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Freedom Harness ReviewWelcome to This post will review the Freedom No-Pull Harness for dogs made by the 2 Hounds Harness Design team.

The Freedom Harness is a patented design dog harness. The harness is made to help dog owners stop their dogs from pulling when leash walking.

It has a double leash attachment on the dog’s back and chest, along with a control loop that gently tightens around the dog’s chest to reduce pulling on the training leash.

So, is this the right harness for your and your pet dog? Let’s take a look at the details of this harness and see if it could be the answer to your dog walking problems.

Let take a Look at Our Freedom Harness Review In Detail.

Before we dive into the review, if you search for Freedom Harnesses on sites like Amazon, you will notice that some of the harnesses people are selling are not made by 2 Hounds Design.

These are not the proper, patented Freedom Harness pet products you are looking for, so do not be fooled!

Make sure you buy the one made by 2 Hounds, if you want to get the real thing, with the specially designed control loop, etc.

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The Freedom Harness Pupster Passion Rating:

5 stars5.0 Stars

How much does it cost?

We gave this harness a 5.0-star rating. Why is this such a great harness, and why do we really like it?
Let’s find out:
Pro Paw UpPros:

  • The Freedom No-Pull Harness’s main benefit is that it gives excellent, no-pull control over the dog for really easy walking.
  • The training aspect of using this harness allows you to train your dog not to pull when leash walking. This reduces the strain on the dog’s throat and neck, eliminating choking and gasping for air during walks.
  • The two stainless steel leash attachment points (on the chest loop and back) give you much more control over the dog.
  • You use a double leash clipped onto the chest strap and the back of the harness, which is the magic of the no-pull no-choke dog walking (we posted some tips about how to use this below).
  • The harness is also designed (and patented) with a martingale loop that tightens gently around the chest strap if the dog pulls.
  • So the front and back of the harness training leash attachments. Plus, the way the harness puts pressure on the chest is a very effective method of stopping your dog from pulling.
  • Built with the dog’s comfort in mind, it has a soft, Swiss velvet lining on the webbing. This stops any chaffing around the chest and behind the legs.
  • The seams on all the straps are turned out, so they do not cause rubbing or sore spots on the dog’s skin.
  • It is straightforward to take the harness on and off. To put it on your pup, pop your dog’s head through the large control loop, then use the two quick-release buckles to clip around the front legs.
  • Then use the adjustment straps to get a secure fit around the chest, back, and legs.
  • The harness is very well made with stainless steel D-ring leash attachments (on the front and back of the harness) and high-quality nylon webbing; it is built to last.
  • It comes with a chew warranty. If your dog chews the straps, they will replace it twice for only the cost of shipping.
  • The harness comes in multiple sizes from X-Small right the way up to XX-Large, so it is suitable for any size dog.
  • This is an excellent feature of the harness. For a no-pull harness to work correctly, it needs to be a perfect fit. It has to be tight enough that the dog can’t escape, snug enough to give you control over the dog, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable for the dog. So having lots of sizes to choose from is really helpful.
  • The harness also has four adjustment points. This, plus the multiple sizes to choose from, really helps you get the perfect fit for your dog (this harness is great for all sizes and breeds).
  • You can buy the Freedom Harness with 1 inch wide straps for larger dogs or 5/8 inch strapping for smaller dogs.
  • It can be worn by the dog all day, so you do not need to put it on and off when taking the dog to walk.
  • The harness comes with a leash at no extra cost, so you can save money and also get a color-coordinated harness and leash training package.
  • Speaking of colors, the harness is available in a wide range of different color schemes so that you can take your dog out in style.
  • Suitable for puppies, adults, and senior dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds for everyday use and great for a dog trainer.
  • This Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness is recommended by Whole Dog Journal and also by the VIN (Veterinary Information Network). It also gets great customer reviews and is used by many professional dog trainers.
  • Exclusively made in the United States.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine on a gentle setting or hand washed.

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Con Paw DownCons:

  • This harness does not have reflective trim on it (for increased safety at night), as some do. You can buy a high visibility leash to use with the harness or use something like a dog care coat with reflective trim if you do a lot of late-night walking with your dog.
  • This no-pull harness is not chew-proof, but the manufacturer does offer a two-time chew replacement warranty, so this plus hiding the harness from your dog if they are an aggressive chewer should mean this won’t be a problem.

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FYI – If you are not sure if this product is what you need, please take a look at these dog harness reviews.

How to Use a Freedom Dog Harness

Some simple advice to help you get the best from the chest piece harness. Dog walks should be fun and not feel like a battle. These simple steps will help:

  1. Make Sure the Harness is Fitted Really Well
  2. Use a Double Leash
  3. Use Treat and Praise to Reward Good Behavior
  4. Consistency and Repetition is the Key to Good Behavior

Make Sure the Harness is Fitted Really Well

The first step is to make sure you get a very secure but still comfortable fit for the dog with the harness.

The manufacturers give really easy-to-follow advice on how to get the right size for your dog, so take your time and, if in doubt, contact them directly for more help.

It is worth noting that they also advise that you choose the smallest sizes that fit within the measurement guidelines to get the most from the martingale collar.

Once you have bought the harness, take your time to make sure that the strap that goes around the dog’s body is tight enough to be escape-proof.

Use a Double Leash

A double leash (aka a double-ended leash) allows you to clip onto the dog’s back and chest. Having these two points of control is a big part of the reason this harness is so good for stopping pulling.

If the dog is pulling against the back leash, you use pressure on the chest leash, encouraging the dog not to pull.

It sounds too simple to be true, but you will see in the video we posted below that it really works.

Use Treat and Praise to Reward Good Behavior

As always, with any sort of dog training, you should always reward good behavior. A pat on the back, some warm words of praise, and a nice tasty treat when the dog is good will reinforce the actions you want.

Consistency and Repetition is the Key to Good Behavior

The other key principle of a dog training package is consistency and repetition and rewarding good behavior.

You need to consistently repeat the same training steps and rewards until it becomes second nature to the dog.

So from the first time you introduce the Freedom no-pull harness to your dog, you need to use a reward to encourage the desired behavior and get into the easy walkway as easily as possible.

Finally, a Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Video

That is it for this post on the Freedom Harness for dogs. Thanks for taking the time to check out this review.

We really appreciate it when busy pet owners take the time to visit our site.

And we hope the Freedom no pull dog harnesses help you and spend more time enjoying your walks together and less time having a tug of war battle with your pet pooch!