5 Unusual or Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Dog Walks

We all know making sure our pet dogs get enough exercise is vital for their long-term physical health and emotional well being.

So we decided to come up with a list of unusual or fun ways to help your Pupster get plenty of exercises that are hopefully more fun for both you and your four-legged friend.

Sometimes dog owners can struggle to get their dogs enough exercise. It might be that owner is disabled or has some health issues. Or they are really busy and don’t have much spare time.

Or maybe they live in a city or somewhere where it is not great for taking long walks.

This list will hopefully give you some new ideas for ways to exercise your four-legged friends.

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Try Obedience Classes

Obedience class is a great thing to try with your pet pooch for two reasons. Firstly they will help you train your dog so that they are much easier to control and manage.

Secondly, they are great for exercise and socialization for your dog. They will do lots of walking, which is obviously good for them and will also do this in the company of other dogs and people.

This is great for the dogs well being and also for helping them become more friendly and obedient.

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Take Them for a Swim

Swimming is a great exercise for dogs, and the vast majority of them love it. If your pupster has never swum before, you might need to encourage them.

If the water is nice and warm, you can go in with them. Or if it’s too cold, you can throw sticks for them gradually encouraging them to get out of their dept.

Do not worry. All dogs can swim, so as long as the tide or current isn’t too strong, as soon as they get out of their depth, they will start swimming just fine!

Get them on a Dog Treadmill

Doggy treadmills are a great way to get your dog exercise without leaving the house, maybe if the dog has had an operation or medical condition and can’t go outside.

Or maybe you struggle to take them for walks. Either way, getting a self-propelled dog treadmill could be really useful for keeping your pet in great shape.

Play Fetch

Most dogs love to play fetch. And we think that training your dog from an early age to play fetch is a really great idea.

That way, you can turn any area into a perfect place to run them out and get some exercise.

You can even play fetch in your home if you have a bit of room and a nice bouncy ball for them to chase after!

Try Agility Classes

Agility classes are similar to obedience classes but with an assault course added for extra fun.

Once your dog knows some basic obedience, you can start training them how to jump over fences, run through tunnels, and climb over seesaws!

So, those are some ideas for unusual and fun ways for you to exercise your pet dog. We hope you found this post interesting.

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