How To Stop Aggression Between Two Dogs

How To Separate Two Dogs Fighting

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As responsible dog owners, we must learn about how to stop aggression between dogs.

No matter if you own a couple of canines dogs (or more), or even if you only own one dog, this is still essential stuff to learn.

It might not be your pet that causes the issue; it could be a stray or a poorly trained dog out walking with their owner.

Also, while we are confident this advice is very effective, you know your pet dog better than anyone else.

Please always use your own judgment and experience when dealing with any aggression issues and put your own safety first and foremost.

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Stopping Aggression Between a Pair of Dogs

Leashes Make Everything Easier!

In any situation, with two aggressive dogs, leashes make everything easier to control and much safer for all concerned.

So if there is any doubt about aggression for your pet or any other dogs, always keep the dogs on leashes.

Even if you then let them run around with the leash still attached, you will be glad you did if any aggression does occur.

Distance Really Helps

The more distance you can get between the two dogs, the more it will help with their aggressive behavior.

If you want to introduce two dogs to each other but are concerned about the aggression, start with a lot of distance between them and slowly reduce the gap.

(While you are here you may also like to read this post about how to introduce two dogs.)

Always Separate When Unsupervised

If you have even the slightest concern about a pair of dogs fighting, then make sure that you never leave them alone together.

Even for a short while, you should always try to separate the dogs. It really is better safe than sorry.

Really Reward Any Good Behavior

Any time one or both dogs behaves well and non-aggressively around the other, reward this with lots of praise and treats.

Lots of Exercise Can Help

If you can give your dog a lot of exercise, ideally first thing in the morning to tire them out. You will find that in general, for the rest of the day, they will have much better behaved.

Patience is the Key

As with all doggy related issues, repetition and patience are the key. You can to gradually condition your dog to act in a certain way.

How to Stop a Pair of Dogs from Fighting Each Other

Seeing a pair of dogs fighting is really awful and can be scary for all concerned.

So, learning how to separate dogs that fighting is a great skill to have.

Stop Dogs Fighting

Physically Separate if Possible

If they are fighting and it is possible to pull them apart without getting bitten, you should do so immediately.

The priority must always be to prevent you and the dogs from getting hurt.

Use a Loud Dominant Voice

If you can’t pull them apart, shouting at the dogs in a very loud, firm dominant voice can often work.

The dogs can understand that you are the boss and stop the aggressive behavior.

Use an Object to Help Separate Them

If you can’t separate the dogs and shouting at them doesn’t work, using an object might.

If you have a long piece of wood, a big bag, or a box of some and you force it in between them, it can create enough space to stop the fighting.

Obviously, taking care not to get bitten yourself!

Try To Loop a Leash On the More Aggressive Dog

Clipping a leash onto one of the dogs might be too risky, but if you can get a looped leash over the more aggressive of the two, you can drag him or her away from the fight.

Firmly Grab the Scruff of One Dog’s Neck

This can be high-risk action, so only do it if you are confident and understand that your risk of being bitten is much higher.

Pick the more aggressive of them. Very quickly and very firmly with both hands, grab the dog by the scruff of the neck and pull it away from the other one.

More Advice on Aggressive Dog Behavior

Some advice from a qualified vet to help you deal with canine aggressive behavior issues such as dog fights.

We hope you have found some useful information in this blog post on our website that will help you solve dog fight problems you might have.

Your current dog may not get along with another dog that you want to bring into your home.

Or it may be that your dog is getting into dog fights with a dog that you meet on your walks.

Hopefully, you will now feel better equipped to deal with aggression so that your dog and the new dog can get along more peacefully.

If you are still really struggling with this issue, you may need to consult a professional dog trainer or animal behaviorist to get to the bottom of it.

You should also remember that some dogs may never fully stop all fighting behavior, so with a dog like this, your goal should be to reduce and control it as much as you can.

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