How Much Does a Dog Wheelchair Cost

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The chances are that if you are reading this post, you either have a permanently disabled dog.

Or you have a dog that, for some reason (maybe an illness or operation), is going to be temporarily disabled.

And so you want to give your pet dog a boost in overall life quality by getting a doggy wheelchair for him or her.

Before we look at the specific cost range of buying some new wheels for your dog.

These in-depth reviews might help you to find the best dog wheelchair for your pet pooch.

With that said, now let’s look at the cost of carts for disabled dogs and the best places to buy them.

Where Can I Buy a Dog Wheelchair and How Much Does One Cost?

Where Can You Buy a Wheel Chair for Your Pet Dog?

There are many places from which you can buy your dog a set of new wheels, both online and in the real world.

If you live in the USA, we really suggest buying from

They have a huge range of different carts and chairs, their customer support and returns policy is excellent, and you can get next day delivery on most items.

Also, most manufacturers have charts and tips to help you find the best size and model for your pet dog, with advice on things related to front and back legs, the actual cause of your dog’s disability, etc.

It is vital that you get a chair that fits your dog well and is strong enough to carry its weight and cope with its activity levels.

How Much Do Wheel Chairs for Dogs Cost?

You can buy a chair for your disabled dog anywhere in the region of fifty to five hundred US dollars.

You can even make your own DIY dog wheelchair if you have the time and motivation, and there is also a thriving market in second-hand ones.

(You read more on this post about where to find a used dog wheelchair for sale).

Obviously, it is up to you, your budgets, your dog, and his or her needs that will finally dictate the price you pay.

But rest assured, even if you don’t have much spare cash, you will be able to help your pet have a more fulfilling life.

The joy on your dog’s face as you see it running around like normal will be well worth the investment you make.

Before You Go Check Out this Video!

For some inspiration of how much you can help your disabled dog. Please take a minute out of your day to watch this amazing video.

Any dog lover would love to watch it. But if you are the owner of a disabled dog with front or hind leg issues, this video will really melt your heart.

Just look at how happy this beautiful little pupster is. That small on that adorable little face says it all!