Five Ways to Keep You and Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Healthy Dogs

If you have read even just one other post on this website, you will already know just how obsessed we all are with dogs.

We tend to go on about this quite a lot! We really love dogs, and we also like talking about how much we love them.

One of the reasons we love them so much is because they are so good for us.

Dogs have been proven time and time again to be healthy for their owners.

So in this post, we decide to combine tips for how your dog can keep you healthy with tips for how you can keep your dog healthy.

So you can create a nice win/win relationship between you and your beloved pet Pupster!

Here is the list of ways you can help your dog and stay healthy together:

  1. Go for Long Walks
  2. Cuddle time!
  3. Playing Games
  4. Meeting New Dogs (and Their Owners)
  5. Volunteering

Now we will look at each one of these suggestions in more detail:

Go for Long Walks

Yes, it is obvious, but it is still very important! The most obvious reason why walks are good for both humans and dogs is exercise.

Getting the heart beating a bit faster and burning some calories is really healthy.

But there is another primary reason it is good for us. Both humans and dogs are happier and healthier when they spend more time outside.

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For dogs, this is self-evident. You can see how excited they get every time they go for a walk.

For humans, if you are still not convinced, this study proves the science of why it is good for you to spend more time outside.

Cuddle time!

The vast majority of dogs love nothing more than to cuddle up with their owners. And most dog owners love cuddle time with the pet pooches.

This bonding is really good for all concerned. It reduces stress levels and increases the number of feel-good hormones in the brain.

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Playing Games

It might be fetch; it might toy fighting or wrestling; it might be playing soccer or just chasing each other around.

Playing games with your dog is great exercise for you and helps keep the dog’s mind and body in tiptop condition.

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Meeting New Dogs (and Their Owners)

One really cool thing about owning a dog and taking them out for walks is that you get to meet lots of new dogs and their owners.

Meeting new friends is healthy for both you and your dog. We are both pack animals, and it is not healthy for us to be lonely.

So we encourage you to actively go out and make new friends with two or four legs!


There are some really great ways you can engage in your community and give back with your dog.

You can volunteer to take your pooch to old people’s homes, children’s hospitals, schools, etc.

Many people are sadly in tough situations, and some loving attention from dogs can really brighten their day.

Not only that, but your dog gets lots of attention, and you get the amazing feeling of having contributed to something bigger than yourself.

See this video for some amazing inspiration:

Ok, so there you have it! We hope we have inspired you to find more ways to live a healthier, happier, more meaningful life with your dog.

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Thanks for reading.

The Pupster Passion Team