How To Cut Dog Nails When They Hate It

how to trim dog nails when they won't let you

Hello there, fellow pet lover!

Many dogs do not like their nails trimmed and might not even like you to handle their paws.

We hope the tips in this article will help you out with your pup and his or her claws.

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How To Cut Dogs Nails When They Are Scared, or They Hate It?

If your dog does not like or is scared of getting its nails trimmed, it can be a really stressful task.

But one that still has to be done.

So here are some of our suggestions to help you and your pet pooch.

  1. Spend a lot of time training your dog to get used to it.
  2. Distract your dog with peanut butter.
  3. Take your dog to a professional dog grooming service.
  4. Give your dog a lot of walks on roads and other tough surfaces.

Spend A Lot Of Time Training Your Dog To Get Used To It

One thing that can really help your pet dog get over their fear of having their nails trimmed is familiarity.

If you spend a lot of time playing, stroking, and handling your dog’s feet and claws, this will help familiarize them.

If you slowly introduce the tools, you will be using, let them see, smell, and hear them work.

Just this simple process combined with treats and lots of praise is a really great start.

(While you are here, you might also like to read this post looking at the best tools for trimming dog nails. Or click here to learn how to trim dog nails with a Dremel).

Distract Your Dog With Peanut Butter

Find a surface such as a wall or piece of wood that you can smear a big fat dollop of tasty nut butter.

This will be a big help, and the butter takes a long time to lick off, so the dog is totally distracted while you get on with cutting the dog’s nails.

While your dog is so distracted, you can use a nail grinder for dogs or nail clippers and trim one nail at a time.

Take Your Dog To A Professional Dog Grooming Services

If all of these tips fail, you should try using a dog groomer to do the nail trimming for you.

They are so skilled and quick that even if the dog is scared, it will be over so quickly that it will minimize the stress levels.

Also, professional groomers at experts at using their body language to calm the dog as they handle your pup’s paws and carry out the nail trim without causing any stress or pain.

Give Your Dog A Lot Of Walks On Roads And Other Tough Surfaces

Yes, just putting in lots of miles of walking rough surfaces will wear down the dog’s nails.

It is not a perfect solution, but it will reduce the number of times the nails need to be trimmed, and it’s also a great exercise for both you and your dog!

Bonus Tip – Give Them a Treat for Being Brave

Make sure as you go through the process of trimming your dog’s nail; you give him or her a treat (or two) and some praise at each step.

This really helps them to start associating the trimming with love and treats rather than fear and anxiety.

Our favorite method of trimming dog nails is using a pet dog nail grinder. Click the link to find out what we think are the best dog nail grinders.

Some Video Tips from a Pro!

Check out this lady doing an awesome job on a very nervous and aggressive dog who is not a fan of nail trims!

Taking some advice from a professional groomer when nail trimming and paw handling your dog’s claws might be an excellent idea.

Especially from someone, you can see has done the same things many times on many dogs.

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