime is important but so is taking steps to remove items that you do not want to be damaged and using an anti-dog-chew spray on the rest.

Sleepless Nights

If the puppy is very young when you adopt them, they will probably need to be up at least once or twice during the night.

If you can manage to do this, it will make the puppy potty training much quicker and more effective, so we really recommend you do your best to make it work.

A few tough weeks at the start of the dog’s life, and you can really set good healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Mayhem then Naps

Puppies are a little bit like toddlers. They can have bundles of energy and run around like absolute crazy, and then next thing they are exhausted and take a nice nap.

You cannot do much about this apart from managing it, so get the dog used to regular nap times in regular places such as a bed or dog crate.

A LOT of Attention

Once the puppy has had all of its shots, and you are taking him or her out for walks, you should expect a LOT of attention.

Expect people to scream, run over and be all over your dog; puppies make dog lovers act half crazy most of the time, this is lovely, but sometimes it can be annoying, especially if you are in a rush.

Lots More Responsibilities

Caring for a young dog is a lot of responsibility, all of a sudden, you have a whole new, very important life to take care of.

Vets bills pet insurance, feeding, training, paying, cleaning up after the mess, the list of jobs, and responsibilities can feel endless at times.

So please, please do think twice about getting a puppy. They are amazing, and if you are ready for it, then we wish you nothing but happiness.

But there is a reason that dog shelters are full of unloved dogs. That is because people didn’t realize how hard it would be to care for the dog when they first took it home.

Lots of Love/Fun/Cuddles!

We wanted to finish this section of the list with a really positive note.

Yes, of course, they will be lots of hassles that come along with the new puppy, but there will also be a huge amount of positives.

There will be a lot of love. Dogs love their owners unconditionally. They do not care how you dress, how “cool” you are, or how lean your body fat percentage is.

All they care about is getting their basic needs met, loving you, and being loved in return. Dogs are amazing, and this is probably the biggest reason why.

They are also a lot of fun, especially puppies. They love to play, wrestle, and cuddle; they love to run around and get the zoomies!

If you can make plenty of time each day to play and bond with your dog, the relationship will grow stronger and stronger. They will also be easier to train and more likely to do as they are told.

Check out this Video to Prepare for a New Puppy

That is almost it for this blog post listing all the essential items you might need to think about when using a new puppy checklist to get everything ready for your dog.

We firmly believe that the more thought and consideration you can give to the puppy essentials and puppy accessories from this new puppy checklist that you will need, the better chance you and your new puppy will have of making the move as easily as possible.

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