K9 Carts Review of their Wheelchairs for Dogs

K9 LogoIf your dog has some sort of mobility or disability issue affecting their quality of life, you might be thinking of buying them a dog wheelchair.

If you have been thinking about a Wheelchair from K9 Carts, you are in the right place.

In this post, we will share a detailed review of their most popular product for disabled dogs.

Before we dive into the review, it is interesting to know a few facts about this company.

K9 Carts have been making products to help disabled dogs since 1961!

That is approximately sixty years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in this area.

An orthopedic veterinarian found the company in Washington State, USA.

We already like the sound of this company, but let’s get into the K9 Carts reviews and see what their details look like…

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The Original Dog Wheelchair from K9 Carts | Pupster Passion Review:

How much does it cost?

Pro Paw UpPros:

  • This doggy wheelchair from K9 Cart was fully designed at their Orthopedic Veterinary Hospital.
  • Constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum, it has been built to last for years and copes with rugged every dog activity.
  • The cart can be used either as a walking cart with your dog’s legs touching the ground.
  • Or as suspension style cart with your dog’s hind legs supported and up off the floor in protective slings.
  • The leg support rings are made with a contoured, think foam padding to stop your pup from getting any pressure sores while giving pelvic support to help the dog get around on their front legs.
  • The K9 Cart comes in five sizes, Extra Small, Small, Small-Medium, Medium, and Large.
  • With a maximum weight capacity for the large size of 80lbs.
  • They offer lots of help with getting the right sized cart for your dog. (We have shared a video below from the K9 team to help you with this).
  • Your dog (male or female) will be able to do its potty business while in the cart.
  • It is safe to use both on and off the road (see the last video we shared below), and it is straightforward to clean after use.
  • K9 Cart is a US-based company, and all their products are designed and hand made in the United States of America.

Con Paw DownCons:

    • In all of our dog product reviews, we try our best to list each product’s advantages and disadvantages to give our reader the most unbiased perspective possible.
    • But with the K9 Cart, we have nothing negative to say about it.
    • The company behind this canine wheelchair clearly loves dogs and clearly care very much about helping the disabled ones.
    • So we have no trouble whatsoever in recommending this device for your dog.
    • You can click here to find out more information, including how much it costs…

How to Measure Your Pet Dog for a Cart from the K9 Company

Some simple and easy to follow advice to help you find the best-sized wheelchair for your dog.

Please take the time to watch this video before you buy a cart.

Some Awesome Inspiration for You and Your Disabled Dog

If you are still unsure about getting a wheelchair for your dog, please check out this short but awesome video.

Seeing these amazing dogs living very happy lives using K9 Carts really shows you that life is not over for a dog suffering from disabilities.