Dog Chattering Teeth. Should You Be Worried?

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In this post, we are going to look at teeth chattering in dogs. Is it a sign of health issues, or is it nothing to worry about?

But before we dive into the details of that, it is often the fact that chattering teeth occurs in older dogs.

If you are the proud owner of a senior dog, you will know that while they are amazing, they also often need special care.

Ok now we have got that out of the way, we can take a really good look at the topic of chattering teeth. Let’s get stuck in…

What Causes Chattering Teeth in Dogs?

There are both healthy and unhealthy causes of canine teeth chattering, and we will look at them both here.

Healthy Reasons for Teeth Chattering in Dogs

A dog may have chattering teeth because it is cold, just like in humans. It may also be due to being overly excited or a little anxious.

Of all these are perfectly normal and healthy and not to be worried about.

Unhealthy Reasons for Dogs Having Chattering Teeth

The primary ill-health cause of this behavior is tooth pain or dental issues of some sort.

There can be various reasons for the pain, such as tooth decay or a lack of enamel, causing overly sensitive teeth.

So if your dog starts to have teeth chattering for no obvious reason, then it is likely that your dog has dental issues.

The very best thing you can do is take your dog to the vet and get them to take a look, don’t just hope it will go away as it probably will not.

The vet will give the dog a good look over and check for broken or damaged teeth, diseases, exposed nerves, etc.

With the particular symptom of a dog that has chattering teeth, prevention before the fact is the best cure.

So look after your dog’s teeth, give them plenty of healthy chews and make sure they get regular check-ups at the vet, and this will minimize the chances of future problems arriving.

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One Last Thing About Dogs Before You Go!

So that is nearly the end of this short little post about dogs and their teeth chattering.

But before you go, this video has some great tips for caring for your older dog’s teeth and gums.

The advice comes from a qualified vet, so it’s a great place to start when learning how to keep your dogs’ teeth in tip top condition!

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