Dog Anxiety Products Help Your Pets Through Separation

Every morning before you leave for work, or maybe in the evenings when you and your family decide to head out to a movie or dinner, you face the inevitable reaction of your dog: that pained whine, those soulful eyes, the incessant wailing, and barking.

These are natural signs that your dog doesn’t want to be left alone. Since dogs do not necessarily acknowledge time as we do, two hours could seem like days to a poor pup.

Dog Anxiety Products for Seperation

You might wonder, can anything be done to alleviate separation anxiety for your pet so you can enjoy a night out without guilt?

Special dog products are available to keep your pet occupied and calm his nerves, allowing you to distance yourself from your dog without causing him stress.

If you want to go to another part of the house to do your bills in peace, using such products, work to relax your pet, so he doesn’t cause a commotion.

So before you plan your next date night, consider trying one of the following dog anxiety relief products guaranteed to restore sanity to your home.

Ways to Help Your Dog Cope With Anxiety


At first glance, some people may think it is nasty to keep a dog in a crate or cage while they are away from home. We only suggest this solution if the proper conditions apply.

For example, the cage is clearly big enough for the dog to be comfortable. Also, he should have things that are known to him, such as his favorite toy, blanket, or towel. There should be water and food if necessary.

The key to kennels for nervous dogs is keeping them in their own environment. Of course, you don’t want your house trashed while you are gone, either, but some dogs are much happier with what they know.

Keeping them safely and humanely confined helps them to feel in control of their surroundings.

Anxiety Wraps

These may resemble thick winter coats for dogs, but in reality, the anxiety wrap is designed to feel like a reassuring hug. The wrap applies the right amount of pressure to your dog’s body, so it feels calmer and is less likely to get upset when you leave for hours at a time.

Calming Dog Beds

Some dog beds are specially designed to calm your dog by letting them feel like they are in a little den. You can find out more about these posts covering the best calming dog bed reviews.


Certain songs help dogs relax, and if you check your local pet shop or search online, you will find CDs comprised entirely of music that dogs will find soothing and happy. When you suspect your dog is about to stress out over a separation, put the disc in your stereo to appease him.

Aromatherapy Products

Scents have the power to help us regain focus and appetite and even relieve headaches. Certain herbal fragrances also help dogs calm their nerves and better accept that you need to leave the house for work and other chores.

Pheromone sprays and special diffusers can be used to create a calming atmosphere for your pet. Cherry plum, rock rose, and Star of Bethlehem herbs are just a few ingredients that assist in your dog’s good feelings.

Just as Linus carried a blanket everywhere, he went for added security, so your dog may require something to help transition her to spending time alone or with strangers while you go to work or embark on a trip.

Anxiety products like body wraps, scent diffusers, comfy beds, and music ease the pain of separation while keeping your dog calm and happy while looking forward to seeing you again.

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