Having Problems with Dog Spay Incontinence?

Incontinence In Dogs

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In this post, we will look into spay incontinence in dogs, but before we dive right in…

If you are living with and caring for an incontinent dog, you might need to invest in a durable, high-quality, washable bed made specifically for this issue.

Most of your dog’s urinary leakage will occur when the pet is asleep, so having an easily washable bed is a really helpful idea.

We wrote about this in more detail, and you can find a good waterproof dog bed for incontinence here.

With that said, let’s now look at what you need to know about spayed female dogs and how it is related to incontinence (but as always if you are worried about your doggo’s health please consult your veterinarian).

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Why Does My Dog Leak Urine When Lying Down

Incontinence In Female Spayed Dogs

If you have a female dog that has been spayed (as in had the spay surgery operation so she can’t have puppies anymore), there is an increased risk of her becoming incontinent and suffering from urine leakage.

Typically this will manifest in your dog leaking urine when it lies down and/or is asleep.

The first thing to say is that you should take her to the vets as soon as you can get there.

The chances are that the urinary incontinence is nothing to worry about but its always best to check with your veterinarian.

It could be related to the spaying, urinary tract infection, or one of a few other most likely causes.

Your pup can then be given some medication, minor surgery, and the issue will either be totally cured or made much better.

But a leaky bladder and incontinence in female dogs can be a sign of something much more dangerous.

So please do your best to get her checked up at the vet the very next chance that you get, just in case.

While waiting to get the pet to the veterinarian and for the medication to take hold, there are some useful tips that you can to make life better for both you and the pet.

Tips When Dealing With Spay Incontinence

Invest in a Good Bed and Bedding to Help Cope with Urinary Incontinence

urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence

As we mentioned learning how to cope with your dog’s urinary incontinence having a dog bed that is really easy to clean, waterproof, and durable will make it much easier to manage the leaks and smells.

Also, buying lots of bedding and blankets so that you can rotate them as they are washed is really useful when living with the leaking caused by female dogs with urinary incontinence.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Potty Time

Taking the dog outside regularly, especially before sleeping, so that she can empty her bladder, is an excellent habit to get into.

(You might also find this post useful where we look at canine incontinence and if it is a reason to put your pet down).

See if She Will Wear Doggy Diapers

Yes, you heard me, right! You can buy doggy diapers for spayed female dogs. They are really good at absorbing any urine leakages from urinary incontinence.

This has two benefits, it manages the spillages to reduce cleaning, but it also helps keep the dog’s genital areas dry, reducing the chance of infections and general soreness which can be a real problem.

Video: Spay Incontinence In Dogs

In this short video, a fully qualified veterinarian describes how he treats female dogs when they arrive in his surgery with urinary incontinence or urinary tract problems.

This female dog has been spayed and now has some urinary incontinence, leaky bladder issues.

So he talks about the cause of this issue and what treatment she can be given to help with the problem.

It gives you an excellent idea of what you and your dog can expect from the veterinarian‘s treatment in relation to urinary incontinence.

We hope the advice from this awesome vet helps

Ok, so that’s it for this post we hope you have gained some knowledge around ureter, urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence, urinary tract abnormalities, bladder infections, spaying, and related issues for our beloved canine species.

We understand that incontinence in female dogs and (often in spayed female dogs) can be a tricky problem to deal with, so good luck, always consult your veterinarian, and please don’t give up hope for your beloved pet pooch!

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