Should You Cut Dog Nails with Human Clippers?

cut dog nails with human clippers

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Before we look at whether or not you should cut a dog’s nails with regular clippers, we have written a really in-depth blog article full of the best dog nail grinder reviews.

It is packed with loads of great tips and advice, and you can find out more about nail grinders for dogs on this link.

Now, let’s look at your question…

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Can You Cut Dog Nails with Human Clippers?

If you want to know the answer as to whether you should cut a dog’s nails with standard human clippers or not?

The answer is very short and simple…

No, you should not cut a dog’s nails with regular human clippers! Human nail clippers are not tough enough to deal with dog nails. The chances are that you will break the nails rather than cutting them, and you also run a high chance of breaking the regular clippers.

Obviously, it would help if you took some time to buy some dog nails clippers, or even better, we recommend you use a pet nail grinder for the best results.

But what if you don’t have time or money right now to buy some?

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Need to Know How to Trim Dog Nails Without Clippers?

If you really can’t get access to a dog nail grinder or a Dremel tool or a set of dog nail clippers. Then you can use scissors and a nail file.

Start by cutting the excess nail off with a strong, sharp pair of scissors.

Then use a tough, large nail file to smooth off and blunt the sharp edges.

If you don’t have a nail file, you can use some rough sandpaper wrapped around a piece of wood.

Another Method of Trimming or Cutting Dog Nails Without the Right Clippers

One other very simple technique is to take your dog for lots of long walks on roads or other harder surfaces.

This will wear down the tips of the dog’s claw, making them slightly shorter and also blunter.

It is not the most effective technique, and it might not always be practical if, for example, you or your dog are disabled.

But it does work, and it is also good for the dog as they get plenty of exercise as a nice additional benefit.

If you don’t have the ability, time, or energy to do this, you could find a tarmac or concrete area and play fetch with your dog.

Run them ragged chasing after their ball or fetch, and it will help dull their claws a bit and make them less sharp.

Video Tips on Cutting Dog Nails Correctly

This short video gives some great ideas on how to cut dog nails the correct way using nail grinder tools.

But try not to stress about this too much. Just do your best, take your time, and your dog will be ok (especially if you give them lots of treats!).

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