How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink?

mother's milkCaring for a young puppy is a really exciting and fun time, but it can also be really scary.

Suddenly, you have this new gorgeous, young little life that you are totally responsible for.

So it is understandable that you would want to ask about how much water does a puppy need? And in this post, we will share the answer with you.

How Much Water Does a Puppy Need to Drink Each Day?

Roughly speaking, an adult dog would need about one ounce of fresh water per pound of body weight each day.

However, due to their activity level and the fact that they are growing rapidly, puppies may need to drink more water than adults dogs.

Exactly how much water intake your puppy needs will depend on how old they are, how big they are, and how active they are.

Not sure about the feeding schedule either? We have an article on that, too.

When puppies are first born, they get all their hydration needs met from their Mother’s milk, but as they move to eating soft foods, they will also start to need a water bowl.

As a good rule of thumb, you should expect your puppy to drink around one ounce of water per pound of body weight, but if the weather conditions are hot and humid or the puppy’s activity level is high, they might need more than this.

Usually, your pet puppy will be fairly good at self-regulating the amount of water they drink. If you just make sure their water bowl is always topped up, they should be fine.

In addition to putting down some fresh water, here are some other points to help you when you leave the house for long hours at a time.

But it is worth keeping an eye on your pup to make sure that they don’t become either dehydrated or too hydrated.


How Can You Tell if a Puppy is Dehydrated?

Dehydration in dogs can be very serious, so if you are in any doubt, please consult your local vet.

However, there are some signs you can use to check if you aren’t sure if your dog has drunk enough water or not.

  1. Tightness in the dog’s skin (no elasticity).
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Lethargy (no energy).
  4. Heavy, continual panting.
  5. Dry or sunken eyes.
  6. Thicker saliva and dry gums.
  7. Vomiting.
  8. Diarrhea.

If you see any of these signs in your dog, it might be that your dog is dehydrated.

Please give them some drinking water or some ice cubes to munch on.

(By the way, ice cubes are a great cooling, zero-calorie snack for dogs that can help them regulate their body temperature).

If they don’t bounce back to normal fairly quickly, then you need to get them to the vets for a check-up.

What Happens if Your Puppy Drinks Too Much Water?

If a dog or puppy drinks too a lot of water in a short space of time, it can be dangerous, this is known as water intoxication or (over-hydration), and while it is rare, you should be aware of it.

Potential symptoms of water intoxication:

  1. Bloating and vomiting.
  2. Loss of coordination (clumsiness).
  3. Dilated pupils and glazed eyes.
  4. Lethargy or restlessness.
  5. Pale gums or excessive drooling.

Your pup will naturally be very good at regulating their body water levels, so how could they manage to drink too much water?

The most likely way it can happen is if your pet dog has been swimming or playing in/with water and accidentally swallowed more than they need.

Both puppies and adult dogs can become water intoxicated, so what should a pet owner do if you think it has happened to their pup?

The short and simple answer is to take them to the veterinarian as soon as you possibly can and get professional help.

A Note About Health Complications

Some canine health conditions (such as kidney disease and liver disease) can cause puppy dehydration, and some can cause them to not drink enough.

So please always keep an eye on their water consumption levels and keep an eye out for anything unusual.

If you are worried that your pup is not drinking enough or may that your puppy is drinking too much fresh water, please take them for a check up with your veterinarian as soon as you can.

The chances are that there is nothing seriously wrong with your puppy, but it is always best to be careful, especially when they are so young and fragile.

A Helpful Video About Dog Water Intake to Finish This Post

This video is great for all concerned puppy dog owners. It gives some more great advice about suitable water intake levels.

Please take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch it and learn how to keep your puppy or adult dog safely hydrated while avoiding dehydration.

(Even though most of the advice is common sense, it still doesn’t hurt to hear it from an expert).

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and read this post about your young pup’s water intake.

We really love writing about puppies, so we hope that you found it helpful when asking about how much fresh water your puppy needs each day.

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