Healthy Ways to Treat Your Dog

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If you are like any of us here at the Pupster Passion USA blogging team, you will care about everything your little pet Pupster eats.

While the dog’s proper meals are often the main focus and obviously critical to care about their long-term health.

We also think it is imperative to consider the nutritional value of the snacks you give them.

If you treat your dog a lot each day, you need to give them treats that will not make them fat or unhealthy.

So in today’s doggy blog post, we wanted to talk about and investigate some great ideas for the healthiest treats for puppies and adult dogs.

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This is just a random list of ideas and suggestions for healthy dog chews and treats. We hope you find some good new ideas that can help you keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy.

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Here is the list in short:

  • Vegetables!
  • Interactive Treats
  • Healthy Dog Chews
  • Bones
  • Dried Meat (Jerky for Dogs)

Now we will take a deeper look at each of these simple suggestions for dog treats that are nice and healthy for your four-legged buddy:

Vegetables – Yes, just as vegetables are really healthy for humans, they are also perfect for dogs. There are some vegetables that you should never feed your dog, but if you avoid this list, you will be fine:

Never feed your dog onions, mushrooms (especially wild ones), or garlic!

Interactive Treats – There are lots of really cool bowls and other toys you can use to make your dog work for its treats.

These toys slow down the dog’s ability to eat but also keep it engaged or entertained.

Healthy Dog Chews – Many pet stores offer healthy dog chews that do not have any nasty ingredients or preservatives in them.

If you buy from a reputable store or manufacturer, they will be safe for your dog. But if you are in any doubt, ask someone or skip it and give them a treat that you know does not make them sick.

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Bones – You should never, ever give your dog any pork or chicken bones. As there is a risk of them choking on the splinters that may occur.

But other types of bone, both raw and cooked, are perfectly safe to give your puppy as a treat. You should make sure the bones are so big that dog will not try to swallow them in one go!

Dried Meat (Jerky for Dogs) – Dried meat or jerky is really good for dogs. But it would help if you did not use the stuff made for humans as that usually has lots of spices in it.

It would be best if you either bought jerky for dogs, or you can make your own following the advice in this video:

Well, that’s this post wrapped up. As always, we would like to say thank you for stopping by and checking us out.

We really appreciate our readers!

The Pupster Passion Team

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